ParksFinder for City of Tulsa

Blog Post created by bokeefe on Jan 29, 2015

Alrighty then...


Alot of you reading this probably offered me help, pointed me to resources, or just watched me struggle blindly through my attempt to implement the ESRI ParksFinder app. Even after figuring out how to get the Parks INTO the LGIM, and then getting the app to make that connection and start to show liveliness, I still had to go the 'upper management approval' route. Which added months to my process. And now...


The City of Tulsa Parks Finder Application is live. LIVE LIVE LIVE!


Please feast your eyes on the ParksFinder.


It is the first of many LGIM-based web map applications. We have begun the push to round up our data and figure out how to force it into the LGIM without losing anything important to us. So far, I've found ways to get City Boundaries, Parcels, and a few other pieces. But I don't want to just force data in but rather KNOW what data and why goes where. So it's going slowly for now, but soon... soon...


Please check out the app, play around, offer up any feedback you think works.


Have fun either way, thanks for reading and checking out our map.