• Enable/Allow Maps With Multiple Copies of a Layer to be Used Offline in Collector

    28 votes
    I'd like to see a feature added to enable/allow maps with multiple copies of a layer to be downloaded and used offline in Collector.  If needed, the copies that are created would be required to have editing disab...
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  • Inherit attributes of a polygon or admin unit into survey point using Survey123

    1 vote
    Inherit attributes of a polygon or admin unit into survey point while using Survey123 field app or browser and avoid typing in or entering them from the app.
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  • #ENH-000108149 [Enhancement] Allow the option to refresh or reset a service in a web map

    Under Consideration
    46 votes
    User Story: Overwriting a service is a commonly used workflow by users to be able to update their data and see the changes automatically reflected in web maps or apps. However, properties that are also controlled by t...
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  • Launch Collector from Survey123 and pass attributes

    Partially Implemented
    60 votes
    The idea is to have a Survey123 form open a collector map that is available on the device, then have it fill in some of the attributes within the pop-up window. This would be similar to the way we can transfer data fr...
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  • Add Multiple Related Records

    15 votes
    Thus is a repeat from the questions section, hoping to get as many views as possible:   Hey All-   I work for a company that does a lot of field inspections, and one of the Achilles heels of AGOL/WebApp Buil...
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  • Add support for Interval Queries on layers with data hosted in a spatiotemporal big data store

    In Product Plan
    2 votes
    Please expand support for interval queries to layers hosted in spatiotemporal big data stores (SBDS).  I am hosting AVL data in an SBDS that I would like to put on a map in ArcGIS Enterprise.  I would l...
  • Esri Event entitlements instead of UC entitlements

    17 votes
    Many of Esri's products include a prescribed number of 'Complimentary UC' and/or 'DevSummit' registrations. That's great except that some organizations end up with so many complimentary registrations to these events t...
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  • Arcade Expression option for Attribute presets in Smart Editor widget

    19 votes
    I would like to be able to set presets that automatically populate a field with a project number based on the year, client, and sequential number. Currently, the preset option only allows you to set a flat default, bu...
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  • Auto refresh Operations Dashboard

    54 votes
    We have been using Operations Dashboard in an Emergency Management situation and one thing that we cannot do that is a problem, is have the dashboard refresh automatically.  I know you set up a refresh interval o...
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  • Allow python scripting on GeoEvent Processor

    21 votes
    I would like to see the ability to add a python script as a processor on GeoEvent Processor. 
  • Add folder view to manage GeoEvent input, outpu connectors and services

    0 votes
    Currently we can view all input, output connectors and GeoEvent services under the monitor view. That is good but it is inconvenient and not efficient when you have more projects/GeoEvent services. You have to op...
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  • Allow users at the Creator level to create "View" layers of their own, from shared content (layers and view layers that they do not own, but are shared with them)

    6 votes
    I would like to see a feature added to ArcGIS Online that would allow users at the creator level to create their own View layers from content that is shared with them, but not owned.  Creator level users from ins...
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  • Add multiple data sources in a dashboard tool

    26 votes
    It would be nice to specify more than one data source when setting up a dashboard tool in Operations Dashboard.  For example, we often pull shelter locations from multiple services/sources and we would like and i...
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  • ArcGIS Pro GPS Toolbar

    In Product Plan
    97 votes
    Please add a GPS toolbar with similar functionality to the ArcMap GPS toolbar. In particular, being able to connect to a USB GPS unit and auto-panning would be great.    When up voting this Idea, please add...
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  • GeoEvent Extension: Expose rollback option for 'Add/Update a feature' connector

    4 votes
    At the moment (ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension 10.3.1) the rollback option is not exposed to the user and set to true on the 'Add a Feature' or 'Update a Feature' output connectors. When a transaction tries to add/update 10...
    last modified by ThibautD
  • GeoEvent Processor - Update Feature, include datetime check

    Under Consideration
    9 votes
    In GeoEvent Processor messages processed from source system can invariably be not in datetime order i.e. each new message was captured after the last message.  At present the update a Feature Connector for GEP wi...
  • GeoEvent Extension: Combine multiple Field Calculator processes into one

    Under Consideration
    5 votes
    Instead of having to chain multiple Field Calculator processes, it would be a nice time (and layout space) saver, if you could use one processor box and add multiple field calculators.  The fu...
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  • Operations Dashboard Developer Edition

    7 votes
    It would be nice to have operations dashboard on-premise utilizing your own IIS web server (or other) consistent with the way that Web AppBuilder for Developers works. Having the ability to create your own dashbo...
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  • Automatically Refresh Inbox when Inbox Button in Selected

    2 votes
    It will be really valuable to have an setting in Connect that have the inbox refreshed manually or automatically.    In our workflow: User A enters new "item 1" and related information into inventory (set as...
    last modified by jvarasanz
  • ArcGIS for AutoCAD connectivity to Portal

    6 votes
    Is there a way to have CAD files connect to a local ArcGIS Portal server so GIS and CAD users can share the same data (possibly through collaboration)?
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