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Hi AEC community. I've been suggesting that Pro and WAB add a Gantt chart for planning/logistics purposes. If this seems like a worthy cause then please review the ArcGIS Ideas post Interactive Gantt Chart (Desktop/Pro/WAB) and show support.
Hello I have problem with import this table with coordinate on utm  on gis 10.4.1 could someone what can  import for please attach material
Are there any existing data models out there for archaeological excavation and provenience?
How do I change the X, Y of a shape file or a CAD DWG file. The cad file is collected as Y,X and I am trying to working in ArcMAP with existing shape file that are in X,Y. This puts the files in two different locations even withe the same coordinates system. Is there a tool in ArcMap/Catalog  or in AutCAD Map 3d that can change the X,Y.
I swear that at one time there was an extension for a CAD drawing toolbar that could be used while editing. The toolbar had drawing and dimensioning tool similar to AutoCAD.  Can anyone confirm this?
At Esri, we constantly receive the question "Can Esri Software generate 3D Gridded Terrain Tiles from Elevation Rasters".  Well, the answer is Yes!   Whether you are a 3D Environment Artist focusing on Film, Gaming, or Rendering, an AEC Professional, or GIS Expert interested in a Non-TIN based approach to terrain surface generation you will find… (Show more)
Autodesk and Esri are focused on the following key areas to help make you more successful in the work that you do: Transforming the Project Lifecycle  Building Site Context with the Environment  Sensing Site Change  Designing and Visualizing the Real World in 3D Optimizing Infrastructure Operation Intelligence  Open and Extensible  Here is a… (Show more)
A very interesting case study of a project by VHB commissioned by Mass DOT to develop Real-Time Traffic solution. . Good job VHB !
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