Idea Not on the Move: Allow Pro to Publish to Server Explained......with Pro

Blog Post created by tpcolson Champion on Jun 6, 2018

Many of us have one or two things about Pro that is a "fish or cut bait" barrier to migrating to Pro. For me, it's ArcGIS Pro Publish Services To ArcGIS Server. My thoughts, and those of many others, on that topic are well and clearly laid out in that idea, so no rehashing the debate here. But what's really frustrating the very many folks that are impacted by not being able to perform that critical task is the lack of any meaningful response to the clearly articulated concerns, use cases, needs for the requirement, and impact of not having it that have been repeated in the over 150 comments provided. After a "few beers" last night, a conspiracy theory developed that involved geography, learning how to symbolize things in Pro, and the top 100 Ideas by number of votes. Read on....


In the Kingdom of Sasquatchia, there are 100 states and the Constitution's only Amendment "Thee Shall Not Conform to the Agile Process" has survived numerous Supreme Court challenges and two referendums. A bill to codify "Allow ArcGIS Pro To Publish to Server Without Requiring Portal" has broad bipartisan support but not enough votes to override what the President (Big Foot) has been Tweeting "Is a terrible idea! Terrible! Bad Deal! Veto!!!". Concerned about chances of reelection and a trade war with the Boundless Union of Republics, Congress turned to the same pollsters that predicted the outcome of the most recent election. 



Their conclusion: There's no way to target campaign ads based on the geographic distribution of states that are successful in getting ideas adopted. Red and orange states are randomly scattered and green-ish states offer no clue based on their location as to why ideas languish or are not considered. The statisticians where consulted: 



When mapping the number of Vote normalized by number of Views we clearly see very few red states achieved success with a massive number of votes (over 100000) but then a some of the orange states achieved success with 3000 or less votes. Different statisticians were consulted: 



Which substantiates the theory that "Greater number of votes correlates to an idea being implemented". Cartographers were consulted: 

And they produced a map showing just those states with a status of "New"


Compared to all others states.


The Pro Chart Wizard was consulted:





And the campaign strategy manifests itself! Ideas still considered New also have a very high number of views but not a lot of votes when compared to Implemented Ideas with fewer views. 


I often here people say "Don't complain about politics if you don't vote". There's a lot of eyes on ArcGIS Pro Publish Services To ArcGIS Server yet, despite having the greatest number of views and comments of any of the top 100 Ideas (by number of votes), it has the least likely chance of becoming implemented, even less so than Google Maps Basemap . 


Get out the Vote! 


Let's make ArcGIS Pro Publish Services To ArcGIS Server the number one voted Idea on Geonet. Vote with your keyboard, not your mouse, and be sure to include your use case with your upvote! As Pro shows, ideas with a lot of votes get implemented! 


And if you concluded that not a single statistic in the maps show makes one iota of sense, just remember, Arc GIS Pro, not Russians, can swing the outcome of an election.....



Data used to create these wonderful maps in Pro is located at