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Click to view contentHi,    Ive been looking at the Redlands Demo Project and Ive found that the webmap opens automatically to L1 in the building, which is great. My Indoors models works perfectly however the default view always needs you to click on the facility first before you get the level/range rocker to pop out. Where can I find this configuration?   Also… (Show more)
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HI,   Is ArcGIS Pro Indoor is included with an Esri Educational site license?   imtiyaz
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In this video, at 1:56, an XLSForm template is being used. Where do I find the template? It's not in the Program Files.
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Hi All,  I have ArcGIS Indoors license. Recently, I bought some cheap Beacons for testing.  I'm extremely confused about IPS and how to use it in ArcGIS Indoors. To the best of my knowledge, the signal send from beacon is RSSI which shows how strong is the signal.  It begs a question that how does ArcGIS Indoors know the actual distance from… (Show more)
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We are having some issues in the Configuration part of ArcGIS Indoors web application template. We could not able to configure a web scene for indoors. We have tried configuring the app through config.json form the portal installation folder. But still, web scene is not added to the indoor application. We don’t see any Select Web Scene option in… (Show more)
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Hi. Here the log. does anyone know why I am getting this error being all input validated? Thanks!     " Messages Start Time: 29 November 2019 13:37:26 Running script GeneratePathways... Initialization complete Executing validate_inputs... ---All input feature classes' spatial references match. FC = OMISSIS\_Indoors.gdb\AIIM\Facilities ---The… (Show more)
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I'm trying to install ArcGIS Indoors for Pro and the installation with an error message that states that "ArcGIS Indoors for Pro requires ArcGIS Pro 2.4 installed with the for everyone option".  I have ArcGIS Pro 2.4 installed but I don't know what the "for everyone option" is and I can't find any reference to this option in the online help.  … (Show more)
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I would like to collect fairly precise (1m) data inside a facility using Survey123. Am I required to use' products to leverage an IPS for ArcGIS Indoors? Or can I set up my own network of iBeacons and integrate them with Indoors on my own? 
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