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Scientists Gather at Esri UC to Discuss the Impact of GIS in Future and Present Challenges


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Esri Global Content Challenge!

Esri is challenging students all over the world to unleash the power of Esri content by way of their own geographic analyses, visualizations, predictive models and more to tell a compelling scientific story. The story must be presented using the Esri map journal app. We'll point you to the best of our data and our map journal tips and tricks. You do the rest! Judges will select the best map journals to be awarded prizes. Esri will also share the winning map journals on our Collaborative Resource Portal and feature them at Esri’s Federal GIS and Education User Conferences, and Young Professionals Network events.


Esri's Global Content Challenge is open to undergraduate or graduate students at colleges or universities, as well as high school students enrolled in an Advanced Placement Human Geography course. Get creative by using Esri's land, ocean, and population premium content libraries to tell compelling stories that bring about understanding and action.



There will be winners in each of three categories (land, ocean, and population) who will receive:

First Place: $10,000 or software equivalent

Second Place: $5,000 or software equivalent

Third Place: $2,000 or software equivalent


Key Dates:

August 29, 2016                  Competition opens

November 11, 2016            Competition closes at 5:00 PM (PDT)

December 5, 2016                         Winners announced


Many thanks to those of you who attended or expressed interest in our first ever Esri Science Symposium as part of both the UC and the GIS Education conferences. Your presence and participation made for a very stimulating and enjoyable time. Here are some resources to visit:

Next year we will field a new GIScience panel to respond to a new domain science keynote which will be delivered by Jon Foley, Executive Director of the California Academy of Sciences, possibly in tandem with his new Chief of Science, Shannon Bennett.