• Allow Default Value to be removed or changed in Hosted Feature Service Field View

    20 votes
    At this time, if you set up a Default Value for a field upon creation of a Hosted Feature Service, you have to delete and re-create the field to remove the default value. Please allow the functionality to re-configu...
    last modified by vtc_admin
  • Reduce Excessive Credit Cost of Survey123 Feature Reports

    129 votes
    Hi,               After the Oct 2019 update of AGOL ESRI has decided to implemented a hefty cost to produce Survey123 reports. At 2.5 credits per report you can quickly blow t...
    last modified by Joerodney
  • ArcGIS Python API SpatialDataFrame loads() for WKT geometry

    1 vote
    Currently in the ArcGIS Python API (from what I can tell) there is no geometry function which loads text from WKT format into ESRI geometry format.  The closest thing that I can find is loads_xy method which...
    last modified by natevatt_2n
  • Make Category Gallery more configurable

    Partially Implemented
    4 votes
    We would like to use the category gallery to display content from groups, but want more configuration options these would include set default view for users set whether or not filters are open when first loaded abi...
    last modified by colesb
  • Ability to add geoprocessing services in ArcGIS Online

    Partially Implemented
    114 votes
    Similar to adding REST services, users can add and employ their own geoprocessing services in ArcGIS online viewer. Having an option to limit its use to a group or everyone so as to avoid massive server demands would ...
    last modified by harperb
  • WebHooks

    49 votes
    For integration with other systems, it would be nice that ArcGIS Online have support for webhooks in editing operations for layers, this is something that is increasingly beeing used lately and is very required.
    last modified by kescaleraesri-pa-esridist
  • AGOL Content Reporting Tool

    Partially Implemented
    3 votes
    Would it be possible to get a tool that would export to Excel a simple list of all items in each folder on our AGOL site?  It would be even better if it also included usage statistics for each of the items.
    last modified by yvesle
  • AGOL Report-Detailed List of created maps, apps, dashboards etc.

    Partially Implemented
    18 votes
    It would be helpful to have a detailed list of all the maps, apps, dashboards etc.that have been created w/in your organization.  A report/list that would live on the AGOL site and could be refreshed as needed.&#...
    last modified by rgaddis25
  • ArcGIS Online Export of App and Content Reports

    Partially Implemented
    33 votes
    The idea would be to be able to export an Excel/CSV of a report which includes all services, apps, content, etc that is in an Organization.  The report would include information already available in the "View Sta...
    last modified by michael.grove
  • Create Detailed AGOL Usage Report for Every Item

    Partially Implemented
    63 votes
    I would like to be able to produce a detailed report showing the usage of all items in our ArcGIS Online organization. Currently, if I want to see the number of item views and the average number of views per day of an...
    last modified by mtrust
  • Export list of ArcGIS Online Users to Excel

    55 votes
    For all ArcGIS Online Administrators it is really useful to see a list of all of your users on one page and to be able to use this data elsewhere.Therefore I think it'd be really useful to be able to have an Export to...
    last modified by csteeresriuk-esridist
  • Portal Home Page Design Flexibility

    Partially Implemented
    8 votes
    Would like more flexibility on what we can tweak in Portal for design purposes.  Currently we can add a background image, and the top box we can control where the title goes, add an image, a little html, but woul...
    last modified by Riverside
  • AGOL Home Page item limit

    Partially Implemented
    2 votes
    Do not limit the number of items allowed on the Home tab to 12. The Gallery tab allows up to 100 items. Why not allow the same number of items on the Home tab as on the Gallery tab?
    last modified by smithv
  • Fully Custom ArcGIS Online Homepage

    Partially Implemented
    9 votes
    The current format of the ArcGIS Online homepage is going on 3+ years old.  The fact that this is the landing page for many organizations geographic content, literally screams to provide them more options.  ...
    last modified by BBaldwin-esristaff
  • ArcGIS Online Organization Description Section Background Fill

    2 votes
    The Organization Description section of the ArcGIS Online Home Page should be reconfigured so that a background image or background color will fill the entire box. The Banner section allows for this functionality. &#...
    last modified by pmckinneyccpa
  • More pre-cooked options available for ArcGIS Online home page.

    2 votes
    For AGOL admins who are not experienced at code, it would be really useful to have more configurable options available for the home page. It bugs me that there are so many great templates out there for published conte...
    last modified by kulasdn
  • Featured Content

    6 votes
    It would be useful to have the ability to show more than 12 items in Featured Content on the Home page.  Alternatively, it would work to have a "See More" link that would take you into the Gallery when you've scr...
    last modified by deleted-user-y7zXLagX99-X
  • Your Ideas in the June 2020 ArcGIS Online Update

    You may have noticed that ArcGIS Online updated recently! There are a lot of ArcGIS Ideas that were implemented in this release. Check out the list below:   New home page   You can now create a responsive,...
  • Allow multiple categories to be grouped manually in a pie chart

    37 votes
    I'd like the ability to manually include multiple categories into a single slice in a pie chart. Currently categories can only be grouped together based on a minimum percentage threshold (for example, all ca...
    last modified by tom.rippetoe
  • Extend Webhooks also for features in the Enterprise portal/ArcGIS Online

    Partially Implemented
    11 votes
    Dear all,   I would like to ask you for consideration to extends webhooks functionality also for features (create, update, delete) in feature layers (hosted/referenced) in ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS. &#...