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Let’s face it.  2020 has been far from a normal year.  We’ve all experienced things that previously were unfathomable… until they happened.  To place this story on the ArcGIS Pro release timeline, about a month after 2.5 was released, ArcGIS Pro development teams went into isolation.  Monitors, cables, peripherals, and plants were gathered and moved out of offices as team members transitioned into a work-from-home routine. 


This was very early in the development of ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and many of us were wondering how disruptive the coronavirus and the mandated stay-at-home orders would be to the release.  Would teams be able to accomplish their development goals or would they fall behind?  Would the number of customer requests making it into the release suffer?  In short, there were a lot of unknowns.


In what seemed extraordinary at the time, teams didn’t miss a beat.  Virtual scrums happened as normal, iterations stayed on schedule, holistic testing went virtual, and cross-team communication and collaboration thrived (I think people were lonely and looking for excuses to talk)!


In the end, not only did ArcGIS Pro 2.6 make it out the door on schedule, it is absolutely jam-packed with user requests both from ArcGIS Ideas and technical support, plus great new functionality, performance improvements, and important bug and quality fixes.


Without further ado, we proudly present your ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.6.


Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.6 Video


Now if you’ve had an eye on some of our previous idea announcements (like Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 - That's Amore!Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.4, and Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.3) you’ve seen the long lists of individual ideas.  We like to provide the link to each idea, and if it is in the video, give the time marker to make it easier for you if you want to go to something specific.  But last week I held a virtual call with the 100 or so individual ideas that will be packing up and moving into ArcGIS Pro 2.6, and they said that they’ve had enough of being alone.  There was an overwhelming consensus from the participating ideas that they feel too isolated and would prefer to hang out with their friends.  After careful consideration and in strict adherence to the most up-to-date epidemiological guidelines, I’ve grouped ideas together into major functional areas.  As you can see, it is quite a large gathering! 



Voxels:  Create 3D Grids for visualizing isovolumes (2:56)

Change datasource in Pro /Need Ability to Replace Data Source for Multiple Layers (12:29)

ODBC Driver Support in Pro /Microsoft Access (.accdb) Support in ArcGIS Pro (12:54)

Graphics and free text in ArcGIS-Pro maps! (13:10)

ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap (14:10)

Add an autosave feature for ArcGIS Desktop. (14:34)



ArcGIS Pro 2.5: Is there any chance to enhance catching the edge of panes in order to resize them decently?

ArcGIS Pro - leverage roaming profile

Cancel Button for Loading Portal Locators in ArcGIS Pro

Middle mouse button should always have same functionality (panning)

ArcGIS Pro allow dragging from Favorites (1:19)

Make Measure Tool Dialog Box Movable (2:01)

Pro: Importing Styles should be permanent (12:00)


Mapping and visualization

Allow Clip to Graphic Extent to honor turned off layout items placed off layout page

Make Hyperlinks editable in the Pro Doc-Pop Configuration

Pro - allow paste to same location

Turn on/off Graphics to resolve slow printing problem

Global Option to Remove Group Headings in Legend (0:42)

Remember Symbology pane column widths (Value, and Label columns) in ArcGIS Pro (1:00)

Have ArcGIS Pro handle basemap citation like ArcGIS online does. (1:42)

Enable Metadata Functionality for Basemap Layers (4:04)

Export Map return to last location (4:20)

ArcGIS Pro Map Series printing (4:28)

Add hexagon shape to symbol patch options in Pro (5:41)

Arcgis Pro - Configure Pop-ups with Html code (6:04)

Show tiled service layer legend in Pro (6:31)

ArcGIS Pro - Enable time on WMS Layer (6:38)

Convert marker symbol to polygons (8:06)

Support for Neatlines in Pro (8:16)

Add Viewfield Angle parameter and View Settings window to ArcGIS Pro (ArcMap Equivalency) (8:23)

Label in center and surrounding zones (8:31)

ArcGIS Pro Reports- Charts and Graphs /ArcGIS Pro Report with Related Data (8:37)

Filter the Time Slider's Time Step intervals to only recognize the loaded Time enabled content. (8:54)

Add "Custom Overlay Grid" to the Layout options for Grids/Graticules in ArcGIS Pro (9:17)

Bookmarks for MapBook /Dynamic text for Spatial Bookmarks /3D Map Series (9:31)

Show printer margins in ArcGIS Pro map layout (9:43)

Bring to Front / Send to Back for Layouts in Pro (9:55)

ArcGIS Pro - default font (13:08)

Convert Map Annotations to Text in Pro (13:43)

Convert Labels to Map Annotation in ArcGIS Pro (14:01)



Make saving a model more user friendly

GPX to polyline and shp to GPX

Should have option to display disabled Python script parameters in ArcGIS Pro (1:13)

ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: It should be possible to to adjust mouse wheel sensitivity for z-value (1:29)

ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: Change color of Stereo Cursor (1:29)

ArcGIS Pro New Network Dataset Option (2:36)

ArcPro Vehicle Routing Problem Layer (2:42)

Add Tab Separated Format to Export Feature Attribute to ASCII (2:50)

XY to Line should be Table to Line (3:38)

Add XY Coordinates to Geotagged Photos to Points Attribute Table Automatically (3:58)

Field Calculator should replace highlighted text instead of adding to it (4:12)

Dark Theme for Jupyter Notebooks (4:57)

Bar Chart custom sort ArcGIS Pro (5:02)

Make ArcGIS Pro GeoProcessing dialog window scroll automatically (6:55)

Spider Diagrams (7:21)

Bring back "Intermediate Data" Option on Modelbuilder (7:30)

Allow to modify spatial reference property of Map/MapFrame (9:02)

