Your Ideas in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7

Blog Post created by TEdghill-esristaff Employee on May 10, 2019

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 was released to the public on March 21st and contains an abundance of new features, many of which were requested by our community on ArcGIS Ideas! This makes for a great moment to spotlight a selection of excellent ideas which came from our user community, and those that were implemented in the latest release.


 The following ideas have been marked as implemented:


  1. Functional levels in AGO

This is one of the bigger updates delivered with 10.7, and a big request from the user community. Beginning at 10.7, there is a new licensing model for ArcGIS Enterprise users. This user type model was first introduced in ArcGIS Online, and can be considered fully implemented across the platform now that it has rolled out to ArcGIS Enterprise.


  1. View Portal users by Level

As part of the updates to the ArcGIS Enterprise portal to support user types, we have also taken the opportunity to make some improvements to administrative workflows. Among these improvements is the ability to filter users based on their user type (and/or role!), making them easier to manage:

Viewing portal users based on their user type


  1. Please make the AGOL & Portal user interface “My Organization” page consistent

At 10.6.1 and 10.7, the ArcGIS Enterprise portal has received quite an upgrade! This brings the user experience (especially for administrators) quite close to ArcGIS Online, save for a few things that are ArcGIS Online-centric such as credits. Which leads us to a similar idea…  


  1. Information about expiration of subscription in Portal for ArcGIS

At 10.7, you can now view the date each user type expires, an improvement that many of you administrators may appreciate. Keep the feedback coming on ArcGIS Ideas for any other ways that the ArcGIS Enterprise portal could be improved for your workflows!

License expiration is now visible in the Enterprise portal!


  1. Filter Living Atlas Content in Portal
  2. Remove Living Atlas content from My Organization's Featured Content

Continuing with enhancements to the Enterprise portal experience, 10.7 also improves how Living Atlas items are managed and filtered, namely so you can better segment what data is created by your organization compared to data provided through Living Atlas. These two ideas (5 and 6) were very similar, and both were implemented at 10.7:

Living Atlas of the World content in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7


  1. New Tools in GeoAnalytics Toolbox beyond ArcGIS Pro 2.1?

Ok, so this one is not an official Idea post but it was discussed on GeoNet and is now implemented, so it’s good enough for me! Through user feedback such as this discussion in GeoNet, we have now brought classic GIS tools like Merge, Dissolve, and Clip with ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server 10.7:

New tools added to GeoAnalytics Server at 10.7


  1. Certify Oracle / 18c for use with ArcGIS 10.6.1

With ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, we will be officially supporting use with Oracle 18c! If you have ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, you can also take advantage of Oracle 18c by applying a patch which was recently released.


  1. Included SHAPE and SHAPE.LEN SHAPE.AREA Fields in ArcGIS Server Feature Services

 This much-requested feature was implemented in 10.7. As our documentation puts it: “when you publish feature layers from ArcGIS Pro to one of your portal's federated servers, line and polygon feature layers now expose the geodatabase-maintained area and length fields—shape_area and shape_length respectively.”

Shape fields are now visible when publishing hosted feature layers.


  1. Add support for First Name, Last Name mapping with ADFS integration

The inability to fully support First and Last name mappings when using SAML IDPs was considered a bug, and has been addressed in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.


We have put these ideas in the product plan:


  1. User privileges ArcGIS Portal

This idea is asking for a way for separate types of Administrative roles between system and content-based workflows. It’s a great idea which we are actively working on for the upcoming ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 release.


  1. Create and Maintain a Docker Container for ArcGIS Server

This popular request has been under consideration for some time now, and we have big plans in the area of containerization and providing an option to run ArcGIS Enterprise under Kubernetes. This is a big development effort so be sure to stay tuned for more updates in the future!


Lastly, these are some great ideas that we’re going to be putting under consideration.


  1. Prevent Portal users from creating apps

This request is seeking for further granularity with roles and privileges in the Enterprise portal and would like to restrict the type of content that certain users can make. This is a good idea and we encourage you to keep commenting if this is necessary for your organization.


  1. ArcGIS Enterprise Website Maintenance Mode

At 10.7, an “Under Maintenance” property can be applied to individual machines within a multi-machine ArcGIS Server site. This is useful when maintenance needs to be done on machines in a site, without taking the site down. In addition, a while back ArcGIS Server introduced a read-only mode that prevents changes from happening site-wide, while still providing service availability. This Idea is asking for a read-only like capability to be implemented across ArcGIS Enterprise and is a great suggestion for a future release.


To learn more about the new functionality in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, we have some helpful blogs and documentation, so please be sure to give them a read. I want to thank everyone for their participation here at ArcGIS Ideas. We are always listening and want to continue engaging with the great ideas you send us, so keep them coming!