• Import Rhino file into ArcGis Pro

    Hi,  I am trying to import a rhino file into Pro but I am not managing. I am saving as collada from Rhino and then using import 3d files but every time I run the tool it gives me an error. ERROR 050038: No ...
  • activation error

    i wish to activate arcgis pro on my pc,please help me with preferred steps
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  • Content of AEC Project Delivery for ArcGIS Enterprise

    Hello Community, what exactly is the content of AEC Project Delivery for ArcGIS Enterprise? Is a second installation of ArcGIS Enterpise necessary or are there only new user types in the existing AEC ArcGIS Enterpris...
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  • RTK Network to use in Sturgis, SD

    I'm admittedly not an expert on this subject. I'm prepping a GIS project where we will be using a n EOS Arrow Gold GNNS receiver to survey points in the town of Sturgis, SD. So far I've only ever done these projects i...
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  • Digital Twin Consortium

    Given Esri's close working relationship with Microsoft, does Esri Plan to join the Digital Twin consortium? https://www.digitaltwinconsortium.org/index.htm 
  • Disperse Management tool input issues.

    I cannot get DisperseMarkers_cartography() to function. No matter what I try I receive ERROR 000732: Input Point Features With Marker Representations <dataset> does not exist or is not supported.  My p...
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  • Will Esri host the open buildings layer derived from OSM like Cesium?

    I was just wondering if Esri plans to host the open buildings layer derived from OSM Building data? Cesium have just offered this layer to their users so I think it would be good to have this available as a service in...
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  • Problemas para editar vértices

    Buenos días, he estado intentando modificar los vértices de una entidad de polígonos alineándola a los vértices de otros polígonos correspondientes a una capa diferente. Puedo reali...
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  • superscripts in Arcmap legend

    How can I add superscripts in Arcmap legend?
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  • "Make or Buy" decision: possibility to add non-georeferenced pdf CAD plans

    Good day all. We're currently thinking of investing in an ArcGIS Enterprise solution and we're in the process of evaluating its use cases for our (very large) construction company. A rather pressing requirement right ...
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  • Is there a way to allow clients to see web apps on AGOL without sharing publically?

    Hi All, I am trying to find a way to allow my clients to see my web apps on AGOL, but I don't want to share the data publicly.  I want them to have their own login credentials so the data stays private and they ...
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  • How to automatically populate XY fields in SDE point feature class attribute table

    Hi all,    Anyone know how to automatically populate XY fields in the attribute table of a SDE point feature class every time a new point is created or existing point moved? Only option I found online seem...
  • Features discarded because they have no positions

    I have one SSF file that I have attempted to convert to a shapefile in GPS Pathfinder Office. I am unable to perform differential correction because the data spans a "zero time period," which is a new error message fo...
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  • How can I symbolize by gradient with ranges of dates as the attributes?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to symbolize using a gradient style with attribute data such as this: 1-5 years, 6-10 years, 11-15 years, etc. Is there a way to do this?   I am making a roa...
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  • Infrastructure projects with GIS

    Could you please give me information about infrastructure projects in the world that have use or use GIS?
  • Is there an application for an Interactive Road Map.

    Does ESRI offer any add-ins for ArcMap or ArcGIS that allows for a web map to be created for and edited by the general public. I noticed that there used to be a thing called Adopta that has been recently updated in to...
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  • Using an Access Form on an online map

    I have a previously created Access form that is used, based on user inputs, to provide information on road segments. Currently a user selects the day and time on a road segment and it gives the user information about ...
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  • direction of flow symbology referencing attributes

    I would like to display the direction of flow of a sewer line using symbology, referencing two separate attributes; upstream and downstream manholes. Any ideas? I am creating base maps for sanitary sewer assessment p...
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  • HEC-GeoHMS

    I have a question about the pre-processing tools in GeoHMS. Should the "Project Area" layer that is created be empty, or rather, should it display a polygon that matches the limits of the upstream watershed? Thanks,
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  • How do I report a bug?  The website doesn't seem to work.  Says I don't have the necessary permission for my org, but I am the only user

    I got …    ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Contact Esri Technical Support (http://esriurl.com/support) to Report a Bug, and refer to the error help for potential solutions...
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