• Animate View Along Path in Web Scenes

    0 votes
    Hi,   Given the direction that hopefully Esri is going in, I thought it would be nice if it would be possible to have a first person point of view/camera that would move along a given path facing any set directi...
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  • Auto refresh Operations Dashboard

    56 votes
    We have been using Operations Dashboard in an Emergency Management situation and one thing that we cannot do that is a problem, is have the dashboard refresh automatically.  I know you set up a refresh interval o...
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  • ArcGIS Pro GPS Toolbar

    In Product Plan
    100 votes
    Please add a GPS toolbar with similar functionality to the ArcMap GPS toolbar. In particular, being able to connect to a USB GPS unit and auto-panning would be great.    When up voting this Idea, please add...
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  • Validate Join in ArcGIS Pro

    57 votes
    When you join tables in Arcmap, you can validate the join before executing to get a brief report and list of possible issues that you might encounter with your join.   In ArcGIS Pro however, the Add Join tool ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap

    Under Consideration
    409 votes
    ArcGIS Pro has a superior interface for authoring weblayer symbology.  It would be nice if you could use it to edit an existing webmap then simply share but overwrite an existing thus maintaining the webmap id.
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  • Adding Items from Open Data Groups by Area of Interest

    0 votes
    When adding open data groups to a hub site it would be nice to be able to limit returned items by geographic extent (or other geography).  For example, if a US federal agency has an open data group with items tha...
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  • ArcGIS Hub supported formats

    6 votes
    ArcGIS Hub needs to support any formats that ArcGIS Online supports.  For example it currently does not support zip files.   The zip files can be uploaded to ArcGIS Online through "Add Item" and then sh...
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  • Store Zip File in ArcGIS Online

    4 votes
    I would like to be able to store zip files in ArcGIS Online AS zip files.  I would like to do this so I could have zip files for people to download off of ArcGIS Hub.  For example, I have a bunch of traffic ...
  • Automatically close pop-up when zooming out of the layers visible range

    6 votes
    I suggest that an open pop-up would close automatically when the users zoom out of the layers visible range. Now this seems to confuse map users who leave their pop-ups open when zooming. Result - the pop-up is still ...
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  • Easier Make this Layer Unselectable - toggle selectable

    8 votes
    Scenario: I'm editing, I window an area to select everything but I select a layer that I don't want to be selectable. I have my attributes window open and my Table of Contents hiding on the side. My only option is to...
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  • ArcGIS Pro - Export to Illustrator

    226 votes
    I noticed that in ArcGIS Pro, we can no longer export to Adobe Illustrator format like we did in ArcMap.  Adobe Illustrator gives ArcMap users the ability to 'fine tune' the cartographic details of a map in a way...
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  • Add basic find functionality to ArcGIS Pro table view!

    In Product Plan
    182 votes
    It appears there is no find functionality when viewing an attribute table in ArcGIS Pro? This is absolutely crazy it's one of the most basic requirements!   I cannot simply search a table/field for a value. In A...
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  • Add Additional Details in Catalog View in ArcGIS PRO

    34 votes
    It would be good to add additional Details to the Catalog View (and Catalog Pane).     Right now Maps and Layouts have a column for Date but nothing is populated.  Date is only populated in Databa...
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  • Pro Catalog: Sort by Feature Geometry (e.g. Point, Line, Poly, Table)

    1 vote
    In ArcCatalog, you can turn on the ability to sort by Feature Type and sort by the type of item: feature dataset, relationship class, Point, Line, Poly, Table, etc.   Pro Catalog only allows you to sort by Name ...
    last modified by Lishman@jmt.com_jmt
  • Reduce Excessive Credit Cost of Survey123 Feature Reports

    Under Consideration
    78 votes
    Hi,       After the Oct 2019 update of AGOL ESRI has decided to implemented a hefty cost to produce Survey123 reports. At 2.5 credits per report you can quickly blow through your available credit...
    last modified by Joerodney
  • In Arcgis Pro, add setting to hide 'Delete Field' button on attribute tables

    In Product Plan
    23 votes
    In ArcGIS Pro, when you open an attribute table, there is a row of buttons immediately above the field names. This includes buttons to Add, Delete and Calculate Fields.   In the normal course of using ArcGIS Pro...
    last modified by paul.haakma
  • Suppress Survey123 Form Submit Button

    3 votes
    We like the ability to create interactive and informative forms quickly using XLSForms and would like the ability to suppress the Submit Button on a survey123 form.  We just want to show some relevant information...
    last modified by dot_mmekuria
  • Smart forms for Collector

    In Product Plan
    300 votes
    I'd like the ability to have 'smart' form entry with Collector.  For example, if field A equals 'True' then field B, C and D do or do not show up for entry.
    last modified by boyle.matt
  • Collector - Layers transparent when editing

    14 votes
    Can you please allow user to disable transparency when editing layers in collector?   When you edit layer of interest all other layers fade which makes it really hard to see on the screen, especially with direct...
    last modified by Miralem
  • Set Layer Ruler Origin

    0 votes
    Hi, It would be great to be able to move the ruler origin X and Y position (Like the rulers in Photoshop and Illustrator). Currently it's fixed in the upper left corner.  When I'm laying out surrou...