• ArcGIS Map for Sharepoint : STYLE

    3 votes
    Suggestion for improvement: Style tool When points of different layers have the same coordinates, the only way to see them is to hide the top layer. Which is not practical. Would it not be possible to provide in th...
    last modified by amelie.herve_CD53
  • Locked Multiple Layouts in ArcGIS Pro

    56 votes
    In ArcView 3 (AV 3) users often created multiple layouts and disconnected the live link to each one.  The AV 3 help text below briefly explains what we could do in the program.   Add a view   ...
    last modified by Mike_Price
  • Location allocation model: Arcinfo workstation to ArcGIS

    5 votes
    Location allocation model It is used to find the best location for certain facility depending on the identified needs   In arcinfo/workstation, we can apply “location allocation model by providing: ...
  • Custom legend patches for layers shown by unique values

    Already Offered
    1 vote
    This is awesome!  I can choose a legend patch or symbol more closely aligned to the topic of my data than the defaults!  Thanks for adding this functionality to ArcGIS Pro.  Unfortunately, I cannot see ...
    last modified by geodoozer
  • Please Add Undo Option to New Story Map Builder

    Under Consideration
    20 votes
    Now that the Story Map Builder has auto save, if something iis accidentally deleted, there is no way to undo that action.  Adding an undo option would help reduce frustration and lost work.story maps builder ...
    last modified by HelenJohnson
  • ArcGIS Pro 2.5: “weighted overlay” tool in Pro appears not to have the “reverse scale values” option,

    5 votes
      ArcGIS Pro 2.5: “weighted overlay” tool in Pro appears not to have the “reverse scale values” option,   I observed that the “weighted overlay” tool in Pro appears not...
    last modified by Jamal432@gmail.com
  • Constraint messages to show up on the fly

    6 votes
    Hi team,   I'd like to request an option for constraint messages to show up (instantly) when an user incorrectly fills in a field. Currently, users only see these messages when they go to submit the surveys. ...
  • Support for Contingent Values in ArcGIS Online

    Under Consideration
    114 votes
    Contingent Values in ArcGIS Pro helps data technicians in the office to efficiently manage the ensure the integrity of their data. Light data users could take advantage of this as well through ArcGIS Online whether in...
    last modified by kwikstrom
  • Publish Survey123 in Specific Folders

    40 votes
    In order to help keep large organizations content organized, be able to chose which folder to publish the Survey123 Form and Feature to in the ArcGIS Online Content -> My Content -> Folders.  For an example...
    last modified by MBDriscoll
  • Save Survey123 designs and surveys in a conventional folder

    14 votes
    Survey123 saves forms to a folder it creates at C:\Users\<username>\ArcGIS. In our organization, that folder is not backed up or migrated to new PCs, so users will lose their survey designs and downloaded forms....
    last modified by shawjs
  • Survey123 ability to have survey stored on a network drive

    54 votes
    It would be nice to have the ability when creating a survey with connect to set a different default location to save the surveys, ie: a network folder. This way admin or other staff that are collaborating on a project...
    last modified by gplumley
  • Show attachments in ArcGIS Online pop-up window

    In Product Plan
    594 votes
    The ability to link attachments (images, docs, etc.) to features in ArcGIS Online is great functionality, but it would be nice if, instead of having attachments open in a new window, they would open inside the pop-up ...
    last modified by ericneel
  • Syncing Updated Domains in Survey123 Connect and AGOL

    7 votes
    I noticed today that edits being made to a domain in Survey123 Connect are not being recognized in AGOL. So for instance, I added a few answers to a list for a select_one field and republished the survey without issue...
  • Fully document the Customizing Locator process and update Locator documentation

    Not in Current Product Plan
    23 votes
    The documentation available for customizing locators is in adequate and does not provide enough scenarios. The white paper link below was released in 2010. Several forums threads exist regarding questions or issues wi...
    last modified by rgrichards
  • The disappearance of the raster catalog in ArcGIS Pro

    11 votes
    Hey there.   Am I the only one that was using the Raster Catalog to bypass the mosaic features in ArcGIS? Used to work fine under ArcGIS Pro and it got the axe in the latest versions. Sure, it still works great ...
    last modified by RodierLP
  • Validate Join in ArcGIS Pro

    In Product Plan
    69 votes
    When you join tables in Arcmap, you can validate the join before executing to get a brief report and list of possible issues that you might encounter with your join.   In ArcGIS Pro however, the Add Join tool ...
    last modified by johnmdye
  • ArcGIS Pro Legend Options

    38 votes
    Can we have some more control over creation of Legends? Specifically I'd like to have the option when creating a Legend to have all items turn OFF by Default.  I'd also like a "Select All" so I can quickly create...
    last modified by shlousek
  • Arcgis Pro - Configure Pop-ups with Html code

    In Product Plan
    9 votes
    In Arcgis Pro add option to configure Pop-ups with Html code.     Like the personal Pop-ups configuration in arcgis online.  
    last modified by Admin_AIDE@Arcgis
  • Align text and graphic elements in layout to last item selected

    21 votes
    There needs to be the ability to align items in layouts such as text and graphic elements to the last item selected. For example in ArcMap if I have a scale bar, a rectangle, and some text I can select the items in th...
    last modified by sloetz@ltenv.com
  • keyboard shortcut hotkey show selected records

    2 votes
    I wish there was a keyboard shortcut hotkey option for switching to the selected records in an attribute table (from the main one).
    last modified by kmeehan@usbr.gov_USBR