• ArcSoc Optimizer - roadmap & other options?

    ArcSoc Optimizer is a great extension that has an obvious use case and role within a large-scale GIS deployment. Before I implement ArcSoc Optimizer for our 10.7.1 Enterprise & Monitor environments, I wanted to co...
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  • What's coming in 10.8?

    Can anyone share what is coming in 10.8?
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  • Monitor 10.7.1 - configuring email options

    Are there any options available for configuring "operational hours" with regards to email notifications or Monitor in general?   We have standard alerts in place for our GISs and these behave as we would like du...
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  • Issues with email alerts in ArcGIS Monitor 10.7.1

    Hey everyone,   I need a little assistance helping determine if the issue we are having with alerts in ArcGIS Monitor is on our end (with the SMTP), or with the ArcGIS Monitor application itself.   We conf...
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  • Excel Report failure because of Process Counter

    hi  The excel report generation fails on my Monitor 10.7.1 with the following message:   {"error":true,"message":"Traceback (most recent call last):\r\n  File \"ExcelReport.py\", line 12, in main\r\n&...
  • ArcGIS Monitor / Specific license?!

    First we got very enthusiasts that FINALLY Esri released a monitoring tool for ArcGIS Server. We have spent years of developing our own tools to monitor and manage ArcGIS Servers.   Now I would like to try it a...
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  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Add-on- Strictly for Stream Services Only?

    Hey ArcGIS Monitor Team,  We just had a quick question- is the GeoEvent Add-on strictly for stream services only or can it also be leveraged for other input/ service types? Thanks!
  • ArcGIS Monitor - Is it worth the cost?

    I am going to be implementing a new ArcGIS Enterprise environment in the near future (Production tier only, non-HA) and trying to decide if purchasing ArcGIS Monitor is worth the cost ($12,000). The environment will h...
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  • Automate Monthly Monitor Reports

    Hi, I was looking at how to automate monthly reports from the API in Monitor.   On the face of it, it seems straightforwards enough with the REST URL, for example - https://<ServerName>/rest/api/monitor/a...
  • ArcGIS Monitor Server Windows Services Will Not Run

    Brand new install, Windows Server 2016, MongoDB 4.0.   After a few seconds, the Windows service stops running.  I have the following log from the Event Viewer:   Child process [7076 - C:\ArcGIS Monito...
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  • How to setup an ArcGIS counter for a cloud formation stack

    I have deployed an AWS elastic load balancer (ELB) CloudFormation template along with a stand-alone ArcGIS Server CloudFormation template (10.7.1). My ArcGIS Server site has a file server and two ArcGIS Server nodes. ...
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  • Add links to Web Monitor or Server Logs in Alert Email

    Hi ArcGIS Monitor Team,  It would be great if there was a way to add links to the respective server logs and Web Monitor interface to email alerts. We've recently seen an influx in alerts over the past few ...
  • Enhancement Request- Ability to Visually Filter Chart Information

    Hi ArcGIS Monitor Team,  As you know many times there's a lot of information being displayed on a chart in Monitor (web version) and many times these metrics overlap each other making it difficult to view. ...
  • ArcSOC optimizer in Edit mode

    Hi,   When I change the task to "edit" mode, I get the following error:   Traceback (most recent call last): File "ArcSOCOptimizer.py", line 11, in main File "Modules\Outputs\ReportBuilder.py", line 15, in...
  • ArcSOC Optimizer

    {   "Time": {     "fromDate": "Now",     "timeZone": "US/Pacific",     "pastDays": 1,     "workDays": [ "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "F...
  • ArcSOC Optimizer and the RPC server is unavailable error

    We are currently running ArcGIS Monitor v10.7.1 and ArcGIS Enterprise v10.7.1. ArcGIS Server is installed on an Ubuntu v16.04 server. In setting up an ArcSOC Optimizer task, the test fails with the following error mes...
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  • Automate and run System Log Parser for IIS as regular scheduled job

    I like to get help on how to automate and run System Log Parser for IIS as a Standalone tool.  If you have already done this,  please help and share.    Thanks.
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  • error when testing LicenseManager extension for Monitor 10.7.1

    I have installed the License extension and am trying to configure it in ArcGIS Monitor 10.7.1 on Windows 2016.   I have 2 other extensions installed, so in ArcGIS Monitor Administrator, I can create a new Ext co...
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  • What causes AWS ELB Log Parser to have item not running or behind schedule Sate

    AWS System Log parser for ELB logs keeps showing error 'item not running or behind schedule'. Any ideas what would keep causing this to occur? I can normally get this to catch up by going into the ArcGIS Monitor ...
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  • ArcGIS Monitor Does not show any data

    Hello,   We have been extracting reports from ArcGIS Monitor on a daily basis, monitoring ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. Since last few days there is no data in the report. All reports are the same, and fe...
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