Model railroads, street view and interactive mapping

Blog Post created by rastrauch Champion on Jan 15, 2016

Model Railroading and Street Map View

This is truly just a personal blog post to share something fun.

These links about the   Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg - model building - model railway Hamburg  which claims to be, and very well may be the largest model railroad in the world,  combine some of my favorite pastimes ....railroads , model railroads, and mapping.


A post from the 4th Division of the National Model Railroad Association

Google maps Miniatur Wunderland – Welcome to the 4th Division

has links to a video showing some "street map" data being collected on the model (direct link below) and an interactive (it's Google, sorry Esri) map.  Something to check out when you need a chuckle and a "wow" moment.


Video about promoting collecting the data  #MiniView: Das Miniatur Wunderland auf Google Maps - YouTube

And the interactive map   About – Google Maps


By the way, there are many great YouTube videos showing this model train layout.  Impressive by anyone's standards (in my opinion).