Validate Join in ArcGIS Pro (11:49)


Data Management

Hide some but not all fields in an attribute table with Shift

Provide Units In Suggested Addresses

Enable 'Execution' options for Saved Attribute Rules

Structural Attachment 1:M relationships

Changing Edit Sketch Symbology in ArcGIS Pro? (0:25)

Pro Intersect Tool, use visible layers (0:35)

Bearing and Distance in Pro Measure Tool - DMS (1:49)

Bring back Validate Features in ArcGIS Pro (2:06)

Validate Topology Within Specified Area Pro (2:14)

For ArcGIS Pro geodatabase topology: Please allow ability to "Validate" topology directly from Catalog pane in the right click menu options for topology within a feature dataset. (2:24)

In ArcPro add a visual clue (*) to show the field is indexed (2:30)

Open ArcGIS Online item content page from Pro search results (3:14)

Open containing folder from Catalog pane in ArcGIS Pro (3:21)

Feature Class-M Editing in ArcGIS Pro (3:28)

Pro: Multiline Polygon Split Like Arc (3:46)

File Geodatabase Version Information in ArcPro (4:48)

Sort Parameters in Geodatabase Administration Screen in Pro (5:16)

Improving Attribute Table Manipulation in PRO (5:28)

Provide the ability to click features and obtain COGO measurements in ArcGIS Pro. (5:49)

Cul-de-sac tool for ArcGIS Pro (6:11)

ArcGIS Pro Attribute Pane - Show Attachment Count (6:24)

Add back to ArcPro the ability to step through vertices when editing (6:48)

Allow field name "sort ascending/descending" capability in ArcGIS Pro (7:10)

Make it possible to reproject a parcel fabric (7:42)

ArcGIS Pro delete map confirmation (7:59)

See ArcGIS Online Favorites in ArcGIS Pro (10:04)

ArcGIS Online Administrators See All Organization Data Through ArcPro (10:12)

Pro: The Portal Search UI needs some work... (10:22)

Searching AGOL Content from Pro Should Respect the Folder (10:30)

Allow for Searching & Viewing Content Based on Categories in Pro (10:42)

Improve how ArcGIS Pro displays ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise items in Catalog / All Portal / Search (10:42)

Search for items within a Group in ArcGIS Pro (10:42)

Pro: Set Portal Search Results to show correct number of items, allow same sort options as Arc,  and mimic AGOL search results (10:42)

When adding feature layer from AGOL into Pro, can we have 'My Organization' category available? (10:42)

Filter or sort for searching Portal contents (10:42)

ArcGIS Pro - Edit Session (11:26)

Add the 'Move to end of table' button in Pro (11:37)

Add Select by Attributes Tool to Attribute Table in ArcGIS Pro (11:43)

Add support for SQLite/SpatiaLite and PostGIS geodatabases (12:12)

GeoPackage direct editing in ArcGIS Pro (12:12)


So when you're able to upgrade and get into ArcGIS Pro 2.6, make sure to bring a mask and some hand sani, because it's pretty crowded in here!

I spend a considerable amount of time reviewing ideas on the ArcGIS Ideas site and I thought that it might be helpful to share some tips and best practices on how to craft an excellent idea.  I like to use analogies when I write, I suppose in hopes of making stuff more digestible.  Maybe I was hungry when I had this inspiration, because it occurred to me that putting together an excellent idea is pretty much like wrapping a burrito.


Summary for those more into take-out rather than the sit-down meal:

Creating an Idea is like wrapping a burrito - start from the bottom up!


Category = Tortilla  Be thoughtful and choose your Category first.  It is the Idea’s foundation.  An idea without a category is like a burrito without a tortilla – just a bunch of stuff on a plate.


Tags = Meat/Protein  You should be able to add at least two meaningful tags – one related to the area of focus in the application (e.g. Settings, Map Viewer, Attribute Table), and the other related to the requested functionality.


Body = Fillings and Salsa  This is your opportunity to provide context.  In addition to detailing what you’d like to see, describing your workflow and positioning the request in that context helps product teams understand why developing this idea would be a beneficial investment of limited development resources.  Specific and descriptive wording is great.  Including screenshots is encouraged.  Gifs or videos are the best!


Title = The burrito’s name  Since you started from the bottom up, you’ll know exactly what product the idea applies to, the part of the application and requested functionality is clear and concise, and you’ve provided specifics in the description.  This makes it easy to write a great title and post your excellent idea.

Now stay with me on this.  When we talk about a burrito, we tend to jump straight to the fillings and the toppings.  Like a chicken, cheese, and bean burrito with extra sour cream and guacamole.  Yum!  Or a seared steak burrito with roasted poblano pepper, covered in melted pepper jack cheese and garnished with fresh pico de gallo.  Qué rico!  What’s missing in these awesome, and delicious-sounding descriptions, though?  That’s right, the tortilla!  Dónde está la tortilla?


Let’s take a walk through the idea submission process.  We are first asked for a title.  So, I suppose we all feel the need to dive right in by authoring the title.  I’ll argue that doesn’t make the most sense, because we haven’t taken the time to really let the idea marinate.  Let yourself go just a little bit loco and leave the title blank…

Idea Title

Next we are presented with the body of the idea where we’re prompted to add some persuasive details.


This is good as it means we should take time to clearly articulate the idea.  Humor me, though, and leave the body alone.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

Idea Body

Next come the tags:

Idea Tags

Just like it says, tags will make the idea easier to find.  Community members may be looking for ideas about editing, or navigation, and ArcGIS product teams rely on tags to research what users are asking for.  So not adding tags is just, well… Anyways, let’s leave them blank and move on.


