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From the World Wide Human Geography Data Working Group: "To help combat the spread of the Ebola virus disease, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is providing unprecedented online access to its unclassified geospatial intelligence products to lead federal agencies and their partners through a public-facing website dedicated to the crisis. The dynamic site, which uses Esri's ArcGIS Platform hosted in the cloud by Amazon Web Services - both publically available services - features various base maps that provide foundational context for users, who will then have the ability to visually overlay public NGA data, as well as ingest open-source data. NGA's first exposure of data includes geospatial layers relevant to the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, including cultural places and structures, and communication, electric power and ground transportation infrastructure. The team will continue to update the site and will provide layers for the other affected countries soon."



Given a recent and successful visit by Geoscience Australia to Esri headquarters, as well as a great visit by Esri staff in return, it is timely to announce the completion of a recent effort in collaboration with Geoscience Australia, as well as UNEP GRID-Arendal and Conservation International:


The Geomorphic Seafloor Features Map


This story map was a great effort coordinated by Esri intern Troy Lawson, working under Mark Cygan and his MAPS team, as well as Clem Henrickson in Marketing. Thanks to Matt Artz and Steve Snow as well.