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The March 2019 ArcGIS Online update included new functionality and some enhancements to existing functionality. Some of the new aspects were suggested and supported by users at ArcGIS Ideas. Here is a list of the ideas that were implemented in this update.


1. Allow geotagged photos to be uploaded as point features to 

2. Use Legend in List of Layers to filter 

3. Filter Layers by Attachments 

4. Symbolize Layers that Have attachments 

5. ArcGIS Online Content Search 

6. Allows Group owners to set a default type(s) of items (maps, apps, etc) that are visible to group end users. 

7. AGO: Default Extent 

8.  Near Me Widget - Duplicate Image 

9. Near Me Widget - Use My Location 


Thanks for participating in our ArcGIS Ideas community!


- Katie


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