Finally, we come to categories:

Idea Categories

Since categories are the last thing, they just can’t be important, right?  I mean, we filled in the requisite title and wrote a description.  That’s gotta be enough, no?  Falso! 


Now that we’ve laid out the elements of an excellent idea, it’s time to bring this thing together. 

Here’s the trick, the real magic.  Ready?  Brace yourself for this radical concept.


Take the four key ingredients:

1. Title --> 2. Body --> 3. Tags --> 4. Category


And flip them around to start building your idea from the bottom up:


1. Category --> 2. Tags --> 3. Body --> 4. Title


1. The Category is your idea’s tortilla. This is the most important part of your idea. Why?  Because if you do not choose a category, it is possible that the right product team will never see it.  Yup, it could be brilliant, something that everybody needs.  But the team that can make it happen will never see it.  I’ve read ideas before where I honestly have not been able to determine whether the request was for Collector, ArcGIS Online, or ArcGIS Pro.  So leaving the category blank is bad.


Just as bad, however, is doing something crazy like checking all the Categories:

All Idea Categories checked

Because really, have you ever tried wrapping a burrito in 39 tortillas? That thing might appear inedible and be ignored for a better-balanced, more palatable option.

“Hold up there, hoss. I have an idea that legitimately spans more than one category. What d’ya reckon I do?” you ask.Funny Taco


Fair question. I used to go to a place in college that made funny tacos (I won’t include a link because I want you to stay focused, but if you ever find yourself in Kalamazoo, MI, look up Taco Bob’s). The fillings were held in a classic crunchy taco shell wrapped in a warm soft tortilla with nacho cheese spread between. These things were the bomb! So, can it be done? Sure! Does it take some design? Absolutely! Just be judicious and note that we now have a taco rather than a burrito.


2. The Tags are the description of your idea’s key ingredients and help others find your idea. This goes for both community members as well as for product teams. Try to think of one tag that describes the part of the application where you want to see an improvement, like “symbology pane.”  And try to provide at least one more tag describing the functionality you’re looking for, like “transparency.”  Taking a minute to think about how you would tag your idea will help articulate a descriptive and meaningful title, ultimately making your idea more powerful!


3. The Body is like all the other great stuff in the burrito - the fillings, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo. This is where you can bring the idea to life. In addition to detailing what you’d like to see, describing your workflow and positioning the request in that context helps product teams understand why developing this idea would be a beneficial investment of limited development resources.  Specific and descriptive wording is great.  Including screenshots is encouraged.  Gifs or videos are the best!  Your goal here is to provide the reader with an unambiguous understanding of what is being requested.  Create a hunger for the requested functionality that nothing short of its implementation could satiate.


4. The Title comes last because we can’t adequately name the burrito until it has been built. I noted that spending a minute on tags will set you up quite nicely for a great title. The title should include the area of focus in the application (attribute table vs. attribute pane) and the functionality requested.  Think carefully about keywords.  How will other community members find your idea when searching so that they can support it as well?  While it may be tempting to shortchange the title, knowing that your description is rock-solid, remember that other community members may not find your idea without a clear title.


While creative, here are some examples of poor burrito names:


The Geisha’s Kiss, The Original Hollenbeck and The WV Hot Rod


What’s in these?  No clue.


Whereas here are some burrito names that provide me with an understanding of what I’ll find inside, should I care to more fully investigate the fillings:


The Cap’N Crunch-Crusted Tilapia Burrito, The Wet Vegetarian Burrito, and The Pig Bomber


In conclusion, if you’ve never posted an idea on ArcGIS Ideas, I hope that this has whetted your appetite.  And for anybody who has a great idea to make ArcGIS work better for you, I trust you’ll take my challenge of building your idea from the bottom up.  That’s a wrap!

It’s February and you know what that means?!  That’s right – it’s the month of love when many people will celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing their love for one another.  Some do it with chocolate, others prefer jewelry, some will give flowers, and still others write poetry. 


I was listening to my lovefest playlist and That’s Amore started playing.  You know, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore…”?  Yup, that one!


When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine…

Wait for it…
That's amore!


And I kid you not, I was working in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 with the newly added pie chart functionality.  And I had just hit Ctrl+F to find something in the attribute table (which incidentally I had opened and Pro remembered where I like having my table opened), and, and, and, I realized that sharing all of the Ideas that you’ve posted that are delivered in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 would be the perfect way for me to show my feelings.  So I made the following video for you.  I hope you like it xoxo



We know that equivalency is important to ArcMap users and it is important to us.  We hear you.  More than half of the things on this list bring familiar functionality into ArcGIS Pro that will make your work easier.  And don’t overlook the super cool things that are brand new to Pro like the ability to quickly find where a domain is used, schedule when geoprocessing tools run, and so much more!


Here’s the list of ideas that you’ll find in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 (along with where they are in the video):


Editing Alias for System Generated Fields in Field Designer (0:22)

Add the ability to transfer field domain descriptions to the Feature Class to Geodatabase tool (0:29)

Service Area Polygon Options (0:34)

Sub tools for parcel builds

ArcGIS Pro could read Excel files when Office 64-bit is installed

Display more information for shapefile’s/layer’s coordinate system properties in ArcGIS Pro

Sort table names in "Edit Query Layer" dialog in Pro (0:41)

Add a warning message to ArcPro Attribute Rules view (0:47)

Printing from ArcGIS Pro (0:52)

When Copying Features from one Feature Class to Another, have 'Keep source attribute values' Option Checked ON by Default (0:59)

Add line numbers in the Arcade expression builder window (1:05)

Arcade functions for Utility Network associations

ArcPro 2.4.2 - Black Text on Dark Grey Background (1:13)

