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Hello, When you purchase ArcGIS Indoors you get ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced + ArcGIS Pro + Extensions. 1. Does the ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Pro has the same functionality as if I would purchase them not as part of the ArcGIS Indoors package? 2. Can I add Indoors functionality into an existing ArcGIS Enterprise?  ArcGIS Indoors arcgis… (Show more)
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I have a feature service with the conference rooms for our building. I have created an application with web appbuilder with this feature service. The users are able to search the conference rooms by name or other attributes. The conference rooms are digitized as polygons have the same names than in the Calendar in Outlook. We have configured the… (Show more)
Every time I try to use a tool for the Indoor Toolbox, it says " This tool is not licensed". When looking downloading and installing ArcPro and Indoors, I didn't see anything related to a license for Indoors. Where would I get Indoors licensed? 
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As i can see that we can import a zip package of multiple shape files in developers arcgis. I am able to import individual csv files that gives me different urls for difference layers.   I want to import multiple csv files as part of a single project and i can have one service url.   Thanks in Advance!!
Click to view contentHi Indoors Team! I need more information, about how configure the webapp for Indoors. I have data example donwloaded from MY ESRI, and I could share the webmap and webscene, from the sample project: ArcGIS Indoors Sample.aprx.... Then, I configured WebMap according to: but,… (Show more)
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An enquiry if any existing training / workshop material is available for ArcGIS Indoors?
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Hello,   I used the old version of ArcGIS Indoors when it was still a zip file to download. I installed the new package from my esri, and I discovered that now I need an ArcGIS Entreprise to make it work, and I do not see in the help online if this would work with an existing GDB.   All my buildings are already in GIS format. With the previous… (Show more)
Accurate data is healthy data. And healthy data is vital to any successful GIS implementation! The quality of your GIS data is critical as errors introduce unacceptable risk and unplanned costs. If you are attending the Esri International User Conference in San Diego in two weeks, be sure to sign up for one-on-one data health check appointment to… (Show more)
HI,   Is ArcGIS Pro Indoor is included with an Esri Educational site license?   imtiyaz
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