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Hello,    I allow myself to write on this forum today, having an "issue" with Gis. My goal is to determine : - line distances inside of polygons representing regions within countries.   I thought that a working strategy would be : Using in a first step the Identity tool in order to get the lines break at boundary and assigned to regions (with… (Show more)
Hello,   I am working with a parcel shapefile of an entire state. I need to remove all of the building polygons falling inside the bigger parcel polygon. These are not donut holes but instead separate polygons. I can't erase each polygon manually because I am working with the entire state dataset.   What geoprocessing tool should I use?   I… (Show more)
Esri UC (the world’s largest GIS conference) was a terrific success! 17,901 attendees, 2,200+ Esri Staff, 142 countries, 307 Exhibitors, 600+ students, 1,100+ Young Professionals, 108 Expo Spotlight Talks, 34 Plenary speakers, 480 Technical workshops, 124 Special Interest Groups, 237 Demo Theaters, 198 Paper Sessions, 1,700+ Maps (Map Gallery),… (Show more)
Hello,    I am trying to get a measure of border intensity of different regions in Europe.    Having a relevant shapefile of regions in Europe (NUTS2) as well as several ones of countries by century for a relatively long period, I would like to get the kms of borders within each region, historically.   Therefore I was wondering if there is a… (Show more)
Hello,   I am reporting back to this forum, since I have an issue with a tool in ArcGis: Fishnet. Briefly, I have a map and points. Ideally I would like to sub-divide the map in grids, relatively small, and then look at wether there are points and borders in the grid. At the end of the day, I want to see if the grids with borders contain more… (Show more)
#Buffer    Hello,   I have a problem and wanted to share it with the community in order to see if anyone was eventually able to help me finding out a solution. I have actually a dataset composed of points and projected on a shapefile describing European countries.   My goal is the following : create a new shapefile, with zones specified 100… (Show more)
We are excited to announce our collaboration with Autodesk to help build the bridge between BIM and GIS mapping technologies. This collaboration will provide our customers and the design/build/maintain industries with the ability to better design and build in consideration of our natural environment. This is very exciting news! Learn more about… (Show more)
MMathias-esristaff mentioned AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) 2 months ago Show mention context
I'm facing a problem when working on a DEM file in Mapwidow. When I check the properties, the cell size is 0.00027777778, and I need it to be 30 meters. Is this problem related to the DEM file that I downloaded ? Or Is there any way that I can change the cell size to 30 meters in Mapwidow software ?
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