Videos to get students excited and knowledgeable about geography

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Aug 28, 2019

I get asked occasionally about some of the videos I have made with the aim to get students excited about what geography is and to understand what geography is about.  Each includes the important role that GIS has in helping us understand our world.  The following list of videos are only a few minutes each, and have been created in an engaging manner to hold students' interest:


  1. Geography Matters - https://youtu.be/8L6LWMAOQIA  This starts with elevator speech, and even includes a roller coaster video I filmed at Cedar Point, Ohio.
  2. What does it mean to be a geographer?  https://youtu.be/Jy9iOHD2ZN8   My reflections with career information.
  3. Fast-talkin’ geography!  https://youtu.be/BCPAHp5Lid8   
  4. 5 reasons why geography matters - https://youtu.be/ie088A_kCow  infused with Indian music.


Because have created many videos on this topic, I have created some playlists.  On this topic, the Why Geography Matters playlist is particularly relevant:



There are other videos that I frequently use with students, as well, such as the Roger Tomlinson 1967 Data for Decision series, the Esri Career Corner videos, and the Penn State geospatial revolution video series.  What are your favorites? 



A selection of my geography matters videos.

I hope that you find these videos useful!


--Joseph Kerski