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This 'blog' post will be a continually evolving resource to assist education customers with their planning, preparation, and response to Covid-19. Esri has pushed out a wide array of resources that include ArcGIS Solutions, products, data, product configurations, etc and this blog will attempt to reference any relevant content.


If you have questions - or feedback - please feel free to reach out to me directly, or to the Education team as a whole: Brian Baldwin ( Or, place comments/feedback in the comments below.


General Resources

Esri Covid-19 Solution TemplatesSolution TemplateGallery listing all of the '1-click' solution template configurations

Proximity Analysis


Location Tracking Best PracticesWhitepaperCovers user privacy controls, privacy considerations


Space Management/Reallocation

Need to quickly and efficiently reallocate offices and classrooms based on social distancing measures


Facility Mapping Solutions for Covid-19 ResponseWhitepaperProvides a 'roadmap' for customers to deploy facility mapping and lists out common workflows pertinent to Covid-19.
Facility Mapping in Response to Covid-19BlogDescribes how Indoors could be applied to meet common Covid-19 workflows, in a ramped approach. INCLUDES INDOORS DATA MODEL


Event Planning

Ability to plan and manage one-time or recurring events with spatial context.


Event Planing Solution*Solution TemplateConfigurable solution provided by Esri that allows users to quickly plan for events, manage these plans, and use them during the event operation. (LINK WILL BE ADDED MID-JULY)



Contact Tracing

Ability to understand and track the potential spread of Covid-19 at the individual level


Place-based Contact TracingBlogDescribes the way that customers could deploy link charts and link analysis, as well as Survey123

Community Contact Tracing - demonstration

VideoDemonstration of the community contact tracing workflow

Community Contact Tracing - blog

BlogIntroduction to community contact tracing, tools available, and how to utilize



Staff/Student Wellness Reporting

The need to provide a health self-reporting solution to staff and students

Business ContinuitySolution TemplateIncludes a 'wellness reporting' workflow that utilizes Survey123 and Dashboard
Health Screening (RELEASE ON AUGUST 11th)Solution TemplateHealth screening application for visitors and employees, also includes a dashboard




Process of tracking and managing the schedule of room cleaning/sanitation

Coronavirus Site Safety (RELEASE ON AUGUST 11th)Solution TemplateProvides the ability to build out facility plans and then use these plans in operations with capacity counts, cleaning, etc.