The Good, the Bad and the Appreciated

Blog Post created by csergent08 on Apr 7, 2015

Each night before my wife and I go to bed, we have a routine of telling each other what happened during the day. We tell each other the best thing about the day, and the worst thing about the day and then one thing that we appreciate about the other. Reflecting on this, I thought this could benefit teams working together during a project or at a project's end. What were the positives that you saw during the project? What were some of the negatives? What was something that each member of the team did that you appreciated? For me, the last one is key. This provides the opportunity for everyone to be appreciated and acknowledged for their contribution that was made during the project. This has been a beneficial routine for my wife and I, but applying this to recognition in a project environment was just a thought I had. What do you think?