Promising future ahead for the new vector tiles format

Blog Post created by aitor.caleroesri-es-esridist Employee on Mar 11, 2015

I've seen this amazing video of the DevSummit conference about Vector Tiles. Please, do watch it!


What is more impressive, appart from the performance is, in my opinion, how easy is to create these vector tiles packages. You can see as well how ArcGIS Pro is going to be used by GIS professionals to create these sets of good looking professional vector tiles to create awesome maps.


The other relevant feature that I would point out, is that, apparently, every vector map loaded in PRO can be easily transformed in a vector tile in just a few clicks. For instance, if you are able to load S-56 nautical charts, these charts can be easily shared using your ArcGIS Online (I guess that tiles will be soon incorporated there too) and/or ArcGIS for Server. No need to use third party software or extensions to serve this content out anymore!


These are really good and promising news!