Your Ideas in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8

Blog Post created by TEdghill-esristaff Employee on Feb 28, 2020

Last week, ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 was released, bringing a number of exciting and new features. I want to take a moment to spotlight some this great new functionality which was requested right here in ArcGIS Ideas!


Native Support for Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA)  

We’ve heard this request asked around for a while, and I’m happy to share that the use of Group Managed Service Accounts is now supported directly in the software. Previously, this workflow was only achievable using PowerShell, but is now possible to configure much more simply. Some documentation on how to do this can be found here (for ArcGIS Server), here (for Portal for ArcGIS), and also here (for the ArcGIS Data Store).


ArcGIS Enterprise Website Maintenance Mode  

 At 10.8, it is now possible to place ArcGIS Enterprise in a read-only mode through the portal. Doing this does not prevent access to the portal, but it does prevent actions such as the creation, modification, or deletion of content and settings. You can set a custom message to display to users if they try to create, modify or delete any content while the system is in read-only mode. This can be a very helpful feature to leverage when making system updates and upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise, to prevent downtime and data loss. For information on how to enable this mode, check out our documentation on the topic. 

An example of setting ArcGIS Enterprise to read-only mode (Source: What's New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 Blog)


How do I add a disclaimer to my portal?  

This post on GeoNet, while not technically an idea, is worth calling out because the functionality being requested here has been addressed thanks the new access notice feature within the Enterprise portal. Using an access notice, it is possible to provide a notice of terms that will be displayed to all users who access your Enterprise portal. For some more information on configuring an access notice, check out the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation.

Example Access notice (Source: What’s New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 Blog)


Customize banner color in the Enterprise portal OR ArcGIS Online  

With the addition of the information banner to ArcGIS Enterprise, it is now easy to configure a custom banner which appears at the top and bottom of your site for users to see. This can also be combined with the new access notice to ensure that information can be easily delivered. Some information on the information banner can be found in the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation.

An example showing the creation of an information banner in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8



Proxy Login for Collaboration on Referenced Items                        

As the documentation says, “Starting at 10.8 you can now elect to save credentials for all service items that are shared by reference in a collaboration. The credentials are entered on the sending portal and are applied to services that shared with collaborating portals.” There are a few considerations in play, but this enhancement should be a helpful addition for those who are currently using distributed collaboration and are sharing items by reference.


Portal Department Field - My Organization  

This idea is asking for the ability to easily filter members based on what department they are in, to make administrative workflows easier. At 10.8, we have brought this functionality into ArcGIS Enterprise with administrative groups and group filtering! It is now possible to apply a filter on your member list based on groups within your organization. By adding your members to groups based on their departments, region, office, or more, it is easy to filter by the corresponding group. 

An example of filtering organization members by group


Offline map area size needs to be customized  

This idea has been implemented with the introduction of offline map areas. When preparing web maps intended for offline use, it is now possible to freeform define the area of data that should be included in the map when users take it offline. Some documentation on how to configure this can be found here.


GeoJSON output format for WFS GetFeature request  

This idea has been fully implemented with the 10.8 release! For some background information, the ability to output in the GeoJSON format was first introduced in 10.5.1. The output was based on the original community specification for GeoJSON. Since then, GeoJSON was formally standardized under IETF as RFC7946 which changed the format ever-so-slightly. With 10.8 it is now possible to request output in the RFC-compliant format as well as the original specification format. It is now also possible to use WFS GetFeature requests to output GeoJSON which is compliant with RFC7946. 


UPDATE:User Type Change needs to be a privilege, not just admin capability. 

This idea missed our review at first, but I'm also happy to share that it has been implemented at 10.8! With the 10.8 release, it is possible to create a custom role which has the ability to change user types, roles, and licenses in the Enterprise portal.   


The following idea has been marked as partially implemented:


Add support for Interval Queries on layers with data hosted in a spatiotemporal big data store   

This idea is asking for time-based interval queries (e.g. "In the last x days...") to be supported for layers with data hosted in the spatiotemporal big data store. We've implemented this, but there are still areas where these query options do not appear, such as in the Map Viewer. We've marked this idea as partially implemented until these query options are possible in the Map Viewer, which will be in a future release.


And lastly, we have placed the following idea under consideration:


Extend Webhooks also for features in the Enterprise portal/ArcGIS Online  

 This great idea is asking for webhooks to also notify about changes made to features in ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online, such as when features are created, updated, or deleted. Please feel free to add more comments to this idea, and share how this functionality would be useful in your workflows.


 As always, there are some great blogs and documentation to help guide you through the new functionality in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8, so please check them out. Here at Esri, your voice matters, and we're so grateful that our user community has continued to share their excellent feedback through ArcGIS Ideas. Keep posting your great suggestions and let us hear your needs!