Bring production printing to ArcGIS Pro including spot colors (1:18)

Don't Add .z Automatically When Exporting an XML Workspace

Address Locator Creation with Hosted Feature Layers (1:25)

Have the Create Locator tool honor definition queries or selections

Overwrite geocoding services through ArcGIS Pro (1:37)

ArcGIS Pro - Change Label in Table of Contents (1:43)

ArcGIS Pro UI symbology improvement (1:50)

Tool for creating network datasets (1:59)

Hyperlinks in tables (2:09)

Copy Parallel with attributes in ArcGIS Pro (2:24)

Add Editor Tracking to Dataset Properties (2:29)

Allow user to navigate the map while Version Changes window is open. (2:37)

Map zoom disabled with Map Series (2:47)

Add "pan to the current feature and flash it" to ArcGIS Pro. (2:59)

Tangent Spiral Curves in Parcel Fabric (3:08)

Relates in ArcGIS Pro does not work with database-tables or database-views directly (3:19)

Pro - Make print and export processes run in background

Map Service Enhancements on ArcGIS Pro (3:41)

Pro: Add Calculate Cache Size to sharing dialogue (3:43)

Please add the ability to adjust the pooling (number of instances) of a service shared from the share pane in ArcGIS Pro. (3:45)

Choose Coordinate Format when Calculating Coordinates in ArcGIS Pro (4:00)

Graphic Element Edit Vertices Enhancement (4:07)

Go to folder by first letter in ArcGIS Pro Catalog Pane

Allow ArcGIS Pro Catalog Panel to delete MXD's (4:20)

Allow ArcGIS Pro Catalog Panel to delete CSV/TXT/XML files (4:22)

Set view/camera position and projection in ArcGIS Pro (4:29)

Pro: Allow importing schema from non GDB items....Like Arc..... (4:46)

Fix Color Rendering on Screen (4:54)

Pro: Attachments should display in Pop Up as in Arc (4:59)

Catalog View in ArcGIS Pro Identify Tool (5:09)

In Arcgis Pro, add setting to hide 'Delete Field' button on attribute tables (5:18)

Provide support for overlapping polygon zones in the Zonal tools (5:22)

ArcPro: export model as image (5:33)

Maintain attachments and relationship classes when using the Project tool (5:38)

ArcGIS Pro support for importing and exporting traverse files (5:43)

Need a Domain Manager (5:50)

ArcGIS Pro: Add universal copy & paste like in ArcGIS Desktop Catalog & Map

Add Address Inspector tool to ArcGIS Pro (6:06)

Lock labels in ArcPro (6:12)

Allow Layout Gallery of ArcGIS Pro to have custom page sizes added to it (6:20)

ArcGIS Pro needs Match Symbols to Style (6:39)

Allow to change the map extent in ArcGIS Pro (6:49)

Add Mirror Tool in Pro (6:55)

“Undo” Feature Service Edits in ArcGIS Pro (7:11)

Pro: Bring back the Manage Replicas tool (7:27)

Sort / Order Datasets in ArcGIS Pro Catalog Pane (7:46)

Add pie charts to ArcGIS Pro symbology (7:52)

Improve Pie Chart and Bar Chart Symbology Renderers (7:54)

Model Builder/ Tool Scheduler and Notification. (8:10)

Add 'Freeze attribute column' to ArcPro (8:24)

Disable Field sort hold in ArcGIS Pro Attribute Table while editing

Stop the ArcGIS Pro table view jumping around when I calculate attributes

Pro: Arrange Tables Functionality (Like Arc) (8:32)

ArcGIS Pro:  Remember Attribute Table Location (9:06)

Why not to have the “Find and replace” tool in the “interface” of the attribute table?

Add basic find functionality to ArcGIS Pro table view! (9:08)


ArcGIS Pro 2.5 is hot out of the oven and there’s something special in it just for you.  Grab a slice, but blow on it first so that you don’t burn the roof of your mouth.


Buon appetito!

...and it's that time again when I have the pleasure of sharing the work that the ArcGIS Pro team did to listen and respond to requests on the ArcGIS Ideas site.


ArcGIS Pro 2.4 includes more than 60 features that were submitted as Ideas, so when you update, look for the following:

That's a big burrito that took some special folding to squeeze into the ten-minute sized tortilla!  For those who enjoy opening up your burritos and picking out individual tidbits, I've tried to make that easier for you.


