• Scale Range, SQL Query and Symbology Rendering in ArcMap

    Partially Implemented
    694 votes
    I would like to see the ability to set multiple scale ranges, SQL queries and symbology properties for a single featureclass in the TOC of an ArcMap document.  As an example, this is already available for feature...
    last modified by 1_jrflannery
  • Need an Auto - TIMESTAMP field as a field type for attribute tables

    669 votes
    It would be very useful to have an attribute field type be a timestamp field.  In other words, every time a record is updated/created, the current date/time would be populated in this field.  Having the abil...
    last modified by dpettittva
  • Add ability for graphics drawn on maps to be transparent

    663 votes
    This is requested quite frequently so that graphics, especially rectangles and polygons, drawn on maps can support transparency. For example, I want to draw a graphic on the map and be able to see through it to the ma...
    last modified by IMohamed-esristaff
  • Add an autosave feature for ArcGIS Desktop.

    In Product Plan
    715 votes
    It would be of great benefit if an autosave option could be provided in ArcGIS. Saving the map document would be be very useful however, I believe that the autosave would best be suited within an edit session. In this...
    last modified by fmanjarrez-esristaff
  • Show attachments in ArcGIS Online pop-up window

    In Product Plan
    612 votes
    The ability to link attachments (images, docs, etc.) to features in ArcGIS Online is great functionality, but it would be nice if, instead of having attachments open in a new window, they would open inside the pop-up ...
    last modified by ericneel
  • Print Operation via the REST API for Javascript, Flex, and Silverlight

    611 votes
     Create a Print Task that is callable via the REST API - the response of the REST call is an image that merges all layers, graphics, etc. on my map control.  Because it is via the REST API, I can call this s...
    last modified by ccabanero
  • Add new functionality to License Manager - Usage & Analysis Tools

    Under Consideration
    596 votes
    Add posibility to see and account for the use of the licenses  at License Manager in terms of how many licenses , for how long and by whom are used. Usefull to monitor use of licenses, in order to dimension ...
    last modified by s_lala
  • Dual scale bars showing different units

    571 votes
    Would like to see and option under the scale bar menu to allow for dual labeling.  
    last modified by Hartleys
  • Movable popup window in ArcGis Online

    In Product Plan
    572 votes
    The popup window in arcgis online cannot be moved.  It often pops up in a location that won't allow me to see the feature.  It would be useful to be able to move it out of the way.
    last modified by esvensen
  • Add "Maximize Button" to attribute table

    562 votes
    I like the docking capability at 10, but I often need to view my whole table or view multiple tables so I often move the attribute table to my other monitor (since I have dual monitors). Can you add a “Maximize&...
    last modified by goh_raj
  • Font selections to show actual font

    579 votes
    In dialogs / toolbars like the Drawing toolbar where there are Font selection dropdown, etc. show the font name or a sample as it actually displays when typed like in Word.
    last modified by jakek
  • ArcGIS Server - services usage monitor

    529 votes
    It would be very useful if the ArcGIS Server logging tools were extended to provide more comprehensive information on the traffic, availability, and performance for individual services (OGC and ESRI GeoServices R...
    last modified by nunatech@usa.net
  • ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap

    In Product Plan
    501 votes
    ArcGIS Pro has a superior interface for authoring weblayer symbology.  It would be nice if you could use it to edit an existing webmap then simply share but overwrite an existing thus maintaining the webmap id.
    last modified by bryant_devnetinc
  • Allow attribute table tab to open in a new window in ArcGIS 10

    513 votes
    The tabbed attribute tables in 10 are nice but forcing multiple attribute tables to be tabbed in the same window can be limiting. Allowing new horizontal/vertical tab groups is a start, but another opti...
    last modified by rblash
  • ESRI Workbook for Python Scripting

    461 votes
    ESRI should produce a workbook (or a series of workbooks) for Python scripting in ArcGIS. This would allow colleges and universities to have a solid workbook for their courses, and make for easier and cheaper training...
    last modified by Jake_Diebolt
  • Please Automate Clearing the REST cache every time I update/modify a GIS Service

    457 votes
    The software should be programmatically updating the REST cache every time I update a GIS Service using either ArcGIS Server Manager or ArcMap.  I shouldn't have to always manually do this.
    last modified by ccabanero
  • Add Direction to the Measure Tool

    443 votes
    The Measure tool presently allows the calculation of distance between features (with snapping). It would be helpful if the Direction / Angle / Azimuth was also shown. . Presently, - The Near Tool modifies my shapefi...
    last modified by cbouchar
  • Live Legend defined by features in page extent for Data Driven Pages

    440 votes
    Data Driven Pages is awesome. There are so many efficiencies gained from using this feature, but sometimes not every page in the mapbook has every feature listed in the legend.   My idea is that when Data Driven...
    last modified by jwielki
  • Add Stand Alone Data Catalog Like ArcCatalog to ArcGIS Pro

    Not in Current Product Plan
    440 votes
    ArcCatalog is a powerful tool for easily managing data.  I haven't seen anything like the easy data management functionality of ArcCatalog in ArcGIS Pro.  And the last thing I want to do ...
    last modified by dwwheelock
  • Ability to save .mxd and .lyr files into a geodatabase

    Not in Current Product Plan
    466 votes
    Would like to see the ability to save .mxd's and .lyr files into a geodatabase (sde/pgdb/fgdb), flat file structures seems so out of place in this cloud world in which we will be living.
    last modified by tony.farndon