• Enhancement Request- Ability to Visually Filter Chart Information

    Hi ArcGIS Monitor Team,  As you know many times there's a lot of information being displayed on a chart in Monitor (web version) and many times these metrics overlap each other making it difficult to view. ...
  • ArcGIS Monitor / Specific license?!

    First we got very enthusiasts that FINALLY Esri released a monitoring tool for ArcGIS Server. We have spent years of developing our own tools to monitor and manage ArcGIS Servers.   Now I would like to try it a...
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  • Issues with email alerts in ArcGIS Monitor 10.7.1

    Hey everyone,   I need a little assistance helping determine if the issue we are having with alerts in ArcGIS Monitor is on our end (with the SMTP), or with the ArcGIS Monitor application itself.   We conf...
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  • ArcGIS Monitor - Is it worth the cost?

    I am going to be implementing a new ArcGIS Enterprise environment in the near future (Production tier only, non-HA) and trying to decide if purchasing ArcGIS Monitor is worth the cost ($12,000). The environment will h...
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  • Add links to Web Monitor or Server Logs in Alert Email

    Hi ArcGIS Monitor Team,  It would be great if there was a way to add links to the respective server logs and Web Monitor interface to email alerts. We've recently seen an influx in alerts over the past few ...
  • Automate and run System Log Parser for IIS as regular scheduled job

    I like to get help on how to automate and run System Log Parser for IIS as a Standalone tool.  If you have already done this,  please help and share.    Thanks.
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  • AGS log Severe/Warnings missing in Monitor?

    dear Readers,   thank you for taking the time to help me out.    we have setup a test AGS monitor inside our firewall.  AGS monitor is very quick to point out infrastructure issues.   Map a...
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  • ArcGIS Monitor Featured in UC 2019 Plenary

    ArcGIS Monitor was featured in the UC 2019 plenary! Monitor allows you to track your enterprise GIS and mission critical business systems end-to-end, giving system administrators and IT professionals the tools they ne...
  • ArcGIS Monitor : Should it be part of Enterprise ?

    Hi Peoples,   ArcGIS Monitor looks to be one of the missing pieces of the puzzle in the Enterprise ArcGIS Server install.  I look forward to testing it out.   ArcGIS Monitor would appear to &ldq...
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  • Monitoring Web Services

    Hi all   I'm after some advice around monitoring ArcGIS Server services.   I'm fairly new to GIS, but I've had plenty of painful experience with monitoring from an infrastructure point of view in...
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  • Configure ArcGIS Monitor with firewalls

    Does anyone know what ports need to be configured to enable ArcGIS Monitor to connect and monitor ArcGIS Servers behind a firewall?  6443 for sure but what other OS level ports will need be enabled?  Ma...
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  • Split Amazon Counter Metrics to different Collections

    Is it possible to split the metrics coming from the Amazon CloudWatch metric? Any suggestions in being able to apply different instances coming from the Amazon counter into different collections would be great. &...
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  • Unifying the coordinate systems in GIS

    Hi there,  Would anyone explain to me how I unify the coordinate systems between GPS and Total Stations measurements in GIS? I have the satellite image of the area of interest. GPS data is mat...
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  • How to add user in ArcGIS Monitor from AD

    is it possible to add monitor user from Active Directory?
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  • FYI: ArcGIS Monitor - An Introduction Video

    FYI,   Great video of the Esri 2018 UC technical workshop on ArcGIS Monitor, presented by Andrew Sakowicz & Frank Pizzi. It provides a nice overview of the product.   ArcGIS Monitor: An Introduction - ...
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  • ArcGIS Monitor at Esri UC 2018

    How excited are you about attending the Esri User conference in less than 20 days?!?!   This is a great platform to learn more about ArcGIS Monitor. Here are some ways to connect with the team while at the UC. &#...
  • License Monitoring Extension Error

    From my peer in our Data & Systems Team who is setting up our ArcGIS Monitor environment: --------------------------------------------- When I go to use/follow the instructions associated with the LICENSE EXTENS...
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  • Custom Reports

    Hi guys,   I have two questions regarding to ArcGIS Monitor,   - Is there any plan to support Azure in the next releases? - Is there any possibility in ArcGIS Monitor to create a custom reports (no Excel ...
  • ArcGIS Monitor Resources

    Did you check out the latest resources for ArcGIS Monitor? Here are the links.   Product Documentation System Requirements Install Guide Questions about installation & configurations Demo site Gallery &...
  • System Requirements Documentation

    We're really excited for the release of ArcGIS Monitor!   Can you provide system requirements information? The link on this group page just redirects to the ArcGIS Server Enterprise page. I'd like to have our sy...
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