• Improve app sign-in experience (button naming & org-specific help)

    3 votes
    On sign-in screens, I recommend that Esri: Provide a lookup for org-specific sign-in help Provide a lookup for org URL prefix for enterprise logins Stop using the term “enterprise” to refer to both a produ...
    last modified by shawjs
  • Share downloaded maps between apps

    Under Consideration
    3 votes
    Allow mmpk's downloaded to an iPad to be shared between apps Navigator, Explorer, Collector etc.. Currently a map downloaded for use in Navigator is not visible to maps on device in Explorer so they must have their ow...
    last modified by ldphelps
  • Add multi-select to Collector for ArcGIS dropdowns

    130 votes
    The Collector for ArcGIS app supports dropdowns through the use of domains, but currently only allows for a standard single-selection dropdown in the app. Some data collection efforts  require the user to choose ...
    last modified by jgillham
  • Enable feature snapping in Collector App

    Partially Implemented
    373 votes
    Improve the feature collection by supporting snapping to existing features.
    last modified by hens
  • Zoom widget in windows 10

    5 votes
    My users have Windows 10 rugged tablets with a pen-interface and fingertouch disabled by the It-department.   That makes it impossible to zoom on the map as you don´t have a scroll-wheel on the mouse or pi...
    last modified by johan.ekenstedt_sveaskog
  • Add Support for In App Writing Using Collector for ArcGIS and iPad Pro

    14 votes
    Have you ever wanted to include a comment field in a feture class, but cringed at the thought of having to type out something wordy one letter at a time. Sometimes, a text field that requires writing by tapping one le...
    last modified by dtostrander23
  • Collector Editing Using Measurements to Create Features

    2 votes
    Our field crew would like the ability to create line and polygon features using map scale measurement units. They do not use GPS and work indoors. It's difficult for them to draw a line feature that is 15' because the...
    last modified by dnelton
  • Order related tables list in Collector App

    10 votes
    It would be really useful to be able to define the order the related tables show up in a pop up. At present it seems to be based on the order the relationships are orignally created in. E.g. I would like the editable ...
    last modified by vmshort
  • Collector on AGOL: Disable editing for geometry but retain addition of related records

    17 votes
    It would be nice to be able to edit the attributes of a feature service and still be able to add related records, without having to make the geometry editable also.   Scenario: Ongoing field inspection of asset...
    last modified by darragh1518
  • Speech Recognition Software for Collecting Data in the Field

    Partially Implemented
    24 votes
    Using measuring devices, such as a level and a measuring wheel, can be cumbersome all by themselves Add to that a tablet and trying to type can be awkward. Screen visibility is another concern, trying to input data wh...
    last modified by littlewanderer
  • IOS Split Screen for all Mobile Apps

    Partially Implemented
    6 votes
    Craig Gillgrass, James Tedrick   Hey guys,   With the release of iOS 12, we now have the ability to share screen space between two apps (Safari & Messages or Email & Maps). This functionality is ve...
    last modified by colgateg
  • Support Arcade Expressions in Collector

    Partially Implemented
    150 votes
    Expedite support for Arcade expressions in Collector.   The new Arcade expression language offers some wonderful, and critical, functionality for maps created in ArcGIS Online. However, that functionality is not...
    last modified by tom.rippetoe
  • Enable/Allow Maps With Multiple Copies of a Layer to be Used Offline in Collector

    Under Consideration
    34 votes
    I'd like to see a feature added to enable/allow maps with multiple copies of a layer to be downloaded and used offline in Collector.  If needed, the copies that are created would be required to have editing disab...
    last modified by bcarman495
  • Dynamic Filters for Explorer/Collector apps

    2 votes
    We have field crews using Collector/Explorer who would like to be able to dynamically filter down large datasets through the apps based on their work area for the day, rather than having to go into the web map thru th...
    last modified by Koelker12
  • Filter by User in Collector

    16 votes
    It would be great if you could filter points depending on the user that logs into Collector. At the moment you have to create a webmap with a filter for each user, which in turn means you have to create a group for ea...
  • Filter fields on Feature layer directly in Collector

    16 votes
    Make possible to filter a field on a Feature layer directly in Collector to have only those entities on the map.
    last modified by lodecombe_DirEtudes
  • Configure filters or searches in Collector

    9 votes
    In ArcGIS Mobile for Windows you could configure searches so the user could say, return a list of all the inspections in a particular status, either in their map extent or for the full extent.  This would be grea...
    last modified by jakethepainter
  • Request to Fix Aurora Collector Vertical Accuracy Bug

    Not in Current Product Plan
    6 votes
    A recent ESRI support ticket my team submitted has resulted in the ESRI Development Team's identification of the following bug for the Aurora release of Collector for ArcGIS...   "BUG-000127592:  Incor...
    last modified by HRG_GIS_Admin
  • Number Portal Attachments in Dataview just like AGOL

    In Product Plan
    2 votes
    Running Portal 10.6.1 (soon to be 10.7 so we can use Tracker) The attachments on our data tab look like this:   I want number indicators, just like AGOL, so we can easily see which features have attachments an...
    last modified by drewsky760707
  • Capture a signature (or sketch) in Collector

    50 votes
    In Collector, under Attachments, in addition to add Photo and add Video, provide a third option to add Sketch or Signature. This can serve as location where customer can put signature, and also Field tech can draw som...
    last modified by vvojvodic