• Watch the Virtual User Conference Plenary Session Videos

    Plenary Session videos are now available here.  
  • Hi Y'all

    Hi! I am Angus from Maryland. I have been a practicing engineering for over 14 years and a professional engineer for over 10. 
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  • How to Connect with the AEC Team at Esri UC 2020

    See how you can connect with the AEC Team at the virtual Esri User Conference:    Find the AEC Showcase Log in to Esri UC 2020 Once logged in, click the Expo tab Click the Explore the Esri Showcase ...
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  • AEC Community Member Survey

    The AEC Team at Esri wants to help you learn more about other AEC professionals and Esri product users.   Please take a few minutes to share a bit about yourself and your GIS experience in this quick survey. ...
  • AEC Project Delivery (important links)

    AEC Project Delivery is quickly becoming an important tool for AEC firms to collaborate and deliver digital content to customers. To support this growing need Esri is working diligently to create content that will sup...
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  • se puede etiquetar un punto tomando información de columnas diferentes la tabla de atributos?

    hola amigos! me han pedido realizar un plano clave de una carretera, mi tabla de atributos es la siguiente: y en planta se ve asi:   a mi me gustaría poder combinar la columna OBRA_DE_ART+TIPO+FIAMETR...
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  • Arcmap 10.7 and RFID Reads.

    I am trying to learn if there is a tool that could be used to auto-populate an attribute table field based off of location and readings. The master attribute table is garbage totes. Within that table is cust...
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  • 2019 Esri User Conference (UC) Recap for Engineers, Architects, and Construction Professionals

    Check out my recap of the Esri User Conference 2019!  2019 Esri User Conference (UC) Recap for Engineers, Architects, and Construction Professionals 
  • Submit images for the UC 2019 Plenary session

    Show off your work to your peers and highlight how you're using GIS technology to address real-world challenges and achieve your goals. Submit images for consideration for use in the opening Plenary session where Jack...
  • Bentley BIM Models in ArcGIS

    Hi, As per our contracts document, our Bentley BIM models needs to be integrated within ArcGIS platform. Are there any tools available to consume Bentley's InRoads or OpenRoads technology. The BIM Models are in ...
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  • Help with demos portal

    Good morning, I am a solutions engineer in Esri Panama, I would like to know if there is any portal that has demos and material to show my clients about the BIM-GIS issue. Since in our country we are working hard on t...
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  • Exporting Regions as a Single Solid

    I am trying to export a very large base map into Rhino (so that I can run a grasshopper script I have generated). When I export to a pdf, I realize that ArcGIS Pro isn't exporting out large regions (water is the most ...
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  • CAD conversion and pipe trace

    In AutoCAD we have built a complex multi room multi floor building. The building comes into Arc and ArcScene as a multipatch. We also have a 3D polyline shapefile representing pipework within the walls and floors of t...
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  • BIM and GIS

    Another good article on why BIM and GIS can lead to a smarter infrastructure - GIS and BIM Integration Will Transform Infrastructure Design and Construction | 2018-08-30 | Engineering News-Record 
  • Top 6 Takeaways for AEC Firms from the 2018 Esri User Conference (UC)

    Esri UC (the world’s largest GIS conference) was a terrific success! 17,901 attendees, 2,200+ Esri Staff, 142 countries, 307 Exhibitors, 600+ students, 1,100+ Young Professionals, 108 Expo Spotlight Talks, 34 Pl...
  • Collaboration is now released!

    Collaboration has been released from the Early Adopter Community and is now available for all users with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 and up. Check these great blog posts by Hilary Curtis and Kelly Gerro...
  • AEC Events and Activities at the User Conference

    To help you plan your week at User Conference we picked the most relevant sessions and events and provide them in the attached PDF. 2018 Engineering Summit will also take place on July 8th for the first time. 201...
  • Gantt Chart

    Hi AEC community. I've been suggesting that Pro and WAB add a Gantt chart for planning/logistics purposes. If this seems like a worthy cause then please review the ArcGIS Ideas post Interactive Gantt Chart (Desktop/Pr...
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  • Esri and Autodesk—What’s Next?

    Autodesk and Esri are focused on the following key areas to help make you more successful in the work that you do: Transforming the Project Lifecycle  Building Site Context with the Environment  Sensing Site...
  • Story Map: Very large natural gas pipeline project along the East Coast

    Very large natural gas pipeline project along the East Coast by ERM  https://atlanticcoastpipeline.com/recent-updates/default.aspx Story Map: https://acpstory.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=33...