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Blog Post created by KGerrow-esristaff Employee on Nov 21, 2019

Map Viewer Beta has been available to the world for a about 42 hours. In this time we have had some great questions, enhancement requests and discussions. There were also a lot of great blogs released which provide some insight into new functionality and why it was built. Now that you've had some time to explore the Map Viewer Beta, I wanted to provide a quick list of the great blogs that are available so you can find out more from the team that built Map Viewer Beta.


Dot Density in Map Viewer Beta by Jennifer Bell

Find how to build Dot density maps with Map Viewer Beta. Find out about common topics that work well with the dot density style, best practices and how to use this style to resonate with your audience.


New Colour Ramps in Map Viewer Beta by Jennifer Bell and Jim Herries

Map Viewer Beta contains over 300 color ramps. Decades of experience among numerous cartographers influenced the specification of these ramps. Find out about the variety of colour ramps, when to use them and sequential ramps. This is a great blog to learn best practices with cartography and then apply them with Map Viewer Beta.


Fast, flexible and fun: The new pop-up experience in the next generation Map Viewer Beta by Paul Barker

Pop-ups have long been a cornerstone of great web maps; they have allowed users to create maps that can be consistently experienced just about everywhere in ArcGIS. Read this blog to find out about the new content elements and how to show those attachments as images in pop ups. Get some great tips for saving time with the new pop-ups.


Understand and explore your data in Map Viewer Beta by Jennifer Bell

After adding a layer to the map, the first step is to choose an attribute to symbolize. The new filtering experience and smart attribute summaries make data discovery and map making easy and fun. Learn how to explore your data to make decisions of how you will visualize you data. Also, try out one of my very favourite enhancements, the ability to search and filter attributes, making it easier to find that attribute in a haystack. There is also a fantastic explanation and demo of the new filtering capabilities. Check it out.


Your Ideas in Map Viewer Beta by Peter Klingman

This blogs walks you through the ideas that are addressed and partially addressed with the Map Viewer Beta, based on requests from this community. It highlights some large pieces of functionality, but also sheds some lights on some small but mighty adds of functionality. Being able to drag and drop bookmarks into a different order is an improvement from previous bookmark management


Lastly check out the announcement blog written by me, it provides a broad overview of everything but not the great details in the blogs above.


Thanks for the great feedback to date and start sharing those maps.