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...and it's that time again when I have the pleasure of sharing the work that the ArcGIS Pro team did to listen and respond to requests on the ArcGIS Ideas site.


ArcGIS Pro 2.4 includes more than 60 features that were submitted as Ideas, so when you update, look for the following:

That's a big burrito that took some special folding to squeeze into the ten-minute sized tortilla!  For those who enjoy opening up your burritos and picking out individual tidbits, I've tried to make that easier for you.


Port "Identify Route Locations" and "Set From/To" Linear Referencing Tools from ArcGIS 10.x to ArcGIS Pro (0:24)
ArcGIS Pro set a border buffer (gap) amount for text boxes and legends (0:30)
Parcel Fabric Plans Table: Lock System Default Plan (0:37)
Parcel Fabric: Consider Adding Survey Type (0:47)
Cadastral Benchmark-PID Tie in tools
Expand classification options in Data Clock, ArcGIS Pro (1:01)
Display selected parcels in Attributes window when selecting parcels from Plan Directory (1:05)
Enter Coordinates in Parcel Fabric (1:09)
ArcGIS Pro - Highlight Edit tab if unsaved Edits (1:16)
Create non-feature linked annotation for selected features in ArcGIS Pro (1:20)
ArcGIS Pro Editing Hotkey Functionality - "A" for add/insert vertex (1:39)
Stop the auto resizing of the Value dropdown lists in the Definition Query dialog (1:50)
Display full name of attribute table when hovered over (2:01)
Pro: Enable ability to copy field name when source is a hosted feature service (2:06)
Improve Python Window interaction with Feature Layers (2:23)
ArcGIS Pro - specify CSV file input field definitions (2:26)
Pro: Fix Task Bar Icon So It Correctly Displays Project Name...Like Arc (2:34)
Enhancements to the "Label Priority Ranking" dialog of Maplex (2:38)
Pro: Retain field visibility after table join (2:45)
Create a Geoprocessing tool to Load Control Points into a Parcel Fabric. (3:03)
Enhancement to the "Label Weight Ranking" dialog (3:06)
Ability to change reference scale once Dimension Feature has been created. (3:15)
Copy/Paste from Popup ArcPro Window. (3:23)
ArcGIS Pro could use existing field names (3:30)
Support for PostgreSQL 11 (3:38)
Geoprocessing History to Model Builder or Task (3:42)
Change Expression Parsers Within Python
ArcGIS Pro SQL query builder - UI issues (3:47)
Pro: Custom Sort should honor resizing attribute field widths (3:57)
Pro: Merge should honor domain assignments (as Arc does) (4:19)
Pro: Ctrl+Click/drag to duplicate layer in TOC (4:52)
Allow Deleting Multiple Bookmarks at Once (5:01)
Add go to row functionality in ArcGIS Pro Table View (5:12)
Changing Default Location for newly added Layer Package files (5:20)
Digitize Curve Parcel Fabric (5:31)
ArcGIS Pro Version Changes Dialog - add select option (5:38)
Set Coordinates in Export to CAD tool (5:42)
ArcGIS Pro Results in Unsupported Renderer Error When Publishing Categorized Data (5:46)
Import/Export custom toolbar (6:01)
ArcSDE connection on the fly Python (6:07)
Allow ArcGIS Pro Catalog pane to copy/paste toolboxes (6:11)
Calculate Volumes of Rock Piles (6:15)
Make Copy/Paste of Table View Field Values in Pro the same as ArcMap (6:37)
ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules Modification (6:42)
ArcGIS Pro: Editing Tool - Intersection Tool - Create vertex at intersection of two lines where they would meet (6:49)
Let Network Analyst use GTFS public transit data (7:02)
Preview python equivalent of Modelbuilder (7:10)
Fix Duplicate Parcel to Preserve Line Points (7:19)
Parcel Namer Snake PIN Tool for non Parcel Fabric Dataset polygons (7:22)
Convert Labels to Annotation Functionality Similar to ArcMap (7:35)
Exporting PNG image with background transparency from ArcGIS Pro (7:42)
Add Attribute Transfer Tool to Pro at 2.2.1 (7:50)
Reference grids/graticules should be accessible to ArcPy.Mapping (8:09)
ArcGIS Pro: Tables - Enter to go to Next Row (8:16)
Expose the ArcMap layer properties through ArcPy. (8:34)
Export/Import Bookmarks in ArcGIS Pro (8:47)
Generalize Vector Data on Export Settings (8:52)
Add the ability to edit pixel values in a raster dataset (8:59)
Attribute Rules for File Geodatabase (9:09)
Add Export Model to Python Script back to ArcGIS Pro (9:23)

ArcGIS Pro Publish Services To ArcGIS Server

Branch versioning needs a Version changes button

Fix the ArcGIS "Query Layer" framework and make it scalable to ultra large databases. 

Plus Pro: Keyboard shortcuts poster (Enhancement) which can be found here.


So make sure you've got both hands free, grab yourself an update to ArcGIS Pro 2.4, pour your favorite beverage, and dig in.


Find out more about everything that's new: What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.4


Buen provecho!