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ArcGIS Notebooks seem like a great way to deliver a uniform environment to a large group of users, particular in higher-education, where you often have students bringing a wide variety of hardware and operating system combinations to the table. Our initial experience, however, is that the performance is terrible, particular with the "Advanced with… (Show more)
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I have a Notebook that uses the ArcGIS API for Python to query and download attachments. It works just fine in Jupyter and Pro 2.6 Notebooks, but I am trying to put it in AGOL so other people can run it. However when it is AGOL it does not download the files. No error is returned, it just keeps running until it completes. Nothing is returned… (Show more)
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We're looking forward to being able to schedule some of our Notebooks to run every night.
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I've been searching for over a week now and the only things I'm finding are how to see if a layer (feature layers or web maps) has tags or a title, but not the other things like summary, description, thumbnail, and terms of use.  Any push in the right direction would be helpful!
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ArcGIS Enterprise already has arcpy in it's python environment, so why does Notebook Server running on the same machine require an expensive Advanced license to use arcpy? This license seems like a redundant money-grab. Has anyone got a workaround for using arcpy in docker without paying an extortionate amount of money for the Advanced extension?… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm getting this error when trying to access Notebook online: An ArcGIS Notebook Server is not currently configured. I'm using ArcGIS for Personal Use. Please help!
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Just tried to spin up a new notebook from my ArcGIS Online Organizational account provided by my Personal Use subscription but get an error that "An ArcGIS Notebook Server is not currently configured."   Is this feature not available for that subscription level? I've used them at my employer since it came out of beta and would love to dive deeper… (Show more)
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Hey everyone,   I love working with the ArcGIS Notebooks but since ArcGIS Pro Version 2.6 I am not able to make square brackets nor curly brackets anymore. Making a paranthesis is working as usual. When I open Jupyter over the start menu everything works fine with the brackets and also everywhere else everything is working fine.   Does anybody… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have been trying to use the ExecuteTime extension in my notebooks. Using configurable nbextensions, I have the extension set to enabled, but it does not appear in my notebooks. Would there be any insight on to why this would not be working properly for me?  
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Hi All,   Got the below warning while upgrading ArcGIS Notebook Server from 10.7 to 10.8.1 in AWS Linux (Ubuntu 18) Environment. How to Identify which core services are not started & where to look for? Either "" Or "restart notebook server" is not helpful to overcome this.   Please find the below log Information & any… (Show more)
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