My book 'The Implementation of a GIS Platform for Cadastre and Expropriations' is already published

Blog Post created by fgil on May 11, 2019

It has just become available on several platforms the book based on my master's thesis: 'The Implementation of a GIS Platform for Cadastre  and Expropriations': https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/the-implementation-of-a-gis-platform-for-cadastre-and-expropriations/isbn/978-613-9-47674-9


"The processes of mobilization of land for infrastructures of the public and private domain are developed according to proper legal frameworks and systematically confronted with the impoverished national situation as regards the cadastral identification and regularization, which leads to big inefficiencies, sometimes with very negative impact to the overall effectiveness.

This project report describes Ferbritas Cadastre Information System (FBSIC) project and tools, which in conjunction with other applications, allow managing the entire life-cycle of Land Acquisition and Cadastre, including support to field activities with the integration of information collected in the field, the development of multi-criteria analysis information, monitoring all information in the exploration stage, and the automated generation of outputs.

The benefits are evident at the level of operational efficiency, including tools that enable process integration and standardization of procedures, facilitate analysis and quality control and maximize performance in the acquisition, maintenance, and management of registration information and expropriation (expropriation projects). Therefore, the implemented system achieves levels of robustness, comprehensiveness, openness, scalability, and reliability suitable for a structural platform.

The resultant solution, FBSIC, is a fit-for-purpose cadastre information system rooted in the field of railway infrastructures.

FBSIC integrating nature of allows: to accomplish present needs and scale to meet future services; to collect, maintain, manage and share all information in one common platform, and transform it into knowledge; to relate with other platforms; to increase accuracy and productivity of business processes related with land property management."


I hope you enjoy it!