Port "Identify Route Locations" and "Set From/To" Linear Referencing Tools from ArcGIS 10.x to ArcGIS Pro (0:24)
ArcGIS Pro set a border buffer (gap) amount for text boxes and legends (0:30)
Parcel Fabric Plans Table: Lock System Default Plan (0:37)
Parcel Fabric: Consider Adding Survey Type (0:47)
Cadastral Benchmark-PID Tie in tools
Expand classification options in Data Clock, ArcGIS Pro (1:01)
Display selected parcels in Attributes window when selecting parcels from Plan Directory (1:05)
Enter Coordinates in Parcel Fabric (1:09)
ArcGIS Pro - Highlight Edit tab if unsaved Edits (1:16)
Create non-feature linked annotation for selected features in ArcGIS Pro (1:20)
ArcGIS Pro Editing Hotkey Functionality - "A" for add/insert vertex (1:39)
Stop the auto resizing of the Value dropdown lists in the Definition Query dialog (1:50)
Display full name of attribute table when hovered over (2:01)
Pro: Enable ability to copy field name when source is a hosted feature service (2:06)
Improve Python Window interaction with Feature Layers (2:23)
ArcGIS Pro - specify CSV file input field definitions (2:26)
Pro: Fix Task Bar Icon So It Correctly Displays Project Name...Like Arc (2:34)
Enhancements to the "Label Priority Ranking" dialog of Maplex (2:38)
Pro: Retain field visibility after table join (2:45)
Create a Geoprocessing tool to Load Control Points into a Parcel Fabric. (3:03)
Enhancement to the "Label Weight Ranking" dialog (3:06)
Ability to change reference scale once Dimension Feature has been created. (3:15)
Copy/Paste from Popup ArcPro Window. (3:23)
ArcGIS Pro could use existing field names (3:30)
Support for PostgreSQL 11 (3:38)
Geoprocessing History to Model Builder or Task (3:42)
Change Expression Parsers Within Python
ArcGIS Pro SQL query builder - UI issues (3:47)
Pro: Custom Sort should honor resizing attribute field widths (3:57)
Pro: Merge should honor domain assignments (as Arc does) (4:19)
Pro: Ctrl+Click/drag to duplicate layer in TOC (4:52)
Allow Deleting Multiple Bookmarks at Once (5:01)
Add go to row functionality in ArcGIS Pro Table View (5:12)
Changing Default Location for newly added Layer Package files (5:20)
Digitize Curve Parcel Fabric (5:31)
ArcGIS Pro Version Changes Dialog - add select option (5:38)
Set Coordinates in Export to CAD tool (5:42)
ArcGIS Pro Results in Unsupported Renderer Error When Publishing Categorized Data (5:46)
Import/Export custom toolbar (6:01)
ArcSDE connection on the fly Python (6:07)
Allow ArcGIS Pro Catalog pane to copy/paste toolboxes (6:11)
Calculate Volumes of Rock Piles (6:15)
Make Copy/Paste of Table View Field Values in Pro the same as ArcMap (6:37)
ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules Modification (6:42)
ArcGIS Pro: Editing Tool - Intersection Tool - Create vertex at intersection of two lines where they would meet (6:49)
Let Network Analyst use GTFS public transit data (7:02)
Preview python equivalent of Modelbuilder (7:10)
Fix Duplicate Parcel to Preserve Line Points (7:19)
Parcel Namer Snake PIN Tool for non Parcel Fabric Dataset polygons (7:22)
Convert Labels to Annotation Functionality Similar to ArcMap (7:35)
Exporting PNG image with background transparency from ArcGIS Pro (7:42)
Add Attribute Transfer Tool to Pro at 2.2.1 (7:50)
Reference grids/graticules should be accessible to ArcPy.Mapping (8:09)
ArcGIS Pro: Tables - Enter to go to Next Row (8:16)
Expose the ArcMap layer properties through ArcPy. (8:34)
Export/Import Bookmarks in ArcGIS Pro (8:47)
Generalize Vector Data on Export Settings (8:52)
Add the ability to edit pixel values in a raster dataset (8:59)
Attribute Rules for File Geodatabase (9:09)
Add Export Model to Python Script back to ArcGIS Pro (9:23)

ArcGIS Pro Publish Services To ArcGIS Server

Branch versioning needs a Version changes button

Fix the ArcGIS "Query Layer" framework and make it scalable to ultra large databases. 

Plus Pro: Keyboard shortcuts poster (Enhancement) which can be found here.


So make sure you've got both hands free, grab yourself an update to ArcGIS Pro 2.4, pour your favorite beverage, and dig in.


Find out more about everything that's new: What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.4


Buen provecho!

ArcGIS Pro 2.3 is a huge release in all regards, not least of which in terms of how many customer requests we were able to pack in.  In the past couple of years I've tried to do a "roll-up" of the ideas that are in each release, and which have had status updates.  As I began on that journey for ArcGIS Pro 2.3 (I hope that you understand my reference to it as a journey after you watch the video), putting together another really long list just didn't feel right.  I couldn't get on board.  Might there be a better, more engaging way to show you all the cool stuff that you can look forward to?


Here's what I came up with:



I hope you like video.  But I know, you still want the list!  We all learn differently, so here's the list (with the time in the video where you can see the idea for all of you type-A's out there who just want to go straight to the idea you submitted or voted for).


Configure ArcGIS Pro Default Scene Elevation Surface (0:07)

Pro: Show Portal Content in Catalog View

Ability to overwrite previous rectified images (0:13)

Printing from ArcGIS Pro (0:20)

Building Label Classes by Symbology (0:26)

Clip to UTM zone boundary set as default (0:34)

Follow Feature during Annotation Construction (0:46)

Add Multiple Favorites to ArcGIS Pro Project at once (0:51)

Strip Map Index Features in ArcPro (1:00)

Explain what other specific tools require map view to be enabled in Online doucmentation (1:07)

ArcGIS Pro upgrade confusing messages (1:13)

Extend Recent Projects List (1:20)

Ability to edit the WFS connection in PRO (1:27)

ArcGIS Pro Pin Projects To Launch Screen (1:31)

Enable WFS Publish for ArcGIS Pro/ArcGIS Enterprise (1:43)

Make Add Outputs to Map Optional (1:48)

Improve Labeling Capability for Data Clock in ArcGIS Pro (1:54)

Columns & Margins in Polygon Text Elements (1:58)

Columned Text Editing Options in ArcGIS Pro! (duplicate, 1:58)

Manage Tile Cache with ArcPro Map as Source (2:09)

Dimensioning Feature Class Edit In ArcGIS PRO (2:25)

ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules Calculation Order (2:48)

Replace Sketch editing context command needed for ArcGIS Pro (3:04)

Better (ArcMap quality) layout for ModelBuilder models in ArcGIS Pro (3:10)

ArcGIS Pro Georeferencing Needs Input XY & DMS Options (3:17)

