Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.6: A Large Gathering

Blog Post created by KKramer-esristaff Employee on Jul 28, 2020

Let’s face it.  2020 has been far from a normal year.  We’ve all experienced things that previously were unfathomable… until they happened.  To place this story on the ArcGIS Pro release timeline, about a month after 2.5 was released, ArcGIS Pro development teams went into isolation.  Monitors, cables, peripherals, and plants were gathered and moved out of offices as team members transitioned into a work-from-home routine. 


This was very early in the development of ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and many of us were wondering how disruptive the coronavirus and the mandated stay-at-home orders would be to the release.  Would teams be able to accomplish their development goals or would they fall behind?  Would the number of customer requests making it into the release suffer?  In short, there were a lot of unknowns.


In what seemed extraordinary at the time, teams didn’t miss a beat.  Virtual scrums happened as normal, iterations stayed on schedule, holistic testing went virtual, and cross-team communication and collaboration thrived (I think people were lonely and looking for excuses to talk)!


In the end, not only did ArcGIS Pro 2.6 make it out the door on schedule, it is absolutely jam-packed with user requests both from ArcGIS Ideas and technical support, plus great new functionality, performance improvements, and important bug and quality fixes.


Without further ado, we proudly present your ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.6.


Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.6 Video


Now if you’ve had an eye on some of our previous idea announcements (like Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 - That's Amore!Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.4, and Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.3) you’ve seen the long lists of individual ideas.  We like to provide the link to each idea, and if it is in the video, give the time marker to make it easier for you if you want to go to something specific.  But last week I held a virtual call with the 100 or so individual ideas that will be packing up and moving into ArcGIS Pro 2.6, and they said that they’ve had enough of being alone.  There was an overwhelming consensus from the participating ideas that they feel too isolated and would prefer to hang out with their friends.  After careful consideration and in strict adherence to the most up-to-date epidemiological guidelines, I’ve grouped ideas together into major functional areas.  As you can see, it is quite a large gathering! 



Voxels:  Create 3D Grids for visualizing isovolumes (2:56)

Change datasource in Pro /Need Ability to Replace Data Source for Multiple Layers (12:29)

ODBC Driver Support in Pro /Microsoft Access (.accdb) Support in ArcGIS Pro (12:54)

Graphics and free text in ArcGIS-Pro maps! (13:10)

ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap (14:10)

Add an autosave feature for ArcGIS Desktop. (14:34)



ArcGIS Pro 2.5: Is there any chance to enhance catching the edge of panes in order to resize them decently?

ArcGIS Pro - leverage roaming profile

Cancel Button for Loading Portal Locators in ArcGIS Pro

Middle mouse button should always have same functionality (panning)

ArcGIS Pro allow dragging from Favorites (1:19)

Make Measure Tool Dialog Box Movable (2:01)

Pro: Importing Styles should be permanent (12:00)


Mapping and visualization

Allow Clip to Graphic Extent to honor turned off layout items placed off layout page

Make Hyperlinks editable in the Pro Doc-Pop Configuration

Pro - allow paste to same location

Turn on/off Graphics to resolve slow printing problem

Global Option to Remove Group Headings in Legend (0:42)

Remember Symbology pane column widths (Value, and Label columns) in ArcGIS Pro (1:00)

Have ArcGIS Pro handle basemap citation like ArcGIS online does. (1:42)

Enable Metadata Functionality for Basemap Layers (4:04)

Export Map return to last location (4:20)

ArcGIS Pro Map Series printing (4:28)

Add hexagon shape to symbol patch options in Pro (5:41)

Arcgis Pro - Configure Pop-ups with Html code (6:04)

Show tiled service layer legend in Pro (6:31)

ArcGIS Pro - Enable time on WMS Layer (6:38)

Convert marker symbol to polygons (8:06)

Support for Neatlines in Pro (8:16)

Add Viewfield Angle parameter and View Settings window to ArcGIS Pro (ArcMap Equivalency) (8:23)

Label in center and surrounding zones (8:31)

ArcGIS Pro Reports- Charts and Graphs /ArcGIS Pro Report with Related Data (8:37)

Filter the Time Slider's Time Step intervals to only recognize the loaded Time enabled content. (8:54)

Add "Custom Overlay Grid" to the Layout options for Grids/Graticules in ArcGIS Pro (9:17)

Bookmarks for MapBook /Dynamic text for Spatial Bookmarks /3D Map Series (9:31)

