• Survey123 Report on multiple objects (selected or not)

    5 votes
    The Survey123 report to PDF tool in BRILLIANT!! Thanks for creating it! Would it be possible to expand it so that it can run on multiple records, rather than just one?   Some of our users would like to export r...
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  • Survey123  Form Print To PDF

    In Product Plan
    109 votes
    Is it possible to currently print the data collection form in addition to curating the data in Survey 123    The ability to print the data collection form (in addition to uploading/curating th...
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  • Survey123 – allow a survey to open the 'Inbox' menu by default instead of the 'Collect' menu, when a survey is launched from another application with the 'arcgis-survey123://?itemID=' Custom URL Scheme

    48 votes
    We use Collector integrated with Survey123 to update, validate and collect attributes of existing features in the field. Collector is used for updating the geometry - change features location or add missing features ...
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  • Launch Collector from Survey123 and pass attributes

    Partially Implemented
    58 votes
    The idea is to have a Survey123 form open a collector map that is available on the device, then have it fill in some of the attributes within the pop-up window. This would be similar to the way we can transfer data fr...
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  • Survey123: (auto) refresh survey

    Under Consideration
    143 votes
    Should a survey downloaded to a device in October, be updated by the publisher a month later (with new choices - dropdowns for example)... it would be helpful to push a reminder to the user that the survey has been pu...
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  • Allow border and background colors when using Grids and Repeats

    0 votes
    The help says you cannot style a repeat that is inside of a grid. But it seems like I can also not style a repeat that has a gird in it.   Idea is to allow color coding even with a grid.  Other option is to...
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  • Enable/Allow Maps With Multiple Copies of a Layer to be Used Offline in Collector

    22 votes
    I'd like to see a feature added to enable/allow maps with multiple copies of a layer to be downloaded and used offline in Collector.  If needed, the copies that are created would be required to have editing disab...
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  • Barcode Reader available at Add Portal URL

    4 votes
    As we have deploy Survey123 to our field staff and contractors, we include a brief instruction manual that we have created with the basic steps for downloading the app, connecting to our portal, download surveys, etc....
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  • Co-owner of Survey123 for changing and printing 

    11 votes
    I would like to suggest an enhancement from the user's side to be able to be a co-owner on AGOL/Survey123 so that we can add custom templates/forms to Suvery123.arcgis.com.  I can not add a form template of a rep...
  • Add support for multiple Survey123 form editors

    28 votes
    Hi there,   Is there a way to update Survey123 so that more than one person can edit a form?   It would be great if you could be shared as an editor on a Survey123 form on AGOL, and then have the option to...
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  • Add streaming feature to geotrace/geoshape in Survey123

    11 votes
    A streaming feature (similar to Collector) would be helpful for creating geotrace and geoshape features in Survey123.  The current vertex method does not allow for a user to easily collect a feature by streaming....
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  • Survey123 pulldata from an existing feature service

    In Product Plan
    60 votes
    It will be useful if the pulldata functionality in Survey123 can extract ‘@geopoint’ XY data from an existing feature service in ArcGIS Online / Portal for ArcGIS. This will allow users to verify/update ex...
  • Image Scan to text question

    1 vote
    It would be nice to have Survey123 have an image scan that can read photo ids/credit cards/documents and then interpret the numbers/text into a read only or editable text box.    My application would e...
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  • Make autocomplete fields compatible with prefilled data from existing feature service

    1 vote
    Make the autocomplete field type compatible with an existing feature service, so that the existing data is displayed when this field type is used. 
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  • Copy details from one survey to a new one in Survey123

    8 votes
    I have a user who is using Survey123 to interview their clients and contacts, and they sometimes have repeats of these.  They would like to be able to take a survey from the inbox and duplicate all the contact in...
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  • Auto populate favorite answer(s) as default value in Survey123

    11 votes
    My users often have the need to repeat answers to survey questions throughout their entire day's data collection effort. To help with this it would be great to see an enhancement to the Favorite Answer functionality i...
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  • Build dynamic "where" condition in Inbox using parameters from url scheme

    Under Consideration
    6 votes
    It would be useful to filter existing features using parameters passed to Survey. The actual Inbox (2.1) uses some dynamic parameters: username, email, firstname, lastname: the idea is to expand this capability includ...
  • Multiple Inboxes for Survey123

    9 votes
    Recently my team and I started utilizing the Inbox functionality in order to facilitate a specific workflow for one of our projects. An interesting idea that we came up with is the concept of Multiple Inboxes. This wo...
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  • Barcode reader/scanner for Survey123 field app Inbox search

    8 votes
    A great addition to the Survey123 inbox search functionality would be the ability to scan a barcode into the inbox search window. We have assets marked with barcodes which we visit repeatedly and have to manually ente...
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  • Photo Preview in Survey123

    22 votes
    Add ability to see an attached photo at full screen size in Survey123 and not just the thumbnail shown in the form. This would be to verify the quality and suitability of the photo b...
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