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Schneider Electric, an Esri Partner, recently released the ArcFM Feeder Map Template for ArcGIS Online.  This enables electric organizations to fast track the deployment of a feeder map that can be viewed in a browser, desktop, or mobile device. 

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This release is an example of ready-to-use maps and applications available from Esri and Esri Partners on ArcGIS Solutions.




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Posted by dscheirer-esristaff Employee Aug 12, 2014

Some of the most common concerns about adopting the Web GIS pattern are security, privacy, and compliance. is the go-to resource for addressing these concerns.


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department (CMUD) has created an innovative easement clearing app to help maintain water and sewer line easements.


Thanks to the new app, planners can easily locate easements and their current clearance status. Workers are able to add information on their mobile devices, meaning CMUD’s staff can prioritize and plan clearing using the most up-to-date information available.


“It saves me an incredible amount of time because in the field I can mark access points, attach pics, or mark any other important easement features directly on the app on my phone,” said Angel Carter, an engineering assistant coordinating contractor clearing. “It’s a real asset to my job.”


More>  Esri helps Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department develop new app

When Starbucks is deciding where to put a new location…when the World Health Organization needs to find out where polio is still a threat…when a city wants to know if its planned new convention center is in a flood zone…they all use maps. Of course, the maps have gotten a lot more advanced and accessible. More


Via Brian Watt of KPCC



Population density and median income of San Diego.

Chris LeSueur and David Cardella will be demoing Explorer for ArcGIS and showing how to discover, analyze, and share maps within your organization.  Live Training Seminar:  Boost Productivity with Explorer for ArcGIS


The product roadmap is interesting and I’m looking forward to authoring maps on a tablet or desktop in the future.  See the Sneak Peek



USA Wildfire Activity Map with US Radar in Explorer for ArcGIS

I live in Redlands and have had reason to notify the city of a few infrastructure issues during the last week.  I’ve attached one of my notifications about a broken pedestrian street crossing button.  I’m just not “that guy” who would call or even e-mail such a problem.  But the simplicity and fun factor of a phone app makes reporting quick and easy. BTW, the City of Redlands works with CitySourced to produce this app.


My favorite story comes from a friend Katy who also lives in Redlands.  Katy's girlfriend picked her up for some girl time and a pedicure.  As Katy opened the door of her friends's car, she noticed a broken concrete cover to the water line for her house.  She snapped a picture and submitted a report while on her way to the pedicure.  When they returned a few hours later, a city truck was parked in front of her house and the crew was replacing the cover.   Katy was impressed by the quick service.


Web GIS makes it easy for Local Governments to engage their citizens in keeping city infrastructure working.



U.S. Senator Ron Wyden's website features a Map Journal Storymap of Oregon Wildfires.

As reported by GigaOm: The case for consumer drones got a boost after an amateur pilot ended a search-and-rescue effort last weekend by locating a missing ophthalmologist, who suffers from dementia, in a bean field in Wisconsin. >More

From Information Week: 

"Maps tell stories beyond location. When combined with data from a growing array of sources, and added to visualizations in a variety of formats, geographic information systems (GIS) can yield insights about who is doing what where, and what is happening when, why, and how."  More

This quote is attributed to Jack Dangermond in an interview with Geospatial World.  The interview covers a range of topics including Web GIS and recent changes to Esri's product and business.


Geospatial World Interview with Jack Dangermond

Geography Professor Dan Scollon of Shasta College introduces GIS at a TEDx Talk.  Some of the examples were done in ArcGIS Online.


Here's a short video on YouTube introducing ArcGIS as the location platform.  It's a high level overview for people in your organization who aren't familiar yet with ArcGIS.