• Is there a way to allow clients to see web apps on AGOL without sharing publically?

    Hi All, I am trying to find a way to allow my clients to see my web apps on AGOL, but I don't want to share the data publicly.  I want them to have their own login credentials so the data stays private and they ...
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  • superscripts in Arcmap legend

    How can I add superscripts in Arcmap legend?
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  • How can I symbolize by gradient with ranges of dates as the attributes?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to symbolize using a gradient style with attribute data such as this: 1-5 years, 6-10 years, 11-15 years, etc. Is there a way to do this?   I am making a roa...
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  • Infrastructure projects with GIS

    Could you please give me information about infrastructure projects in the world that have use or use GIS?
  • Is there an application for an Interactive Road Map.

    Does ESRI offer any add-ins for ArcMap or ArcGIS that allows for a web map to be created for and edited by the general public. I noticed that there used to be a thing called Adopta that has been recently updated in to...
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  • Using an Access Form on an online map

    I have a previously created Access form that is used, based on user inputs, to provide information on road segments. Currently a user selects the day and time on a road segment and it gives the user information about ...
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  • direction of flow symbology referencing attributes

    I would like to display the direction of flow of a sewer line using symbology, referencing two separate attributes; upstream and downstream manholes. Any ideas? I am creating base maps for sanitary sewer assessment p...
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  • HEC-GeoHMS

    I have a question about the pre-processing tools in GeoHMS. Should the "Project Area" layer that is created be empty, or rather, should it display a polygon that matches the limits of the upstream watershed? Thanks,
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  • How do I report a bug?  The website doesn't seem to work.  Says I don't have the necessary permission for my org, but I am the only user

    I got …    ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Contact Esri Technical Support (http://esriurl.com/support) to Report a Bug, and refer to the error help for potential solutions...
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  • arcPro 2.5 update cannot connect to sde

    I ran the 2.5 update this morning but am now getting "Error, Connection was attempted with an older version of SQL Server client communications software that is not supported."   We run 2012 R2, and had absolute...
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  • How can I symbolize a shapefile in ArcGIS and transfer that symbology to AutoCAD?

    My boss wants to see the topography contours displayed on an AutoCAD drawing such that the lines display on a gradient scale. My shapefile has elevation contour lines with a contour elevation number assigned to each o...
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  • Calculate length of multiple lines by field attribute

    Hi there, I've got a data set of underground utilities and I'm trying to total the length of groups of lines based on pipe size. For example, add all the lengths of lines where the field "Pipe Size" is equal to 12. I...
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  • Civil 3D Surface XML to GIS

    I am wondering what would be the best way to move elevation data in Civil 3D Surface XML format into ArcGIS?  Would it be better to work with a different format than a Surface XML?  
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  • What industry events (conferences, summits, trade shows, etc.) will you attend in 2020?

    We would like to know what industry events you attend this year! Please take a moment to let us know which events matter most to you.
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  • What is the best way to create a road/trail over terrain that's displayed as a DSM?

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  • I have a custom toolbox (by others) and it wont import.

    I have tried every way to get this (attached) to show in the tootbox menu, but nothing happens. It did load once but didnt have all the tools (3 scripts).  In the end it should produce this (for 1 of the scrips)....
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  • Creating TINs in ArcGIS from triangular elements

    Hi,   I am wondering if anyone has figured out how to build a TIN in ArcGIS from a shapefile made up of triangles with values attached to the triangles. Essentially I have a TIN in shapfile format and don'...
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  • Hello, i want some help please, i'm using ArcGIS 10.5 and while i was using " Auto Complete Polygon " to draw an area i got this screen hint " The auto complete task could not be completed ". Thank you

    My issue appears when I work on polygons and I'm using WGS 1984.
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  • CAD toolbar extension for ArcMap to draw geometry

    I swear that at one time there was an extension for a CAD drawing toolbar that could be used while editing. The toolbar had drawing and dimensioning tool similar to AutoCAD.  Can anyone confirm this?
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  • What is the best way to learn how to create layers?

    I understand a lot of the bascis of ArcGis Pro but I have very specific data that I would like to create layers for. For example, I have a cad drawing of groundwater topography sent to me in PDF format that I have no ...
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