ArcGIS Desktop Ideas On the Move: January 2018

Blog Post created by KKramer-esristaff Employee on Feb 1, 2018

Now that ArcGIS Pro 2.1 has been released, I wanted to share the rollup of Ideas status updates since September 2017.  Prepare yourself to scroll...


25 Desktop Ideas have been marked Implemented with this release:

Drag & Drop Data into ArcGIS Pro

Summary Statistics Workflow in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro: make layer from selection

Set symbol color from RGB values in attribute table

Adding attribute table in Arcgis Pro Layout

ArcGIS Pro - Copy Path

Disconnected Editing in Pro

Copy Label Class - ArcGIS Pro

Undo field calculations in ArcPro

Python Scripting for Exporting Map Series in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro - Create Custom Toolbars and Hotkeys

Remove warning when changing Subtype in ArcGIS Pro

Summarize by Median

Split Polygon and Construct Polygons tools for ArcGIS Pro


Pop-up Arcade Expressions in ArcGIS Pro

Add Hyperlink with a variable to Pop-Up in ArcGIS Pro

Turn off/on multiple fields

CalculateField_management should allow Domain Description value

ArcGIS Pro -> Customize(sic) -> Customize Mode -> Keyboard

Pro: Retain map layer metadata when changing data source

Add Graticule "Tick marks and labels" option to ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro add ability to hide a field by double clicking while holding Ctrl

Add Find tool to ModelBuilder

More modeling tools: integrate R into ArcToolbox


4 Desktop Ideas were marked as Partially Implemented:

Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro

Hyperlink Field / Support in ArcGIS Pro

Add Contents Panel to Catalog in ArcGIS Pro with options to display more details

Support LAZ format


23 Desktop Ideas have been moved to In Product Plan:

Pause Drawing in ArcGIS Pro

Batch processing in ArcGIS Pro

Add Clip-To-Shape option to map frame in ArcGIS Pro

Polygon Outline Color Ramp

Add Direction to the Measure Tool

Export Table as Excel file with .xlsx extension

3D data interpolation

Calculating the X and Y coordinate automatically for the point layer

Only Display These Scales - in ArcGIS Pro

Add Data to Group Layer in ArcGIS Pro

Loading Data in ArcGIS Pro

In ArcGIS Pro, add the Dataset Privilege dialog box

ArcGIS Pro Version Changes Dialog - add select option

Required vs Not Required fields for Get Attributes tool in Tasks

Pro:Add Topographic North Arrow and Grid Reference

Add basic editing tools to Pro Edit Toolbar

Parcel Editor Basis of Bearing anytime

Digitize Curve Parcel Fabric

Tangent Spiral Curves in Parcel Fabric

Enter Coordinates in Parcel Fabric

Parcel Fabric: Consider Adding Survey Type

Cadastral Benchmark-PID Tie in tools

Parcel Maintenance Solution Enhancement


30 Desktop Ideas have been moved to Under Consideration:

Please add Go To XY to ArcGIS Pro

Enhance graphics capability and functionality

Add a Real Identify tool to the ArcGIS Pro's Inquiry Ribbon Area

Create tabular labels with multiple attribute fields

multiple leaders from a single label (i.e. "label clustering")

ArcMap symbology - changing the Value should NOT update the Label

mask out contour lines behind contour label

Spatial definition query

Allow "dynamic" layers which update each time the map opens

2.5D Buildings

Visual Scale Range Control

Change symbol or label properties for multiple layers in the TOC

Tool that disperses lines for overlapping routes.

Folders under Bookmarks Menu

Model Builder/ Tool Scheduler and Notification.

Batch attachment export

Arcpy metadata editing functions

Spatial join without creating a new feature class

Unregister Replication via Arcpy and ArcToolbox Tool

Address Locator Creation with Hosted Feature Layers

X-Ray for ArcGIS Pro

Hard code a Definition Query clause when using Tasks in Pro

Add old pixel inspector to arcgis pro

Add Address Inspector tool to ArcGIS Pro

Implement a save progress feature to the automated parcel workflows

Create a Geoprocessing tool to Load Control Points into a Parcel Fabric.

Automatically remove older, committed jobs in the Parcel Fabric Jobs Table

Create Remainder should not Explode Multipart Parcels

Add a Centerline Mode in the Parcel Traverse Grid for the Parcel Fabric

Stop the ArcGIS Pro table view jumping around when I calculate attributes


As always, I hope that sharing these updates is insightful.  I wanted to thank you for participating in the process and let you know that we’re listening! 


Kory Kramer

Customer Advocacy