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When configuring hostnames, can we have an option to populate a display name field so that the tree on the left panel shows the custom display name?   Right now (ArcGIS Monitor 10.7), we can either have server name or server alias name, but not both.    By default, the display name will match hostname unless the user changes it.  … (Show more)
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Click to view contentI'm getting this error when I try to configure the WinService extension:   I am using a server name like I've also tried it with private and public ip's, and with https:// in front. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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Hi,   my question is I am not able to view hosted services in ArcGIS Monitor server application.  Please find the required details below   Installed and configured ArcGIS Monitor on my federated environment added ArcGIS counter in monitor administrator able to view hosted services in Monitor administrator, but while browsing through server… (Show more)
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Hi   I have imported System log parser for azure in ArcGIS monitor 10.7 and passed required container name, access key and account key as input. but when I test the same, the extension is unable to read container logs. Is anyone encountered this issue?
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System.Exception: An error occurred during log collection: The required Token Service URL was undefined. Please ensure the Token Service URL is defined at ESRI.PS.EIST.SystemLogParser_Plus.CLI.StartHere.Main(String[] args). Do I need to update the Tokens to : { "type": "BUILTIN", "properties": { "allowHttpGet": "true", "allowHttpPostQueryParams":… (Show more)
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ArcGIS Monitor was featured in the UC 2019 plenary! Monitor allows you to track your enterprise GIS and mission critical business systems end-to-end, giving system administrators and IT professionals the tools they need to be informed, efficient, and operational. Watch now.
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Hi Peoples,   ArcGIS Monitor looks to be one of the missing pieces of the puzzle in the Enterprise ArcGIS Server install.  I look forward to testing it out.   ArcGIS Monitor would appear to “help bridge the gap between IT and GIS”, get a more proactive response to the system management to prevent outages and allow for more detailed look at… (Show more)
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Click to view contentUsing the GUI method, I am configuring the extension EgdbSQL to make a connection file.  The process fail the Test with the following message: SUCCESS: Connecting user (dbo) is  the owner of the eGDB (dbo), and they have the 'VIEW SERVER STATE' server privilege. FAILURE: Microsoft System CLR Types for Microsoft SQL Server does not appear to be… (Show more)
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I am curious how many users were getting/using ArcGIS Monitor as a feature of their EEAP and how you feel having that pulled (and without very clear communication) as a feature of that Annual-Contract. It was a major justification I had to support & maintain the EEAP; and now that is gone.
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We use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online for additional functionality. GeoJobe also has tools for Portal. It would be nice to have one application that supports both. They both are licensed products, GeoJob is about $1500/yr depending on the number of Portal servers you monitor, how does it compare with ESRI ArcGIS Monitor?
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