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Check out my recap of the Esri User Conference 2019!  2019 Esri User Conference (UC) Recap for Engineers, Architects, and Construction Professionals 
attached PAK-I.prj file work well in arcmap but autocad map 3d does not import the parameter in this file and needs a user defined .csd file  How to convert these parameters to a csd file preferably in FEET
I am on a trial run of ArcGIS Pro, attempting a comparison vs. QGIS, which is free and has essentially no restrictions.  I want to see if ArcGIS has more or better features, in particular I want to see its 3d capabilities compared to QGIS's 2.5d.  I am trying to create vector maps and attribute tables which I will need on the job, importing and… (Show more)
hello, i have only some hundred of city names, small towns and their zip codes in an excel file. how to transfer them in my map?   thanks
What are the terms of the Project Delivery licensing?  If we have Portal Enterprise and wish to securely deliver a web app (with editing) to a client with say 5 to 10 users at the client, what kind of Project Delivery licensing is needed at what cost?
Click to view content  Join us in Atlanta for the 2019 Esri AEC Summit on October 27 and hear about applying GIS technology to streamline workflows and projects.   Maximize your Summit experience and attend the GeoConX conference October 28-30 and the Water Summit October 30 for a cross-industry view of innovation and success strategies from some of the best market…
I have the basic license and have a set of buildings represented as polygons over a map, I would like to cut these polygons up with an overlaying grid so that I can measure what percent of area of each grid space is covered by the building. I tried clipping, intersecting, and unionizing the build by the grid to no avail.
Hello I am trying to create a report in ArcMap. Each point in the file has attachments (photos). I am trying to get the photos onto the report. I have added the RelatedReport from the design elements to the report template in the report designer but the photos still do not appear. Does anyone have any ideas?   Chris
Background   Hi all,   I'm trying to use Union to find each small polygon created by overlapping three different layer polygons together. I am certainly a beginner at understanding ArcMap. The situation right now is I have 1 layer merged together from 2 different layers representing grass surfaces and impervious surfaces respectively in a… (Show more)
Is there a way to purchase an older version of ArcGIS? Specifically version 9.3, due to the computer being used for the program is still running on Windows XP Pro 2001. Also, would the price of the older version be cheaper or the same as the newest version?
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