• AEC Project Delivery - Is Copy to AGOL Required?

    I have a question regarding the AEC Project Delivery service that Esri provides. We currently use ArcGIS Enterprise to share all of our feature services and web maps to our end users, but we are looking into the AEC P...
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  • Is there API available for NITF with JPEG2000 compression

    Are APIs available in ARC GIS runtime for read/write of NITF images with JPEG2000 compression/decompression? Kindly share the details.
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  • Esri AEC Community Webinar Series—July: Automated Aerial Reality Capture

    Open video

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  • Join the August AEC Community Webinar for UC Highlights

    The following customers will present the StoryMaps they submitted for the Virtual Map Gallery at the 2020 Esri User Conference: Zachary Jaffe, LandTech Consultants Olivia Godfrey, Langan Michael Georgalas, Langan ...
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  • Register for the AEC Community Webinar Series

    Register now and join over 1200 professionals from different industries related to AEC in the monthly AEC Community Webinar Series. The next webinar is scheduled for August 11th. See the webinar calendar and reg...
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  • Import Rhino file into ArcGis Pro

    Hi,  I am trying to import a rhino file into Pro but I am not managing. I am saving as collada from Rhino and then using import 3d files but every time I run the tool it gives me an error. ERROR 050038: No ...
  • se puede etiquetar un punto tomando información de columnas diferentes la tabla de atributos?

    hola amigos! me han pedido realizar un plano clave de una carretera, mi tabla de atributos es la siguiente: y en planta se ve asi:   a mi me gustaría poder combinar la columna OBRA_DE_ART+TIPO+FIAMETR...
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  • Cannot validate ArcGIS_Data_Store "relational" after update new license Arcgis Enterprise

    kindly help me: after renew license arcgis enterprise, i can not validate arcgis_data_store "relational". Server log: -   Message:  The connection property set was missing a required property or...
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  • Call for Presentations for the AEC Track at GeoConX

    Tell your GIS success story in a pre-recorded, 20-minute presentation and be part of the virtual 2020 Esri GeoConX Conference, the world's largest and leading utility and telecom GIS conference.    Here are...
  • GeoConX

    10/28/20 8:00 AM
    Theme: Create, locate, and collaborate   The 2020 Esri GeoConX Conference is going virtual. The world's largest and leading utility and telecom GIS conference will be an immersive virtual experience for the GIS ...
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  • SIG recording available until 7/31

    If you have missed the first AEC Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting that was held at the User Conference, the recording is available for you to watch on-demand until 7/31.   You will hear about:- GIS applied a...
  • Geocoding

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  • AEC Community Webinar Series - July topic: Reality Capture

    Don't miss the AEC Community webinar on July 21:   AEC professionals require reality-capture solutions for flight planning, data collection, cloud processing, and first phase analysis of drone imagery to a...
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  • Hi Y'all

    Hi! I am Angus from Maryland. I have been a practicing engineering for over 14 years and a professional engineer for over 10. 
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  • National Geographic Free Three-Month Subscription

    To celebrate the National Geographic Society and Esri's ongoing commitment to strengthening education, science and storytelling, we invite the virtual 2020 Esri User Conference registrants to see more of the worl...
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  • Watch the Virtual User Conference Plenary Session Videos

    Plenary Session videos are now available here.  
  • UC 2020 - Video Tour

    Watch the video tour for a preview of the event design and user experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVVj2TIUMVk&feature=youtu.be  
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  • How to Connect with the AEC Team at Esri UC 2020

    See how you can connect with the AEC Team at the virtual Esri User Conference:    Find the AEC Showcase Log in to Esri UC 2020 Once logged in, click the Expo tab Click the Explore the Esri Showcase ...
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  • Esri User Conference Attendee Guide

    The comprehensive Esri UC Attendee Guide contains login details, technical requirements, conference content, and other features of the virtual event. We encourage all attendees to review the included information. Refe...
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  • AEC Sessions @ Esri UC2020

    Next week is the 2020 Esri User Conference!  It is sure to be an amazing opportunity to grow your GIS in AEC expertise.    Below are the names of the sessions, the presenters, their company and a reco...
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