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ArcGIS Online Map Viewer Beta

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StoryMaps  The new StoryMaps uses ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x. Classic Story Maps continues to use ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.x.   Web AppBuilder  Web AppBuilder currently uses ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.x for apps built for web maps. Experience Builder, currently in Beta, uses ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x   ArcGIS Dashboards  ArcGIS…
Are there plans to add suffixes or % symbol to the end of values in pop-ups similar to Pro? I know this can be done with arcade but it would be much quicker and more efficient to set this ability in Pro and have beta honor it. Or if nothing else have the ability to add these once you're using beta.
Not sure whether this is on the roadmap, but I would love a checkbox that hides blank fields in the table view when viewing popups. Doing this through Arcade is fine, but a little cumbersome particularly where there are lots of attributes (which is typically when you want to hide blank fields).
Many times data is collected manually without the use of GPS and thus, coordinates are not recorded in the attributes. I have not found a good way to calculate coordinates in ArcGIS Online, at least in the Analysis tools. It would be really useful if the 'Live Mode' for the Location tool in Map Viewer Beta could snap to existing data layers to get… (Show more)
When will this web map viewer be available for ArcGIS Enterprise?
Does FeatureSetByName work in the Arcade Expression, in a pop-up in the beta map? I had a map with a functioning expression in the classic map. When I bring it into beta map, the pop-up still functions fine, but if you go into the Arcade editor, it will not return the correct result. In my case, it returns an undefined variable. I was wondering if… (Show more)
My workflows depend on being able to add zip files to my web map. The utility of the experience is not going to work for me without this add from file feature.
You may have noticed that Map Viewer Beta was updated earlier this week. Here is a quick overview of the new and improved functionality that you can now access.   Support for Authoring Maps in all Coordinate Systems   Map Viewer Beta now supports the ability to author maps using basemaps in different coordinate systems. With the initial… (Show more)
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