• Edit multiple features in Collector App

    In Product Plan
    122 votes
    I need an option to select multiple features at once, click edit on all of them at once, and give fields of all selected attributes the same value at one time. I work for the Philadelphia Streets Dept, and we are try...
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  • Collector - Calculate Values

    41 votes
    It would be useful if if the ArcGIS Collector was able to undertake basic calculations in the field. This could be a setting something like Field3 = Field1 + Field2 I appreciate the response might be develop a mobil...
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  • Select Multiple in Collector for ArcGIS

    3 votes
    I would like to select multiple answers to a single question in Collector for ArcGIS like you can do in Survey123. Collector fits our needs in just about every other way but this, so using Survey123 instead isn't an o...
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  • Smart forms for Collector

    In Product Plan
    300 votes
    I'd like the ability to have 'smart' form entry with Collector.  For example, if field A equals 'True' then field B, C and D do or do not show up for entry.
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  • Collector - Layers transparent when editing

    14 votes
    Can you please allow user to disable transparency when editing layers in collector?   When you edit layer of interest all other layers fade which makes it really hard to see on the screen, especially with direct...
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  • Geodatabase Attachments Storage Location Option

    67 votes
    When enabling attachments on a feature class, give the option to store the attachments outside of the geodatabase on a seperate file server. Instead of storing the attachment as a BLOB in the related database table, y...
    last modified by bopugis
  • Enable/Allow Maps With Multiple Copies of a Layer to be Used Offline in Collector

    Under Consideration
    30 votes
    I'd like to see a feature added to enable/allow maps with multiple copies of a layer to be downloaded and used offline in Collector.  If needed, the copies that are created would be required to have editing disab...
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  • IOS Split Screen for all Mobile Apps

    6 votes
    Craig Gillgrass, James Tedrick   Hey guys,   With the release of iOS 12, we now have the ability to share screen space between two apps (Safari & Messages or Email & Maps). This functionality is ve...
    last modified by colgateg
  • Convert Attribute Assistant to web based.  Server/ArcGIS Online.

    210 votes
    The Attribute Assistant is a great tool.  I would be very helpful If it was available for people using a collector app through ArcGIS Online or a custom Server app to have this available.  It would save a lo...
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  • Support for Contingent Values in ArcGIS Online

    Under Consideration
    67 votes
    Contingent Values in ArcGIS Pro helps data technicians in the office to efficiently manage the ensure the integrity of their data. Light data users could take advantage of this as well through ArcGIS Online whether in...
    last modified by kwikstrom
  • Launch Collector from Survey123 and pass attributes

    Partially Implemented
    61 votes
    The idea is to have a Survey123 form open a collector map that is available on the device, then have it fill in some of the attributes within the pop-up window. This would be similar to the way we can transfer data fr...
    last modified by mbrueningesi
  • Photo Direction in Collector

    16 votes
    When a photo is attached to a feature in collector the direction of the photo should be recorded as a bearing in an associated attribute field so that those photos could be recreated in the future. This would allow ch...
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  • Auto Increment ID Field for ArcGIS Collector with customized behavior

    87 votes
    It would be nice to have  auto Increment ID fields for ArcGIS Collector with customized behavior. For example, I need a filed which will automatically generate a unique ID for a new sample taken based o...
    last modified by anton.sizo_SRC
  • Allow users at the Creator level to create "View" layers of their own, from shared content (layers and view layers that they do not own, but are shared with them)

    7 votes
    I would like to see a feature added to ArcGIS Online that would allow users at the creator level to create their own View layers from content that is shared with them, but not owned.  Creator level users from ins...
    last modified by bcarman495
  • Share downloaded maps between apps

    2 votes
    Allow mmpk's downloaded to an iPad to be shared between apps Navigator, Explorer, Collector etc.. Currently a map downloaded for use in Navigator is not visible to maps on device in Explorer so they must have their ow...
    last modified by ldphelps
  • Collector - Geotag attached photos

    Under Consideration
    248 votes
    In Collector, when attaching photos to a feature collected in the field, no GPS EXIF data is recorded in the file on both iOS and Android platforms. It would be useful to have the geotag data in addition to the locati...
    last modified by SibleyPW
  • Configurer le fuseau horaire des données dans Arc GIS Online

    0 votes
    Puisque Arc GIS Online utilise uniquement le format UTC : Utiliser les champs de date—Aide d'ArcGIS Online | Documentation et donc que le fuseau horaire est systématiquement erroné lors d...
    last modified by obvrly01
  • Bring back location tracking in Collector

    48 votes
    The new collector (Aurora) no longer supports location tracking. ESRI has promised a new app with better tracking.  In the mean time we are using Workforce in the background, but it only works when connected. ...
    last modified by jakethepainter
  • Improve Collector related table record display

    50 votes
    We use a related table to store a list of species found a survey site.  Because Collector lists the full path for the related table, you can't see what the species are without opening up each individual record.&#...
    last modified by tjohnston87
  • Speech Recognition Software for Collecting Data in the Field

    Partially Implemented
    19 votes
    Using measuring devices, such as a level and a measuring wheel, can be cumbersome all by themselves Add to that a tablet and trying to type can be awkward. Screen visibility is another concern, trying to input data wh...
    last modified by littlewanderer