Your Ideas in ArcGIS Online (October 2019 Update)

Blog Post created by PKlingman-esristaff Employee on Oct 10, 2019

You might have heard that ArcGIS Online just released its latest update! This post highlights some of the user community's great Ideas that have made their way into the product. 


The following ideas have been marked as implemented:


1. Photo App for Survey123 / Collector 

    Attachment Viewer App: Explore multiple feature layers 

In the Attachment Viewer Web Application it is now possible to toggle between two layers in the Web Map to view attachments from each layer. This enables straightforward viewing of images from multiple data collection sources in a single, integrated app. More information on what's new in the Attachment Viewer App can be found in this blog post. 




2. Overwrite existing Tile Layer Service on ArcGIS Online 

You can now update Vector Tile layers without affecting existing styles or modifying item IDs. You have the option to automatically create a historical archived layer with the old data. Here is a blog post on the functionality and the full documentation about the workflow is here




3. Feature Search in Scene Viewer should support Group Layers 

In Web Scenes, you can now configure layers that are part of a group layer as search layers in the Feature Search options. You can learn about other updates to the scene viewer in this blog




We also had some ideas for Web AppBuilder which have been implemented at this release:


1. Pass variable via URL Parameter to an editable layer in Smart Editor 

2. Add the ability to turn on layers or apply a filter through a URL parameter 

3. Public Notification Widget - Add field name row to CSV Output 


Visit the What's new in Web AppBuilder documentation page for more information on these and other Web AppBuilder updates.


To learn more about what else is new in the October 2019 ArcGIS Online Update, check out this blog as well as our What's new documentation. Thank you for your engagement with and all the valuable feedback provided to ArcGIS Ideas. Please keep letting us know your ideas, and we hope you enjoy the latest update to ArcGIS Online!