When adding a GIS server connection to Pro should default to https (3:28)

Pro: Fillet Tool is Missing (3:33)

Create Shapefiles without using Create Feature Class Tool (3:42)

Warning or Error when running a field calculation with text that is more characters than field will hold (3:47)

ArcGIS Pro: Allow panning and zooming while using the "Select by Polygon" tool (3:51)

Add Toolbox into Modelbuilder (4:01)

Report Exporting on all GIS Data- Not just Survey123 (4:16)

Heat Map Symbology Options in ArcGIS Pro (4:20)

Ctrl-Double Click to open attribute table in ArcGIS Pro (4:33)

Save Feature Classes to in_memory workspace in ArcGIS Pro Map (4:43)

Flicker command, go to XY in ArcGIS Pro (4:58)

Split irregular polygons into equal parts (5:07)

Direct access to GDAL/OGR tools from within ArcGIS script tools (5:35)

Parcel Editor Basis of Bearing anytime

Add Multiple Fields Quickly with Domains to Add Fields tool

Add "Smooth" and "Simplify" tools to the editing environment (5:42)

ArcGIS Pro Show Vertex (5:59) Hint: it's the T key now while editing.

Select by Location in ArcGIS Pro (6:07)

ArcGIS Pro - Split polygons using existing line features (6:20)

Streaming mode in ArcGIS Pro (6:37)

Preview Attribute Table in Pro

ArcGIS Pro needs legend patch shape options like ArcMap (6:54)

3D data interpolation (7:01)

Add Clip-To-Shape option to map frame in ArcGIS Pro (7:06)

Open ArcGIS Pro without having to Save (7:29)

Add Direction to the Measure Tool (7:41)

Make Definition Query able to be turned on/off with Check Box (7:56)

Polygon Outline Color Ramp (8:07)

ArcGIS Pro Spell check (duplicate, 8:13)

Add a spellchecker to ArcMap for text elements in the layout. (8:13)

ArcGIS Pro: "Label Class" SQL expression text box needs formatting

Enhancement: In Pro, when setting Poly Symbol Line Color to Null, set line width to 0


The following ideas have moved to In Product Plan:

Generalize Vector Data on Export Settings

Add ISO 19115-1:2014 and other modern metadata style sheets

Add Export Model to Python Script back to ArcGIS Pro

Bring production printing to ArcGIS Pro including spot colors

Export/Import Bookmarks in ArcGIS Pro

Add 'Freeze attribute column' to ArcPro

Stop the ArcGIS Pro table view jumping around when I calculate attributes

ArcGIS Pro: symbology for selected polygons

Add Attribute Transfer Tool to Pro at 2.2.1

ArcGIS Pro: "Label Class" SQL expression text box needs formatting

Improve the performance of model builder feature selection iterator

Make saving a model more user friendly

Make ArcGIS Pro GeoProcessing dialog window scroll automatically

Modelbuilder keyboard shortcuts

Add depth to ArcToolbox

Create submodel direct from the main model by selecting and saving

Bring back "Intermediate Data" Option on Modelbuilder

Geoprocessing History to Model Builder or Task


The following ideas have moved to Under Consideration:

ArcGIS Pro support for importing and exporting traverse files

Button to re-open model progression pop-up or ribbon model terminate button

Allow models to automate in ArcCatalog

Modelbuilder results/process window with XML layout

Preview python equivalent of Modelbuilder

Change "Add to Display" option in Modelbuilder to work from a tool for Feature classes and TABLES

Check License Required to Run Model

ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules Modification

Add "Custom Overlay Grid" to the Layout options for Grids/Graticules in ArcGIS Pro


So there you have it.  Now back to work listening out for what will go into ArcGIS Pro 2.4!

With the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.2 last week, I wanted to share all of the community ideas that were implemented along with other status changes that have been made since we shared ArcGIS Desktop Ideas On the Move: January 2018


49 Desktop Ideas have been marked Implemented with this release:

Alter Field Order during New FC or Table Creation

Pause Drawing in ArcGIS Pro

Calculate Geometry in ArcGIS Pro

Give us back the basic ability to create folders within dialog!

Add a Real Identify tool to the ArcGIS Pro's Inquiry Ribbon Area

Batch processing in ArcGIS Pro

Allow Adding Folder Connection to Root Directories in ArcGIS Pro

Please add Go To XY to ArcGIS Pro

Add traditional find tool from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

Export Table as Excel file with .xlsx extension

Loading Data in ArcGIS Pro

Copy Parallel tool in PRO

New Geodatabase Tool in Folders in ArcGIS Pro

Zoom in tool for ArcGIS Pro (Zoom by drawing a box)

AutoCAD 2018

ArcGIS Pro:  Include/Add Extent and Spatial Reference to Feature Class Source Tab

Add copy selected rows to ArcGIS Pro context menu

Outline color property for non-textured multipatch objects

ArcGIS Pro split polyline by length

In ArcGIS Pro, allow the identify window to be dockable

PRO: Nudge layout items in Pro with arrow keys

Pro: Make deleting fields faster in Field View (Like a Kangaroo)

Pro need to include the point coordinates when using pop-ups (old AcrMap identify tool)

ArcGIS Pro - Copy Table Record(s) by Ctrl+C

No MapTips in ArcGIS Pro? 

Pro service packs should indicate if cumulative (they should be anyway!)

