Map Viewer Beta Update

Blog Post created by KGerrow-esristaff Employee on Dec 18, 2019

Did you wake up this morning and notice some new capabilities in Map Viewer Beta?


Last night’s update of Map Viewer Beta includes two exciting new capabilities (and a few bug fixes). This article provides a brief overview of the new capabilities and where to find them.


Support for Authoring Arcade Expressions in Pop-ups

You can now author Arcade expressions as part of the pop-up configuration experience. While existing Arcade expressions could be viewed in the initial beta release, you couldn’t add new expressions or tweak existing expressions.  With the latest update of the beta that wait is over, and you now have full control of Arcade when authoring pop-ups. You can easily find Arcade expression authoring functionality in the pop-up configuration pane. Read the article,  Express your data with Arcade and pop-ups in Map Viewer Beta, by Paul Barker for more information about using Arcade in Map Viewer Beta, and to see a great review of Arcade articles from the past year.


Support for Clustering

Quite often, a map will show hundreds or even thousands of points that overlap. This hides the very patterns that a map ought to reveal. In some cases, the points have different locations but overlap due to the scale of the map. In other cases, the points are literally on top of one another. For example, a database containing a single address for an apartment building with multiple units will experience stacked points. 

The clustering capability has been added to Map Viewer Beta and can help solve this issue. To find the clustering option, look at the bottom of the layer properties panel, highlighted in the image below. Check out this blog by Jennifer Bell and Jim Herries for more information about clustering and how to use it in Map Viewer Beta


New Table Button

One of the most frequently asked questions of this community is where is the table functionality. We are actively working to add this capability, and have added the table button to show where the menu option will be. Currently you can click on the button, but will be informed that the table functionality is coming soon as a message.



Check out the updated What's Next panel to see the features we are working on for the next few updates.