• Option to suppress "position source closed error" in Survey123 app

    11 votes
    We can suppress alerts related to having location services disabled in surveys themselves, but it would be nice to also suppress this screen on startup:   We use Survey123 for a number of data collection workf...
  • Photo Repeats (S123) to Show Up in Attachment Viewer

    5 votes
    Hi, I was wondering if it will be possible to show photo repeats (Survey123) as a field to show in the attachment viewer webapp?   I understand that photo repeats currently don't appear as attachments in AG...
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  • Appearance option to view Repeats stacked in Survey123 app

    36 votes
    Repeat groups offer a good way to collect soil profile data, as profiles often have differing numbers of horizons and each horizon requires roughly the same details to be recorded about it. However, the Survey123 app ...
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  • Image repeats stored as real attachments (instead of pushed to related tables)

    Under Consideration
    70 votes
    It would be great to be able to capture multiple photos with a repeat without pushing the attachments to a related table.  This would get the best of repeats (unlimited photos) and adding image questions to...
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  • Use webmaps from AGOL or Portal in Survey123

    In Product Plan
    107 votes
    Right now you could use standard Maps in Survey123.   It would be nice to look at Features from a Webmap in AGOL or Portal in order to use your organisations or public data to help the user to know if he is in t...
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  • Portal name in the portal setting in Survey123

    0 votes
    I added three portals in Survey123 and I would like to edit the name. It's easy to see if the name reflects each portal instead of checking the URL to find which portal I'm in. Two of my portals have the same nam...
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  • Get a signed out message in Survey123

    5 votes
    My organization uses Survey123 in the field during disasters and therefore we tend to have limited connectivity. We have found that Survey123 will sign your device out when it's in and out of connectivity. So when you...
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  • Survey123  Form Print To PDF

    In Product Plan
    116 votes
    Is it possible to currently print the data collection form in addition to curating the data in Survey 123    The ability to print the data collection form (in addition to uploading/curating th...
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  • Survey123 QR Code or Barcode Sign In

    1 vote
    It would be very beneficial for the user of the field app to be able to scan a QR code or barcode to sign in to the app if/when the user gets logged off. This was recently implemented in the January 2020 release of Ar...
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  • Reduce Excessive Credit Cost of Survey123 Feature Reports

    Under Consideration
    96 votes
    Hi,       After the Oct 2019 update of AGOL ESRI has decided to implemented a hefty cost to produce Survey123 reports. At 2.5 credits per report you can quickly blow through your available credit...
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  • Add support for multiple Survey123 form editors

    37 votes
    Hi there,   Is there a way to update Survey123 so that more than one person can edit a form?   It would be great if you could be shared as an editor on a Survey123 form on AGOL, and then have the option to...
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  • Survey123 App Auto Updates Form

    Under Consideration
    44 votes
    I think it would be nice if the Survey123 App could check and automatically update it's survey form if a new version was published.  The mobile user would no longer have to delete and download the form again to b...
    last modified by jkelly_5
  • Survey123: (auto) refresh survey

    Under Consideration
    151 votes
    Should a survey downloaded to a device in October, be updated by the publisher a month later (with new choices - dropdowns for example)... it would be helpful to push a reminder to the user that the survey has been pu...
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  • Allow hidden geopoints in Survey123

    14 votes
    For many surveys, my team is collecting data for points that we already have the coordinates for. I would like to pull that data into a geopoint question (which you can do now), but hide the geopoint so the user doesn...
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  • Control what viewers can see by individual group

    2 votes
    In Survey123 web, you can set it so that viewers can either see all records or only records that they have submitted themselves.  Great feature.  This choice applies universally to anyone who has the ability...
    last modified by ekv5_cdc
  • Allow other users to export reports in Survey123

    6 votes
    As I understand it, exporting Survey123 reports is currently limited to the survey's creator.  I write many of the surveys for my organization but the workers are the ones that use them.  Those worker's mana...
    last modified by abutterer
  • Survey123 theme-grid: set borderColor property

    8 votes
    Setting theme-grid on the entire survey adds borders to every question which are distracting (in my opinion). If we could set the borderColor property in the body::esri:style column it would be helpful!
    last modified by rblash
  • Survey123 theme-grid: apply to groups not entire survey

    15 votes
    I would like to apply theme-grid to individual groups in a survey, rather than the whole survey itself. Often, there are only a few questions in a longer survey that I may want to consolidate onto a single line, this ...
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  • "Dark Theme" button

    12 votes
    I think a "Dark Theme" button...especially for all apps to the field workers would be optimal in a sunny day. 
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  • Speech Recognition Software for Collecting Data in the Field

    Partially Implemented
    23 votes
    Using measuring devices, such as a level and a measuring wheel, can be cumbersome all by themselves Add to that a tablet and trying to type can be awkward. Screen visibility is another concern, trying to input data wh...
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