Map Viewer Beta has been updated

Blog Post created by cwhitmore-esristaff Employee on Mar 24, 2020

You may have noticed a few changes recently with Map Viewer Beta. Over the past few weeks we've made a couple updates. Here's a rundown of the new features and enhancements.


Time animation 

Map Viewer Beta can now display time animation for web maps that have time animation configured. Map Viewer Beta (And JavaScript API 4.x in general) provides a significant improvement for animating time-enabled data. Check out the example below to see the improvement.


Map Viewer Beta


Map Viewer Classic


The ability to configure time animation in Map Viewer Beta is coming soon...




The includes and excludes filter options have been enhanced to provide a search experience for finding specific values in the selected attribute. If there are less than ten unique values, the search experience is hidden and you are provided only the pick list as all the values are immediately available without having to search.





Many of you are already creating maps with multiple label classes; they are a powerful way to convey the information you want at the scale you want. The latest Map Viewer Beta update includes improvements with label positioning. Here are a couple examples.


Tighter spacing for points

Labels for point features are positioned closer to the features.






Automatic wrapping to a new line has been relaxed

Previously longer labels would wrap to a new line fairly aggressively. This has been relaxed to allow more characters to be displayed before wrapping to a new line.





This work is part of the core JavaScript API 4.x. JavaScript API version 4.15 will include these enhancements (currently planned for release in the next few weeks). While they may seem minor, these labeling improvements are important enhancements for putting together solid maps with the experience you intend for your audience.


UI / UX improvements


We're continuing to make UI / UX improvements and adjustments. I won't list them out here but if you notice and like or dislike, let us know!