Esri News for the Living Atlas Community

Blog Post created by SMatthews-esristaff Employee on Sep 3, 2015

Esri News for the Living Atlas Community includes information about the collection of ready-to-use content in the Living Atlas of the World, available through the ArcGIS platform. If you know others who would benefit from this newsletter, please invite them to subscribe.


For the past five years, Esri’s ArcGIS Content Team has freely hosted contributed content from our user community through the Community Maps Program.  The program has given thousands of organizations the ability to contribute their authoritative data to Esri’s ArcGIS Online basemaps .  In turn, these basemaps have enabled our users to get their work done more efficiently and in the context of their particular base data. This concept of open data and sharing has now expanded well beyond our basemaps. Today, Esri hosts the most comprehensive collection of geographic content available.


The Community Map is now part of the Living Atlas of the World. Available through ArcGIS Online, the Living Atlas is a vast array of themed content, hand selected from all the content in ArcGIS Online, which enables the global exploration of people, places, and the natural and man-made systems that impact them. On-demand access to the valuable maps, data layers, datasets, and tools in the Living Atlas are used by governments, organizations, and individuals to achieve their goals and tell their stories.


This newsletter will keep you and other members of the Living Atlas user community informed through success stories, examples of applied use, visibility of new content, announcements about events, and other useful resources and information.


I encourage you to share this newsletter with others who may benefit from its content by inviting them to subscribe (add link).  Likewise, I invite you to contact me with feedback about the newsletter and what you would like to see in future issues.  I am glad you have joined us in helping to build the Living Atlas of the World!