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In AutoCAD we have built a complex multi room multi floor building. The building comes into Arc and ArcScene as a multipatch. We also have a 3D polyline shapefile representing pipework within the walls and floors of the building. The end goal is to be able to calculate the depth of the pipe within the wall or floor, and to brake the pipes up and… (Show more)
Hi, As per our contracts document, our Bentley BIM models needs to be integrated within ArcGIS platform. Are there any tools available to consume Bentley's InRoads or OpenRoads technology. The BIM Models are in DGN formats. I opened these files in ArcScene but however there is geometry and attribute loss. I tried with interoperability tools also… (Show more)
I have a complex multpatch. it is a building with multiple rooms on multiple floors. I want to extrude the void space inside each room to create a series of cubes?   Is that possible?
Click to view contentHey there,   I created a LAS-Dataset File with my LAS Input Data. I runned it succesfully. But if I want to see the Data in the Scene there is no data. Can someone help me?  
New Date: The seminar formerly scheduled for October 25 is now scheduled for November 15.    Join us for a free live training seminar to hear all about the latest capabilities of Collector for ArcGIS—direct from the product experts. Three one-hour live sessions will be broadcast throughout the day. Each session includes Q&A time with the… (Show more)
Hi everyone, It's been a long time that i have been looking for that functionnality but couldn't find it on my own. I have 100 adresses. Some people will have to go to these locations in differents days.  So to make their tasks easier we need to do 6 groups of 15 adresses. This way we can manage 6 groups of people to go to these locations.  … (Show more)
Hello,   I am overlaying two different shapefiles on ArcGIS Pro and they are not exactly on top of each other as they should be. Both Shapefiles have the same Projected Coordinates as you can see in the attached files.   I tried creating a separate new project and adding both layers again but it did not work.   I need to do a spatial join but… (Show more)
Hey there,   Im a surveyor and im writing my Master Thesis about BIM at the moment. Therefore I try to model a wall and trees in ArcGIS Pro. I got data like a reality stocktaking of the territory, .las-data and so on. Is there any tutorial for modeling in ArcGIS Pro?
Click to view contentWatch this webinar to learn more about the strategic partnership between Autodesk & Esri! Check out the recording to see a sneak peak of upcoming software capabilities. Build Anything with The Science of Where! 
In 1 week, Manage Your Field Operations in Real Time webinar discussing the ArcGIS Field Apps; presented by Jeff Shaner. Wed Oct 10, 2018 | 9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m. (PDT).   Registration link:     Description: Realize the value of ArcGIS field apps to improve your asset inspection workflows. Learn how to use mobile apps to… (Show more)
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