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Hey, my issue is when I do a join of 2 features everything works just fine except when I look into the join attribute table I'm missing a lot of records so what went wrong? 1 table has 1008 records the other table has 1000 records but the joined table only has 897 records. Please help
in ArcGIS Mission
Trying to join tobacco retailers to their respective census tract. I did this using spatial join and ran OLS and GWR and got really poor results for compliance (Value either 1-compliant, 0.5- sometimes compliant, 0- not compliant). I ran this with demographic data (perc. hispanic, age, etc.) Any suggestions? 
in ArcGIS Mission
Running virtual PC (Windows 10) on Mac. Using ArcMap 10.8, not able to use ArcGIS Pro due to coronavirus. Opening any file and attempting to connect to ArcGIS Online results in a crash. Worked fine last week. 
in ArcGIS Mission
The Identify window doesn't pop up when I click the Identify tool. How can I restore that feature? 
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