Creative Cloud Mappers, Welcome to the Artists Corner

Blog Post created by bokeefe on Jul 14, 2016

So my background is a mix of web-programming, CAD, and everything Adobe...



I've been able to shift into ESRI because I was introduced to it whilst in the USMC (on and off) due to my training being Artillery. I was the guy who read the maps, wind, calculated powder and distance, and called in 'Fire for Effect.'


My years of software development on a myriad of platforms gave me a keen eye for interfaces. I tend to intuit new software, regardless of training, quickly. So jumping from Bentley's CAD into ESRI ArcMap was a fairly simple process. I think I got stumped more by the Shapefile interactivity than anything when I got back into ESRI products.


But the one thing I've worked hard at is honing my graphics skills. I love to draw and create and Adobe has been my goto. I've got a personal Creative Cloud license and one at work.


I love Adobe.


Now ESRI just started dating Adobe. I'm kind of in love.


I have an Adobe / Behance account where I've posted some things both Mapping related AND strictly art related here:



BUT... all of this to say... I am so excited to see this merger. It means I might have a chance of expanding my career options from a 'Web Configurer of Web Maps'-strictly... To a graphics design / web-maps direction. And this makes me happy.


SO happy that I decided to start a bandwagon for anyone sharing this kind of path or even just those interested in Adobe.


Creative Cloud Mapping : Come... Join!


I've got 15+ years working with ALL Adobe Products. I've been dying to find the time to delve into the Web App Builder and Dojo and start doing work like Robert Scheitlin, GISP does with his amazing widgets, but work doesn't afford me that level of time to dig in and learn. So I have to settle with configuration and tweaking. But now...


With Adobe on board? I've got a chance to start putting together some amazing maps... and the beta has future enhancements that look like they will just improve and increase the possibilities for those of us in this field with more art than coordinates in our head.


Either way... I'm thrilled.


Join the group... ask questions... whatever works for you! Welcome to the artists corner of Geonet.


Peace, Love and Graphics that are pretty AND smart (finally)...