12/09/2014 Northern California Flooding

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Soaking rains, high winds, and snow in the mountains are forecast for much of Norther California this week (AccuWeather). Rock/mudslides, debris flow, and flooding are possible as a result. To help you get prepared the Esri Disaster Response Program has put together some resources below.


If you need help

Do not hesitate to call upon the Esri Disaster Response Program for support, especially if you need to create new information products (Public Maps, Situational Awareness Viewers, Map Briefings) or collaborate with other agencies on mapping the damage: Request Assistance


What is coming your way?

NOAA produces forecast models from the National Digital Forecast Database. We have created a prototype application that highlights time-enabled map services so you can monitor the rain and wind forecast: Time Enabled Rain and Wind Forecast


Monitor the situation

Here are two public web mapping applications you can use to monitor the changing situation on the ground. These feature live feeds from NOAA, AccuWeather, and social media sources like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, and Webcams.Travel: Severe Weather Public Information Map and Flooding Public Information Map



California Office of Emergency Services is using an incident group to share web maps, apps, and data. To join this group and start contributing contact Chi Chi.Smith@caloes.ca.gov. See the public maps in this group here: Winter Storms 2014


Assess the damage

In the event that you need to conduct a damage assessment, Esri provides a template and training guide for getting started, Damage Assessment Template as well as a team of trained business partners that can help you get the job done quickly.


Good luck and we hope the rain does more good for California (drought) than harm. Follow the @EsriDRP Twitter account for more live updates.


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