Questions and Applications

Blog Post created by csergent08 on Jan 2, 2015

Back to work and I have updated my sample application that I am working in integrating Esri JS API samples: csergent45/gisTemplate · GitHub

You may notice, I do quite a bit of documentation. First I want people to know what I was thinking when I wrote my code. Second, I like a beginning and an ending for readability in my code. div tags all end in div so I tend to comment what the div is the end of. It makes my editing the html a lot easier. I also like to divide my css by tags, html and class. There is a debate on where the best place to put JavaScript is in an application, in the head section or before the body ends, but I tend to place it before the body ends.


There is a big difference in my applications that I create and how I ask questions in forums though. When I develop an application, I separate content(html), presentation(css), and JavaScript(behavior). This is also known as separation of concerns.


However, when I post code questions, I attempt to make them succinct so I write my code html, JavaScript and css all in one code block. I think this makes it easier for the person that may answer my question. I also create one small template that includes only one item rather than a full blown application. It just adds unnecessary variables to my application for the person that I hope will take some time to look at my questions, so one code block it is for me.


That's the basics of how I code and how I ask questions. No doubt, I will have a new question on here before the day is out.