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With the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.2 last week, I wanted to share all of the community ideas that were implemented along with other status changes that have been made since we shared ArcGIS Desktop Ideas On the Move: January 2018


49 Desktop Ideas have been marked Implemented with this release:

Alter Field Order during New FC or Table Creation

Pause Drawing in ArcGIS Pro

Calculate Geometry in ArcGIS Pro

Give us back the basic ability to create folders within dialog!

Add a Real Identify tool to the ArcGIS Pro's Inquiry Ribbon Area

Batch processing in ArcGIS Pro

Allow Adding Folder Connection to Root Directories in ArcGIS Pro

Please add Go To XY to ArcGIS Pro

Add traditional find tool from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

Export Table as Excel file with .xlsx extension

Loading Data in ArcGIS Pro

Copy Parallel tool in PRO

New Geodatabase Tool in Folders in ArcGIS Pro

Zoom in tool for ArcGIS Pro (Zoom by drawing a box)

AutoCAD 2018

ArcGIS Pro:  Include/Add Extent and Spatial Reference to Feature Class Source Tab

Add copy selected rows to ArcGIS Pro context menu

Outline color property for non-textured multipatch objects

ArcGIS Pro split polyline by length

In ArcGIS Pro, allow the identify window to be dockable

PRO: Nudge layout items in Pro with arrow keys

Pro: Make deleting fields faster in Field View (Like a Kangaroo)

Pro need to include the point coordinates when using pop-ups (old AcrMap identify tool)

ArcGIS Pro - Copy Table Record(s) by Ctrl+C

No MapTips in ArcGIS Pro? 

Pro service packs should indicate if cumulative (they should be anyway!)

ArcGIS Pro: Sort Files in "Add data"

ArcPro - Add "Make this the only selectable layer" back to the List by Drawing Order > Selection Options

Display terrain datasets in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro GeoDatabase Compaction

In ArcGIS Pro, add the Dataset Privilege dialog box

Add Data to Group Layer in ArcGIS Pro

Scrolling the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro Field Creation in Create Feature Class

Select Features on the Screen

Pro: Removing then re-adding a tab in customization shouldn't require a reset

Reinstate Esri Basemap for offline use via ArcGIS Pro

API for Python 3 to Publish Map Image Layers

More relaxed Symbology Pane

Pro: Keep ID Window open while editing

Better auto-hide needed in ArcGIS Pro on Geoprocessing pane

Integrate Tile Package Kreator with ArcGIS Pro

Pro:Add Topographic North Arrow and Grid Reference

Consuming Streaming Services from ArcGIS Pro

Pro: Bring back the Access and Use Constraints in Service Publishing (Like Arc)

Pro: Creating Vector Tiles does not honor text in Use Limitations

Provide an option to add ‘Tabs’ and ‘groups’ back to the second column while customizing the ribbon in ArcGIS Pro

Pro: Layout element positions shouldn't be constrained to two decimal places 

Improve setting elevation surfaces for individual layers in Pro Scenes


5 Desktop Ideas have been marked Partially Implemented with this release:

ArcGIS Pro: Direct GeoJSON support

ArcGIS Pro: Support Metadata

Turning off Coded Domain Value Display in ArcGIS Pro

Add Data dialog box (ArcGIS Pro)

Create an Auto-Increment numeric data type for Geodatabase fields


18 Desktop Ideas have been moved to In Product Plan:

ArcGIS Pro Spell check

Add a spellchecker to ArcMap for text elements in the layout.

Polygon Outline Color Ramp

Open ArcGIS Pro without having to Save

Enable ArcGIS Pro to Save Without Creating a File Geodatabase

Add basic find functionality to ArcGIS Pro table view!

Select by Location in ArcGIS Pro

Should have option to display disabled Python script parameters in ArcGIS Pro

When adding a GIS server connection to Pro should default to https

ArcGIS Pro - Split polygons using existing line features

ArcGIS Pro Version Changes Dialog - add select option

ArcGIS Pro needs Match Symbols to Style

No Sample Sized Reached Error in ArcGIS Pro

Drag and drop for re-ordering variables in Extract Multi Values to Points - ArcGIS Pro

Cluster Rendering for ArcMap

Configure ArcGIS Pro Default Scene Elevation Surface

ArcGIS Pro: Tables - Enter to go to Next Row

Follow Feature during Annotation Construction


5 Desktop Ideas have been moved to Under Consideration:

Python Add-Ins for ArcGIS Pro

Validation on ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro: symbology for selected polygons

ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap

Split irregular polygons into equal parts


As always, I hope that sharing these updates is insightful.  I wanted to thank you for participating in the process and let you know that we’re listening! 


To learn more about new functionality and capabilities added in ArcGIS Pro 2.2, see What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.2 

And to get a peek at what is coming, see ArcGIS Pro Roadmap - June 2018 


Thank you,

Kory Kramer