ArcGIS Pro: Sort Files in "Add data"

ArcPro - Add "Make this the only selectable layer" back to the List by Drawing Order > Selection Options

Display terrain datasets in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro GeoDatabase Compaction

In ArcGIS Pro, add the Dataset Privilege dialog box

Add Data to Group Layer in ArcGIS Pro

Scrolling the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro Field Creation in Create Feature Class

Select Features on the Screen

Pro: Removing then re-adding a tab in customization shouldn't require a reset

Reinstate Esri Basemap for offline use via ArcGIS Pro

API for Python 3 to Publish Map Image Layers

More relaxed Symbology Pane

Pro: Keep ID Window open while editing

Better auto-hide needed in ArcGIS Pro on Geoprocessing pane

Integrate Tile Package Kreator with ArcGIS Pro

Pro:Add Topographic North Arrow and Grid Reference

Consuming Streaming Services from ArcGIS Pro

Pro: Bring back the Access and Use Constraints in Service Publishing (Like Arc)

Pro: Creating Vector Tiles does not honor text in Use Limitations

Provide an option to add ‘Tabs’ and ‘groups’ back to the second column while customizing the ribbon in ArcGIS Pro

Pro: Layout element positions shouldn't be constrained to two decimal places 

Improve setting elevation surfaces for individual layers in Pro Scenes


5 Desktop Ideas have been marked Partially Implemented with this release:

ArcGIS Pro: Direct GeoJSON support

ArcGIS Pro: Support Metadata

Turning off Coded Domain Value Display in ArcGIS Pro

Add Data dialog box (ArcGIS Pro)

Create an Auto-Increment numeric data type for Geodatabase fields


18 Desktop Ideas have been moved to In Product Plan:

ArcGIS Pro Spell check

Add a spellchecker to ArcMap for text elements in the layout.

Polygon Outline Color Ramp

Open ArcGIS Pro without having to Save

Enable ArcGIS Pro to Save Without Creating a File Geodatabase

Add basic find functionality to ArcGIS Pro table view!

Select by Location in ArcGIS Pro

Should have option to display disabled Python script parameters in ArcGIS Pro

When adding a GIS server connection to Pro should default to https

ArcGIS Pro - Split polygons using existing line features

ArcGIS Pro Version Changes Dialog - add select option

ArcGIS Pro needs Match Symbols to Style

No Sample Sized Reached Error in ArcGIS Pro

Drag and drop for re-ordering variables in Extract Multi Values to Points - ArcGIS Pro

Cluster Rendering for ArcMap

Configure ArcGIS Pro Default Scene Elevation Surface

ArcGIS Pro: Tables - Enter to go to Next Row

Follow Feature during Annotation Construction


5 Desktop Ideas have been moved to Under Consideration:

Python Add-Ins for ArcGIS Pro

Validation on ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro: symbology for selected polygons

ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap

Split irregular polygons into equal parts


As always, I hope that sharing these updates is insightful.  I wanted to thank you for participating in the process and let you know that we’re listening! 


To learn more about new functionality and capabilities added in ArcGIS Pro 2.2, see What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.2 

And to get a peek at what is coming, see ArcGIS Pro Roadmap - June 2018 


Thank you,

Kory Kramer

Now that ArcGIS Pro 2.1 has been released, I wanted to share the rollup of Ideas status updates since September 2017.  Prepare yourself to scroll...


25 Desktop Ideas have been marked Implemented with this release:

Drag & Drop Data into ArcGIS Pro

Summary Statistics Workflow in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro: make layer from selection

Set symbol color from RGB values in attribute table

Adding attribute table in Arcgis Pro Layout

ArcGIS Pro - Copy Path

Disconnected Editing in Pro

Copy Label Class - ArcGIS Pro

Undo field calculations in ArcPro

Python Scripting for Exporting Map Series in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro - Create Custom Toolbars and Hotkeys

Remove warning when changing Subtype in ArcGIS Pro

Summarize by Median

Split Polygon and Construct Polygons tools for ArcGIS Pro


Pop-up Arcade Expressions in ArcGIS Pro

Add Hyperlink with a variable to Pop-Up in ArcGIS Pro

Turn off/on multiple fields

CalculateField_management should allow Domain Description value

ArcGIS Pro -> Customize(sic) -> Customize Mode -> Keyboard

Pro: Retain map layer metadata when changing data source

Add Graticule "Tick marks and labels" option to ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro add ability to hide a field by double clicking while holding Ctrl

Add Find tool to ModelBuilder

More modeling tools: integrate R into ArcToolbox


4 Desktop Ideas were marked as Partially Implemented:

Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro

Hyperlink Field / Support in ArcGIS Pro

Add Contents Panel to Catalog in ArcGIS Pro with options to display more details

Support LAZ format


23 Desktop Ideas have been moved to In Product Plan:

Pause Drawing in ArcGIS Pro

Batch processing in ArcGIS Pro

Add Clip-To-Shape option to map frame in ArcGIS Pro

Polygon Outline Color Ramp

Add Direction to the Measure Tool

Export Table as Excel file with .xlsx extension

3D data interpolation

Calculating the X and Y coordinate automatically for the point layer

Only Display These Scales - in ArcGIS Pro

Add Data to Group Layer in ArcGIS Pro

Loading Data in ArcGIS Pro

In ArcGIS Pro, add the Dataset Privilege dialog box

ArcGIS Pro Version Changes Dialog - add select option

Required vs Not Required fields for Get Attributes tool in Tasks

Pro:Add Topographic North Arrow and Grid Reference

Add basic editing tools to Pro Edit Toolbar

Parcel Editor Basis of Bearing anytime

Digitize Curve Parcel Fabric

Tangent Spiral Curves in Parcel Fabric

Enter Coordinates in Parcel Fabric

Parcel Fabric: Consider Adding Survey Type

Cadastral Benchmark-PID Tie in tools

Parcel Maintenance Solution Enhancement


30 Desktop Ideas have been moved to Under Consideration:

Please add Go To XY to ArcGIS Pro

Enhance graphics capability and functionality

Add a Real Identify tool to the ArcGIS Pro's Inquiry Ribbon Area

Create tabular labels with multiple attribute fields

multiple leaders from a single label (i.e. "label clustering")

ArcMap symbology - changing the Value should NOT update the Label

mask out contour lines behind contour label

Spatial definition query

Allow "dynamic" layers which update each time the map opens

2.5D Buildings

Visual Scale Range Control

Change symbol or label properties for multiple layers in the TOC

Tool that disperses lines for overlapping routes.

