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NAIP imagery has long been available in ArcGIS Living Atlas as a dynamic image service, enabling image analysis on the 4-band source imagery dating back to 2010. However, for those who wish to leverage the imagery for visualization, the latest NAIP imagery has been optimized for display quality and performance in the form of a new tile layer.


On top of that, the NAIP imagery has been enhanced to provide the best results. See the before and after below:



In addition, the metadata display has been improved, meaning you have instant access to the source, acquisition date, accuracy, resolution and more. All available with a single click. 


For more info see this blog article by Robert Waterman: Fast and Simple NAIP Imagery 

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World provides foundation elevation layers and tools to support analysis and visualization across the ArcGIS platform. These layers get updated quarterly with high resolution elevation data from open sources and community maps program. In a recent release, world elevation layers are updated with bathymetry and a few high-resolution elevation datasets.



This blog article from Rajinder Nagi provides the details: High resolution data updates to Living Atlas World Elevation Layers (July 2020)