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New ... Now that python 3.x is 8 years old, it became obvious that Continuum would update their package distribution

I have just started playing with doing non-Arc*ish stuff for now since only the 3.4 3.6 distribution is officially supported in ArcGIS PRO.  I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my old-time favourite IDEs back ... Pythonwin ... by Mark Hammond.


Mix a little Spyder, 'win and Jupyter console across multiple screens working on separate things and they all behaved nice.

I will post more as I find it... but for now, here are they are... (pycharm and others will join the play group when I have time).


anaconda for python 3.6


And a closer look at Spyder

Check it out and compare anaconda package documentation



Yes... version 2.0.0 is now here.  check ... for more information 

It is part of the new distribution and enables you to work with the 'classic' style (sic status quo) or the new style.