Folders under Bookmarks Menu

Model Builder/ Tool Scheduler and Notification.

Batch attachment export

Arcpy metadata editing functions

Spatial join without creating a new feature class

Unregister Replication via Arcpy and ArcToolbox Tool

Address Locator Creation with Hosted Feature Layers

X-Ray for ArcGIS Pro

Hard code a Definition Query clause when using Tasks in Pro

Add old pixel inspector to arcgis pro

Add Address Inspector tool to ArcGIS Pro

Implement a save progress feature to the automated parcel workflows

Create a Geoprocessing tool to Load Control Points into a Parcel Fabric.

Automatically remove older, committed jobs in the Parcel Fabric Jobs Table

Create Remainder should not Explode Multipart Parcels

Add a Centerline Mode in the Parcel Traverse Grid for the Parcel Fabric

Stop the ArcGIS Pro table view jumping around when I calculate attributes


As always, I hope that sharing these updates is insightful.  I wanted to thank you for participating in the process and let you know that we’re listening! 


Kory Kramer

Customer Advocacy

For those of you who are active in the ArcGIS Ideas space, we’re sure you recognize our names.  Maybe you saw Katie change an idea’s status to In Product Plan, or Scott ask you to provide some more details about your use case; Kory marked something as a duplicate, Thomas provided an update, or Nana reached out to discuss why a certain functionality is important to your work.


We’re active in this space, you see us, you hear from us, but do you really know us?  We thought that it would be a good idea to do a little get-to-know-us blog to provide context about Esri’s Customer Advocacy team.


Customer Advocacy Mission and Ideology

It’s our mission to help improve Esri software by identifying and delivering customer feedback themes important to our users and the future of ArcGIS.


We believe that gathering customer feedback to tell meaningful stories and influence software development:

  • Empowers you to use ArcGIS in innovative ways to solve world problems
  • Challenges decision makers to push the boundaries of Esri technology to meet your needs
  • Builds confidence and trust that Esri is listening to your voice and that your input matters


What do we do?

User stories are at the heart of our work.  Our team is plugged in to several customer feedback channels such as:

  • ArcGIS Ideas space
  • GeoNet: The Esri Community
  • Enhancement Requests logged through technical support
  • Technical support cases and surveys with product feedback
  • User Conference surveys
  • Internal communication (e.g. with Solution Engineers and Instructors)


By tuning in to the customer voice through these channels, our team builds and conveys important stories to our development teams to improve Esri products.


Here’s some more detail about what we do when we’re listening to the Ideas channel.  Once your idea has been submitted, you'll notice that it has a status of New (check out Submitting a New Idea for tips on how to make the most of this space!) At this point, Customer Advocacy reviews the idea.  We don't dig in super deeply on a brand-new idea – we just want to make sure that it isn't a duplicate and we double-check those categories and tags that you diligently included. If all looks good, we simply mark the idea as Reviewed. That's what you see on your side. We also check to see if we have a similar request already logged through our technical support system. This would likely be in the form of an Enhancement Request. If so, we make sure that the idea is linked with the Enhancement Request. By doing this, we gain a better understanding of customer demand for the functionality.


As time goes by, ideas get votes and comments from the user community. Customer Advocacy frequently monitors the space and reports trends to various product teams.  Ideas may be discussed because they have a high overall score; however, that isn’t the only criteria.  We also look at things like how fast an idea’s score is growing – how many votes this month? – how many votes this year? 


Sometimes we also see an idea collect a wide variety of user stories.  It may not have an incredibly high score, or even be growing as fast as other ideas.  But what if, out of 15 votes, the community has provided 15 unique and compelling user stories in the comments?  Those user stories may reveal that the functionality could be used across several different industries, meaning that implementing the idea would have a broad impact.  This is a really good reason to not only vote for ideas that you’d like to see, but also provide your user story in the comments!


Ideas typically move from Reviewed to Under Consideration or In Product Plan. Under Consideration means the development team is researching and considering an idea. In Product Plan means that we have scheduled the idea for inclusion in a future release. Take a look at the stages for ArcGIS Ideas to understand the finer details about what each stage actually means.


As we go, ideas that are In Product Plan will usually graduate to Implemented.  Many ideas that are Under Consideration will move to In Product Plan.   Finally, some ideas will be marked as Not In Current Product Plan, though this is often done after leaving an idea open to voting for a long time.  Regardless of stage, commenting remains open so we encourage you to continue the conversation.  As you enthusiastically submit more great ideas, the cycle will continue.


Who’s Who?

The Customer Advocacy team is structured around major platform functional areas. Each advocate is the owner of a core area.


Customer Advocacy Team


Kirsten Pinkston - Program Manager

Katie Cullen - ArcGIS Online

Kory Kramer - ArcGIS Desktop

Nana Dei - Geodata

Scott Prindle - Apps

Thomas Edghill - ArcGIS Enterprise


We hope that introducing our team and pulling back the curtain on the Ideas space is insightful.  We wanted to thank you for participating in the process and let you know that we’re listening!