User Contributions have Improved the World Topographic Map

Blog Post created by SMatthews-esristaff Employee on Sep 10, 2014

The ArcGIS Content Team has improved the Community Basemaps by incorporating both new and updated content to the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Thanks to the user community, the World Topographic Mapwas refreshed with 4 new contributors and 7 updates for cities and counties throughout the United States.

We’ll welcome our newest contributors first. Beginning in the mid-section of the United States is Ames, IA(Topo 1:9k to 1:1k).

Ames has put together an impressive ArcGIS featured content and map gallery page for their city. The new basemap contribution from Ames will only make these web maps and apps even better.

Ames is made up of several distinct neighborhoods, including Campustown where one can find restaurants and nightlife venues that are unique to Ames.

The next newest contributor is also in Iowa, Johnson County (Topo 1:9k to 1:1k). Johnson is the fifth most populated county in the state of Iowa and home to, the county seat of Iowa City.

Iowa City residents will enjoy the updated basemap when using this web map of Iowa City Bike Trails.

We have a new contributor on the west coast, Kirkland, WA (Topo 1:9k to 1:1k).

Kirkland’s vibrant downtown attracts locals and visitors to enjoy parks, shopping and eateries. If you hurry, you can still register for the TriFreaks Kirkland Triathlon. Local proceeds will support community organizations in this 11th annual event starting in Juanita Beach Park on September 21.

Our last new contributor for this update is Rockville, MD (Topo 1:9k to 1:1k).

The City of Rockville, MD has put together a rather nice map gallery that illustrates demographic data, bike paths, historic homes, and much more.

They are also using a variety of different community basemaps to describe these maps themes. Select map layers from the World Topographic Map are now being leveraged in other basemaps like Streets Map, theLight Gray Canvass Map and other reference maps. Rockville can now take advantage of a variety of basemaps to support their work.

In addition to the great new contributions, there are also 7 updates. In the state of Colorado there are 2 community updates Boulder, CO(Topo 1:9k to 1:1k) and Clear Creek County (Topo 1:9k to 1:1k).

Boulder, CO  1:4K

Clear Creek County, CO (Georgetown, CO county seat) 1:2K

The Town of Dedham, MA (Topo 1:9k to 1:1k) has provided updates to their content.

Dedham, MA 1:4K

The remaining updates include 4 communities in the Midwest region of the country. Delaware County, OH(Topo 1:9k to 1:1k), Jasper County, MO (Topo 1:9k to 1:1k), Kane County, IL (Topo 1:9k to 1:1k), andMilwaukee County, WI (Topo 1:9k to 1:1k).

Delaware County, OH (Delaware, OH county seat) 1:4K

Jasper County, MO (Carthage, MO county seat) 1:9K

Kane County, IL (Geneva, IL county seat) 1:9K

Milwaukee County (Milwaukee, WI county seat) 1:9K

All of these cities and counties have been keeping their content routinely updated through participating inCommunity Maps. Participation, however, does not end with simply contributing your organization’s content, but more importantly using the community basemaps to help get your work done. Our user community is accomplishing great things by contributing to the Living Atlas Basemaps.

We recently featured Fairfax County, VA during an interview at the User Conference in July. The testimony speaks for itself.

Jumping head first into the Community Basemap

If you work for an organization that is benefiting from Community Maps Participation and would like to share your work with our expanding user community, please contact Shane Matthews ( or Community Maps ( and tell us your story and have a chance to be featured in aCommunity Maps Webinar segment.

Go map something.

Here’s a list of all the community contributors for this release:

These contributions were made through the Community Maps Program. For more information visit theCommunity Maps Program Resource Center.

The service was updated on the following servers: and If you have previously used the World_Topo_Map, you may need to clear your cache in order to see the updates.

If you have feedback on content, try our Topographic Map Feedback web map.

If you have other feedback or comments, please post them to the ArcGIS Discussion Group on GeoNet.