Show printer margins in ArcGIS Pro map layout (9:43)

Bring to Front / Send to Back for Layouts in Pro (9:55)

ArcGIS Pro - default font (13:08)

Convert Map Annotations to Text in Pro (13:43)

Convert Labels to Map Annotation in ArcGIS Pro (14:01)



Make saving a model more user friendly

GPX to polyline and shp to GPX

Should have option to display disabled Python script parameters in ArcGIS Pro (1:13)

ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: It should be possible to to adjust mouse wheel sensitivity for z-value (1:29)

ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: Change color of Stereo Cursor (1:29)

ArcGIS Pro New Network Dataset Option (2:36)

ArcPro Vehicle Routing Problem Layer (2:42)

Add Tab Separated Format to Export Feature Attribute to ASCII (2:50)

XY to Line should be Table to Line (3:38)

Add XY Coordinates to Geotagged Photos to Points Attribute Table Automatically (3:58)

Field Calculator should replace highlighted text instead of adding to it (4:12)

Dark Theme for Jupyter Notebooks (4:57)

Bar Chart custom sort ArcGIS Pro (5:02)

Make ArcGIS Pro GeoProcessing dialog window scroll automatically (6:55)

Spider Diagrams (7:21)

Bring back "Intermediate Data" Option on Modelbuilder (7:30)

Allow arcpy.mp to modify spatial reference property of Map/MapFrame (9:02)

Validate Join in ArcGIS Pro (11:49)


Data Management

Hide some but not all fields in an attribute table with Shift

Provide Units In Suggested Addresses

Enable 'Execution' options for Saved Attribute Rules

Structural Attachment 1:M relationships

Changing Edit Sketch Symbology in ArcGIS Pro? (0:25)

Pro Intersect Tool, use visible layers (0:35)

Bearing and Distance in Pro Measure Tool - DMS (1:49)

Bring back Validate Features in ArcGIS Pro (2:06)

Validate Topology Within Specified Area Pro (2:14)

For ArcGIS Pro geodatabase topology: Please allow ability to "Validate" topology directly from Catalog pane in the right click menu options for topology within a feature dataset. (2:24)

In ArcPro add a visual clue (*) to show the field is indexed (2:30)

Open ArcGIS Online item content page from Pro search results (3:14)

Open containing folder from Catalog pane in ArcGIS Pro (3:21)

Feature Class-M Editing in ArcGIS Pro (3:28)

Pro: Multiline Polygon Split Like Arc (3:46)

File Geodatabase Version Information in ArcPro (4:48)

Sort Parameters in Geodatabase Administration Screen in Pro (5:16)

Improving Attribute Table Manipulation in PRO (5:28)

Provide the ability to click features and obtain COGO measurements in ArcGIS Pro. (5:49)

Cul-de-sac tool for ArcGIS Pro (6:11)

ArcGIS Pro Attribute Pane - Show Attachment Count (6:24)

Add back to ArcPro the ability to step through vertices when editing (6:48)

Allow field name "sort ascending/descending" capability in ArcGIS Pro (7:10)

Make it possible to reproject a parcel fabric (7:42)

ArcGIS Pro delete map confirmation (7:59)

See ArcGIS Online Favorites in ArcGIS Pro (10:04)

ArcGIS Online Administrators See All Organization Data Through ArcPro (10:12)

Pro: The Portal Search UI needs some work... (10:22)

Searching AGOL Content from Pro Should Respect the Folder (10:30)

Allow for Searching & Viewing Content Based on Categories in Pro (10:42)

Improve how ArcGIS Pro displays ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise items in Catalog / All Portal / Search (10:42)

Search for items within a Group in ArcGIS Pro (10:42)

Pro: Set Portal Search Results to show correct number of items, allow same sort options as Arc,  and mimic AGOL search results (10:42)

When adding feature layer from AGOL into Pro, can we have 'My Organization' category available? (10:42)

Filter or sort for searching Portal contents (10:42)

ArcGIS Pro - Edit Session (11:26)

Add the 'Move to end of table' button in Pro (11:37)

Add Select by Attributes Tool to Attribute Table in ArcGIS Pro (11:43)

Add support for SQLite/SpatiaLite and PostGIS geodatabases (12:12)

GeoPackage direct editing in ArcGIS Pro (12:12)


So when you're able to upgrade and get into ArcGIS Pro 2.6, make sure to bring a mask and some hand sani, because it's pretty crowded in here!