• What is the best way to create a road/trail over terrain that's displayed as a DSM?

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  • I have a custom toolbox (by others) and it wont import.

    I have tried every way to get this (attached) to show in the tootbox menu, but nothing happens. It did load once but didnt have all the tools (3 scripts).  In the end it should produce this (for 1 of the scrips)....
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  • Creating TINs in ArcGIS from triangular elements

    Hi,   I am wondering if anyone has figured out how to build a TIN in ArcGIS from a shapefile made up of triangles with values attached to the triangles. Essentially I have a TIN in shapfile format and don'...
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  • Hello, i want some help please, i'm using ArcGIS 10.5 and while i was using " Auto Complete Polygon " to draw an area i got this screen hint " The auto complete task could not be completed ". Thank you

    My issue appears when I work on polygons and I'm using WGS 1984.
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  • What is the best way to learn how to create layers?

    I understand a lot of the bascis of ArcGis Pro but I have very specific data that I would like to create layers for. For example, I have a cad drawing of groundwater topography sent to me in PDF format that I have no ...
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  • Combining Rasters question

    In ArcGIS Pro I have two rasters; one is a single value (0) rectangle, one is line based with 2 values (1 and 2).  I need to combine them into one raster with all three values.  The rectangle represents off-...
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  • i am trying to add a URL to specific properties on my map

    I want to add a url to my map points so when i create a webapp i am able to redirect the viewer to a more specific map of the individual properties.   is this possible? 
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  • Experiences with geographic coordinate systems

    Hi, could you share your experiences with geographic coordinate systems (e.g. ETRS89) with me?  Are these coordinate systems suitable for creating and working with Utility Network ArcGIS Pro 2.4?   Thanks...
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  • Help with creating a curve number grid

    I am trying to complete the Field Calculator step within creating a CN grid where you set the soil code equal to the hydgrp file, however the hydgrp file is not showing up in the fields column of the Field Calculator ...
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  • Working in ArcGIS Pro, I am tracing a boundary polygon with line features and would like it broken at corners when at approximate 10,000 lengths, is there a way have the total length of a polyline displayed as you are drawing it.

    Working in ArcGIS Pro, I am tracing a boundary polygon with line features and would like it broken at corners when at approximate 10,000ft lengths, is there a way have the total length of a polyline displayed as you a...
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  • how to convert .prj file parameters to autocad map 3d user defined .csd file

    attached PAK-I.prj file work well in arcmap but autocad map 3d does not import the parameter in this file and needs a user defined .csd file  How to convert these parameters to a csd file preferably in FEET
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  • Why must I have Office in order to install ArcGIS Maps?

    I am on a trial run of ArcGIS Pro, attempting a comparison vs. QGIS, which is free and has essentially no restrictions.  I want to see if ArcGIS has more or better features, in particular I want to see its 3d cap...
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  • City name to transfer in to xy shape

    hello, i have only some hundred of city names, small towns and their zip codes in an excel file. how to transfer them in my map?   thanks
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    What are the terms of the Project Delivery licensing?  If we have Portal Enterprise and wish to securely deliver a web app (with editing) to a client with say 5 to 10 users at the client, what kind of Project Del...
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  • How to cut up polygons with a grid in ArcMap?

    I have the basic license and have a set of buildings represented as polygons over a map, I would like to cut these polygons up with an overlaying grid so that I can measure what percent of area of each grid space is c...
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  • ArcMap Report

    Hello I am trying to create a report in ArcMap. Each point in the file has attachments (photos). I am trying to get the photos onto the report. I have added the RelatedReport from the design elements to the report te...
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  • What is wrong with my Union setup?

    Background   Hi all,   I'm trying to use Union to find each small polygon created by overlapping three different layer polygons together. I am certainly a beginner at understanding ArcMap. The situation ri...
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  • How to Purchase/Download ArcGIS 9.3

    Is there a way to purchase an older version of ArcGIS? Specifically version 9.3, due to the computer being used for the program is still running on Windows XP Pro 2001. Also, would the price of the older version be ch...
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  • Create KMZ with multiple attachments

    Working in ArcGIS Pro 2.4 (can use ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1)  I want to create a KMZ from a geodatabase with 1-M photos per line.  (many photos of streets per line segment)  Is there are way to create a KM...
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  • Need help about connection in ArcCatalog

    Hello,   I need to connect an excel sheet exist in a SQL server & this excel sheet is refreshable "update its data per day or per hour"  How Can I connect this excel sheet in ArcMap and continuation se...
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